Thursday, January 14, 2010

Three kids?

While my sis and family were here, we got a chance to baby sit my niece a couple of times while my sis and hubby watched a movie, went skiing and went shopping,

It was fun trying to juggle three kids at the same time and gave Gordon and I a chance to experience three kids, so we know what it would be like if we tried for a third..:)

While they went skiing, we played snow with the kids, and made sure they drank their milks and were full...

We took them to the farmers market and the park.. Of course, with Dylan in his car seat, it was really only taking care of two kids....
Sophie was easy while we took care of her. She did not mind that her parents were not around. She stuck close to me and allowed me to put her to sleep, feed her and hugged me when she woke up. I even put her on the potty several times so she could poo-poo. Extremely well-behaved. hehehehehe.

Now, the question is "do we want to take care of three kids full-time"? :)

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