Monday, March 29, 2010

6 month old numbers....

Here are Dylan's six month old numbers (taken on March 22)

Weight : 19 pounds 1 ounces (77 percentile)

Height : 27.25 inches in height (78 percentile)

Head Circumference : 44.5 cm (71 percentile)
Here are some blogs of Ryan when he was 6 months old...Ryan looks bigger and had almost no hair..heheheh.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I am 6 months old!

It's me, Dylan.

I can do so many things now!

1. I can sit up on my own for a short time. I prefer to sit up and try and push myself up when I am lying down. It's hard! I sit up so I can watch everything around me.

2. I love to watch TV. I will keep turning my head towards the TV. Drives my mom nuts, but the TV is my fren.

3. My gassy issues has gone away. Mummy is convinced it the Mr Brown bottles she bought. I am convinced that my internal organs has improved. The real reason is.... mummy used to shake the bottle when she mixes the milk. She is suppose to stir in the milk so that there are less bubbles. She also fed me with a bigger bottle nipple and I would suck in too much air. She has learned..:)

4. I don't enjoy my pacifier anymore. If I have it, good.. if I don't it is ok as well. I do love my jumperoo. JUMP JUMP!

5. I tried some new foods. They taste funny so i don't care for them. Milk works fine for me. Check out my chubby legs. I do enjoy my biscuits.

6. I poo almost daily now (much to mummy's disspointment cos she doesn't like cleaning me). She always calls daddy to clean me.

7. I am easy-going. Anyone can carry me and I am smiley and happy. I prefer someone to be in the same room as me. If I see daddy walking out of the room, I cry.. but actually, mummy is on the bed and i did not see her.

8. My parents finally took me the park on my 6 month old bday. I like it... but would love to join Ryan in the sand area one day.

8. Oh, did I blog about my big brother? I could stare at him all day. He is constantly moving or playing with something, and I am ready to grab it from him. Sometimes, he is a little rough with me, but I never complain. I am just happy that he plays with me. He doesn't like it when I touch him, he would say "don't touch my leg, di-di". When mummy is not looking, he has played rough with me (like push my leg and touch my eye). Mummy has to watch him closely..:)

9. I am the most un-scheduled kid. I eat when I feel like it and sleep whenever. People know I am sleepy when I start complaining. Otherwise, I can just move from one toy to another.

10. Mummy has forgotten that I will grow and start moving. She thinks I will always only stay in one location when she puts me down. She is in for trouble when I start crawling.

11. I think I am meeting my developmental goals... My occassional turning excites my parents. I can now touch my feet and move toys from hand to hand.

Till tomorrow... I will see the doctor tomorrow and get my 6 month old numbers..:)

I am 2 years and 2.5 months old.

It's me, Ryan!

Sorry for the long and quiet hiatus. My little brother has been keeping me busy!

Here are some updates about me me and me.

1. I can talk now. I know a lot of words and when I say a word and my parents don't understand, I get frustrated and keep saying the same thing until they figure it out. I also know how to mix cantonese and english. When we pass a freeway and I see the freeway on top, I say "flyover". Daddy says I am smarty-pants:P

2. I love my daddy. I prefer daddy to put me sleep and when I wake up, I look for daddy. It's daddy everything for me. When daddy says go "kai-kai", I say "bye-bye mummy, bye-bye di-di". I happily go kai-kai and I cry when daddy starts driving home.

3. I was at in-and-out today, and I ate all the tomotoes in the burger. I also love the ketchup with fries. I prefer american food to asian food and ask for hamburger all the time.

4. My junk food preferences are like mummy's. I like dark chocolate. I like tangerine peel. I like Pringles. I like durian. When I eat ice cream, I only like to eat the chocolate coating the ice-cream. I don't care for the ice cream.

5. I like going to the "toy store". This includes Walmart and Target and Ross as I get to walk around and see thr toys. I don't ask for buy anything. I just like to hold stuff and walk around.

6. I like to observe the other kids when the play. I won't join them. I would just stare and stare and when they are done playing with something, I would take the item and play with it.

7. I completed 8 basketball classes. It was fun just running around with daddy. I learned how to run backwards, jump up and down and put the ball in the hoop. Mummy thinks it is expensive; 10 bucks for half hour, but i think it is invaluable, since I get to spend time with daddy and learned to listen to the teacher ..;)

8. I always want to go to ye-ye's and aunty michelle's house. i wish my parents would bring me there more often.

9. I love to share my toys with Dylan. I would bring Dylan's toys to him in the morning and even pass him my plate or cup. Sometimes Dylan would take my toys without me giving it to him and I tell mummy and wait patiently for Dylan to put the toy down.

10. I am very clever at repeating what mummy and daddy say. Since mummy calls daddy "Gordon", I also call him "Gordon". Everyone starts laughing when I do that..:). Mummy has started to spell words now so I don't know what she is talking about.

11. Oh, i like to copy whatever Dylan is doing. If he is playing with his feet, I play with my feet too. If he is drinking milk, I ask for mine too. Today, Dylan had a shirt to cover himself cos he was cold, and I found a shirt to cover myself as well...:)

12.  My favorite toys are my phone, my colorful balls and my key. I love cooking and pretending to make food for mummy.

ok ok, Dylan wants to give his 6 month old update. I better not hog the computer!

Spring is almost here

hello blog! Yes, having two kids has taken a lot of my time so less time to blog... I have also been busy trying out some Yoga classes at this new yoga place that was having a deal..$25 for 2 weeks of unlimited classes. I made it to about 8 classes over the last two weeks. Yoga is easy, but there were a few pilates classes and the teacher is tough. I kept wondering when the hour would be over so I could go home....

Job hunting is also keeping me busy....

The boys are growing tooo quickly. Ryan loves to talk talk talk. I think this is the cutest age (26 months old), but I am sure things will get even better. He is a good kid.. loves to play, loves to be cheeky, loves to test us...haha. But, I am of the opinion that he is a good two year old..:)

Here is a video of Ryan and Dylan...

Dylan has his 6 month old appt tomorrow.. yes, 6 months already! He can sit on his own and can do the occassional roll from front to back and back to front. He will blog soom about his 6 month bday..:)

We watched Disney On Ice a couple of weeks back. Thanks Rick and Helen for the free tickets at the Oakland Arena. They had tickets to the suites area. We beleive this is the only way to watch a show... as the suite had a sofa, own bathroom, a fridge filled with drinks and lots of spaces to sit. Ryan enjoyed the first show, the cars theme skating. After that, he watched a little more, walked around and decided to take hs nap on the sofa...

Dylan of course just enjoyed being out of the house..

We made it to Superfranks the other day and here is a pic of the boys in their matching outfit (I kinda like matching them up.... need to go shopping to buy them more matching stuff...)

Yes, our days have been extremely fun with two kids. We are not busy... we are just trying to spend time with the kids..:) We made it to the zoo the other day and Ryan had a blast. He saw the cars going round and round and wanted to get in... so, in he went and he actually sat in there alone while the car went round and round. He also went on the carousel. We wanted to sit on the train, but the line was soo long. Next time i guess.

The zoo is fun since we are members. We can go like at 3pm and it's still ok...hehhehe..

Alright, will end here with a video of the boys learning and playing...:)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

dim sum date

We finally had a dimsum date with the Manns and the Wongs this weekend.

6 adults and 6 kids.

Yes, we found a dimsum place that could house all of us and did not chase us out even though we sat down for 2 whole hours.


it was the first time trying out Willow Tree Restaurant in Dublin and they had decent dimsum. We especially liked it bcos it was big, clean and good staff. Turnip cake, tou foo fah and siu mai were good.

Pic above taken from the Wongs... forgot to take a group picture.. hah, the last time we had a group meal with them was like last year CNY. We only had 6 adults and 4 kids then.....

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ryan @ 26.5 months videos

Dylan @ 5.5 months videos...

Funny memories

Ryan seems to have interesting long term and short term memory.... it sure makes us laugh...

1. Memories of grandma -  when my mom was here, she would go to 3 crosses church every sunday. Ryan and Gordon would drop her off and pick her up. Now, whenever we pass by the church, Ryan says "po-po" (informing us that grandma goes there)

2. Memories of Uncle Henry - about two months ago, Gordon and Ryan sent Henry to the airport for  trip. Now,  when Ryan sees an airplane, he says "uncle henry on airplane".

3. Memories of President Obama - couple of months ago, Obama was on TV, so we pointed to him and told Ryan that was Obama. Last Sunday, we were at Super Franks and Ryan saw a darker skin man and said "Obama". (yes, we burst into laughter...)

4, Oh yes, he has short term memory too. When he goes to sleep, he usually holds something... a ball, a phone, a scissors.. just something to keep him happy. But, when he wakes up in the middle of the night, he remembers what he was holding and asks for it.... yah, sometimes he holds a phone in the car, and we leave the phone in the car and Ryan wakes up in the middle of the night and says "phone, phone" and poor Gordon has to look for the phone....

5. When we got to a toy store, Ryan will randomly pick out things to hold ( a backpack, a bowl, a ball), and ask he walks down the toy aisle, he would stop to play with other toys and put the toys he was holding on the floor... when he is done, he woud want to continue holding the earlier toys and would say "where's my bowl?", if I  already put the bowl back on the shelve.....

6. Ryan also has a great cheekiness in him. When we want to go out and we try to change him, we would say "change your clothes so we can go out" and if he doesn't want to change, he would say "Ryan no go out" and only when we start walking out, he would say "Ryan want to go out too"...... and yes, he does this  a lot, just to get us to respond...hehehehhe

Here's a video of Ryan playing with Gordon's cousin's kid, Sydney... She is 7 this year...:)

Friday, March 05, 2010

Ryan @ 26 months

I definitely need to blog about Ryan. These two months have just been amazing. His vocabulary has increased 100x and he can make sentences that amazes me..:)

We loved it that he can communicate. The best is that he can tell us when he is hungry and tells us when he is sleepy. So much less crying and whining..

Ryan can also so many words in cantonese (learned from his grand-parents). When I cannot understand something, he would say it in english and then in cantonese.

He also response to us in cantonese. When I say something in english, he would say the chinese word.

For example, I would say "mummy hungry" and he would say "mummy tu cher er" (that's in mandarin).

And instead of saying "Ryan sleepy", he would say "Ryan fan kou kou" (cantonese).

It's like he is showing off that he knows the words in cantonese as well as english....

He sure picks up the cantonese words quickly from the grandparents.

When prompted, he can count 1-10, his favourite being 5 and 10.... :)

He doesn't like tv/dvd. He would ask us to put it on, watch it for 1 minute and leave. He still enjoys books, play-doh and going out.

We started Ryan on basketball classes. Gordon takes him for these, so I don't know what they do. He has come back knowing how to run backwards. I took him swimming at Hayward Plunge once (public heated pool) and he loved it. He has been asking to go back...

Oh, the imitation has also started. He would say whatever we say. Like... he would go to the stairs and say "Gordon, bring milk for di-di". (and I did not even ask him to tell daddy to bring milk!). It was super funny..:) He also picked up "oh my gosh" from Gordon.

Potty training is going great. Ryan knows when he has his pull-ups on and pees in it if needed. If he doesn't have it, he would tell us that he needs to pee-pee or poo-poo. Diapers are still needs for sleeping.

And yes, the haircut is from Gordon.... looks like a bowl was put on his head and snip snip snip.

Ryan sleeps 9pm to 6.30am and naps from 1.30-3.30pm.

Ahh, life is definitely easier for us at this age. I love that he is super understanding about me spending time with Dylan and he loves his little brother...:)

Tonight, I was in bed with him and I got 15 kisses from him. tooo sweet (big smiles on my face..)

Dylan @ 5 months

Yes, Dylan is growing quickly.

He has started to turn left and right, and I almost forgot that babies start moving and grabbing stuff... I just remember the part where they sit still and don't move...hehhee..

Here are some of the play items he goes thru daily (sometimes he plays with the items twice a day...)

Musical Mobile
Bumbo chair
Jumperoo and
High chair

When we don't want to carry him and he complains when lying on the bed, we cycle him through the play items above....

At 5 months, this kid just loves the TV. When we move him away from the TV, he would twist his head so he can see the tv.

We also send him to the babysitters house now. Seems that he loves it there cos there are so many kids running around and he sits on the rocker and watch them. She also says he cat eat 8oz in one meal; something he never does at home.

Dylan's schedule:
5am - milk (2-3 oz)
7am - awake
8.30am - back to sleep
9.30am - milk (6 oz)
10.30-12pm - sleep
1pm - milk (6 oz)
2-4pm - sleep
5.30pm - milk
6.30pm - bath
7.00pm - sleep
10.00pm - sleep drinking (6oz)
2.00am - wake up to let out gas, cry cry and lets out more gas

Yes, my kid has develop gas in his tummy recently and he is not happy. I always thought he woke up at night to eat, and finally realized that he wakes up at night cos he has to let out gas.

To help with this issue, we have him on the Dr Brown bottle, mix his milk gently (instead of shaking the bottle), rubbing Yu Jie oil on his tummy, changed formulas and extra burpings. As of today, these actions have not helped. We plan to try the gripe water tomorrow.

Sleeping is easy for Dylan. If he is full and has the pacifier in his mouth, he can fall alseep on his own. Otherwise, I pat him for about 3 minutes and he will be asleep.

He also has a hard time pooing and seems to only poo if i take off his diapers and hold his legs up (maybe he is potty trained early? ) heheheh.. or maybe he just needs help pooing...
Picture above, Dylan waiting at the stairs while we get ready to go out. Yes, when he starts moving, we cannot do that anymore....

Oh, he totally adores Ryan and will stop everything just to look at Ryan when Ryan is nearby. It is cute, as Ryan will come by and give him random kisses..:)

We started him on some solids, like rice cereal and sweet potatoes, but have also been holding off, since he has gas and is consipated.

Yes, my baby is growing too fast. He gives the prettiest smile and his skin is so fair (thus he has been called a girl twice now..)

Here is a pic of Dylan being carried (played) with Gordon's cousins...