Thursday, June 29, 2006


My 2nd birthday dinner was at our favourite Japanese restaurant near our house (since my bday was on a weeknight)

This place has good sashimi and a very good variety of rolls. Too bad there were only two of us, so we could not order too much.

After dinner, we headed home and Gordon bought me a strawberry cake from a bakery in Oakland. It was a very cute cake and taste good...:)

Thanks Gordon for a nice birthday (his gift to me is a massage in San Francisco).

mmmmmmm I like birthdays..:) Also, thanks for everyone for the many Birthday greetings. It's really nice to know that so many of you remembered ny birthday and took the time to call me or send me e-cards. Love you all!! Muah muah....xoxo

More Birthday Blogs..:)

In conjunction of my birthday, my dear hubby Gordon took me out to two places for dinner..

1. Cafe Jacqueline
2. Ichiban Japanese Restaurant.

Cafe Jacqueline is located in North Beach San Francisco and since it is really small, it is pretty hard to get reservations. We were lucky enough to walk in on a Thurday evening and find ourselves with seats..:) This restaurant is very romantic with chandeliers and all..:)

The biggest reason of all to go to Cafe Jacqueline is because the cook is Jacqueline herself. This woman is like the grandmother everyone wishes they had. When you walk through her kitchen to get to the bathroom, you see her with her huge copper bowl of eggs, whipping up every souffle. Since she does all the work herself, it took her a whole hour to get the souffles to our table.. but, it was simple worth the wait..

We ordered two souffles. The first was for our main meal; the souffle with prosciutto, cheese, and mushrooms was so yummy. I could have eaten it all, but I knew we also ordered Chocolate souffle for dessert, so I had to save room. I think we are going to go back to try the Grand Manier souffle...:)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Happy Birthday (Ee Ling and ME)

The month of June is the best. Loads of birthdays, which means loads of gatherings.:)

In conjunction with Ee Ling and my birthday, our dear fren Lily threw us a high tea party! It was really nice to meet up with everyone again and get our presents..:)

From the group, we both got food, cake and Ann Taylor Gift cards and from Sook Yee and family, we got this really nice flower arrangment in a cup. It was so cool!

Check out the pics..:)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My god-daughter Madison Haile Sage

I am official a god-mother. Gordon's cousin Michelle picked me as her 2nd daughter's god-mother..:) Gordon is her 1st daughter's god-father.

This is pretty exciting.

Baby Madison has her christening last Saturday and I witness the whole event..:) She is really a good baby... she doesn't mind just sitting in her little baby carrier and she won't cry. She did not even cry when the water was poured on her hair.

Helen's 30th Bday.

I am really behind with my, I will start with Helen's bday from June 17..:)

Our good fren Helen celebrated her 30th bday! Rick was very nice to plan a bbq at his house and he bought her this really nice cake that was super yummy!

In Rick's evite, he said that he will be making hamburgers and sausages. He also sais you can BYOM. What is BYOM? Gordon told me it was bring your own meal.... So, based on the BYOM note, everyone brought something to eat, like pot luck style.

Helen and Rick already bought loads of food and they asked us why we brought something.. and Rick claims he was joking about us having to bring something and that BYOM was... "Bring your own meat"... We had a good laugh on this one... and Rick and Helen had loads of leftovers. hehehhehe..:)

The kids had loads of fun at this event. They played with water and walked everywhere barefooted and with their diapers on.. really cute...Below are some pics from the bday! Happy Bday Helen!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

99 fahrenhiet!!!

ok, remember I said it was going to hit 91 F.

It actually hit 99 F which is equivalent to 37 degrees!!!

SO HOT!! Poor plants, all dying. I need to go water my plants.

Welcome SUMMER

It's the first day of SUMMER! Yippeeeeee....

It's already been HOT here. Today it will hit 91 F which is about 32 degrees. Is that hot or what?

We are in for a great summer!!!

Happy Summer everyone!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Pictures are here!

Check out out pictures from the Boston and New York trip... I like this slideshow stuff...:)
If you wanna see a larger version of the picture, you can double click on the picture..

Friday, June 09, 2006

New York New York

We have been back for a week and the half and I still have not blogged about my New York trip! What a slacker...;)

New York was so much fun especially with our great host Andreas and Lin Li. They made this trip SO memorable and have got us hooked to Strawberry Mojitas.. errr, yes, that is an alcoholic drink... but we LOVE it.....

During this great trip, we did the regular sight seeing including Times Square, Central Park, Rockefella Center. Chinatown.. Our favourite restaurant is Noonya. Super great Prawn Mee. If you are in the area, you HAVE to try it. They also have super Rojak.

Gordon's favourite was also the Gelato in Little Italy. Imported gelato.. yummmm... Here is a picture of the girls in front of the gelato place..

We also watched a symphony by Mahler. Super presentation. And we watched a broadway show... "The Producers". A very funny show. Worth watching. Was planning on catching " The Odd Couple" but it was sold out...

Of course, we had to see Wall Street.. Gordon was pretty excited. Too bad we could not go inside. So, it's just pictures outside.

Our last big stop was the Statue of Liberty. This was an almost whole day process. Too much security checks. It was interesting to be so close to the Statue.

Of course, we ate a lot too!! We had dimsum, greek food, good breakfast.... yum yum yumm

Oh yeah, we found a place that sells "Loong Yook" in New York Chinatown!!! SO very cool. I think New York is the only place that sells fresh "Loong Yook". Does everyone know what this is?? Here is a picture I stole from Lin Li's blog..;)

By the way, I took a total of 461 pictures... talk about being obsessive.......

I can't wait for another vacation...................

Friday, June 02, 2006

We LOVED Boston!!!

We are back from our 7 day trip to Boston and New York. This first blog will be about Boston..:)

Boston is such a pretty city. Clean, still loads of construction but everything seems so close. We bought a 1 day city pass which allowed us to take the Duck Tours and the Bean Trolley and also gave us entrance to the New England aquirium and Paul Revere's house. We particularly liked the history of Boston. Was conparing it to SF and seems that SF has so little history. We were able to go to Mike's Pastry too. This place has great canoli's... yum! We had clam chowder and lobster roll for lunch at Legal Seafood.. So so good!!

oh!! and We caught a Red Sox game against Yankees at Fenway Park. This was a blast. The Red Sox fans are such fans and they would boo any Yankees that played... but, it was fun!!

Our other hightlight was the Duck Tours. When I mentioned to Gordon that we were going to go for a Duck Tour, he said " Can we skip the duck tour? I don't think I wanna see ducks." I started laughing.... Gordon can be funny! I can tell now that he doesn't like ducks....