Friday, February 17, 2006

Some pics.

Here are some pics from the Malaysia wedding ceremony.. I need to get around to putting these on my website but, here is the "sneak preview"....

Happy Friday!

Another Friday has arrived. And I have NO plans for the weekend. Is that sad or what?

I do know that...

1. It's SOOOOOO cold!!! :( I hear it's gonna snow at 1000ft above sea level...

2. The garden needs some work. Lawn mowing and weeds pulling. Wonder if the weather will hold up and let me do my lawn work???

3. It's Presidents Day Monday, and I have to work! Gordon gets the day off and has informed me he will be spending the day at Borders....

Other then that, I have no plans! I guess it's more sleeping and bugging Gordon!


Wednesday, February 08, 2006

43 days later...

Gordon and I returned from our one month trip to Asia on Sunday night. I have to say that we had a great time!!!! We were able to hit Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Bali, Indonesia; have our wedding dinner; celebrate Chinese New Year;see friends; and eat all the great Malaysian foods!

Oh, how i miss the food.....Gordon's favourite is Ice Kacang, curry laksa, seremban siew pau, ramly burger and Teh Tarik. Mine is... EVERYTHING!!!! I ate so much!

Gordon's parents and brother joined us as well but they stayed a shorter time. His mom loved Genting and his dad loves the food! He was willing to try everything.

We had a big dinner at Eden Restaurant in Penang and after we got back to the hotel, Gordon's brother suggested we have a drink at the bar. When we got to the lobby, we asked Gordon's dad what he wanted and he said hot chocolate, so off to the coffee house we went. When we got to the coffee house, the dad said... can I have Ice Kacang...?!?!?! We wer suprised and there he was gobbling down a huge bowl of Ice Kacang after our huge dinner..... It was funnne!

We also indulged in massages. I was able to have 4 sessions. Gordon had like 5-6 sessions.. very very cool!

Our trip to Bali was ok. Short... and we were not impressed by the place. Seemed kinda dark for a tourist place and we got tired of bargaining for everything. We ended up rather shopping in Supermarkets where the prices were fixed. If you want to buy wood goods.... bali is the place. we were able to carry back a giraffe for my mom to add to her collection of other giraffes. Will post pictures later when I download my 440 pics i took this trip. (another 500 taken for the wedding dinner)

So all in all, i would say the trip was great. Having to get back to work mode is tough... but one needs a paycheck, so one has to work. If there are sponsors out there and would like to pay for my future vacations, please let me know...:)