Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dylan videos..:D

Dylan and his walking.

It's time to cut the food!

Kitchen time!



We had a playdate with Ethan and Daran over the weekend at our house.

Ethan's mom was busy, so she dropped him off around 10am. He jumped off the car and did not even say bye to his mom.... so easy!

Sodany came with Daran. Daran was SO excited that he supposedly put on his shoes while Sodany was showering and yelled "mummy, Ryan's house!!"

The playdate started with the kids playing in the living room. We basically let them play together while we chit chatted. Dylan was suppose to nap in the morning, but he refused to go down since he knew there were people around. His 9.30am nap was moved to 12.30pm!

The kids went from the living room to upstairs, but since there were few toys upstairs, we went outside instead to play with the water table. Water table is always fun since the kids get all wet..hehehe.

Since it was a mid-morning playdate, I told the parents that i would have lunch ready. I made pasta the night before, so it was easy... pasta and corn for lunch. yums! So, we had to change all the kids since they all got wet and my guest did not bring extra clothes. I got a chance to put all the kids in white t-shirts and got my pictures..:D

The playdate ended around 1.30pm. The kids were happy and none of them cried when they left (phew).

Ryan was very happy. He was the one who actually asked me to ask Ethan and Daran to come and play at his house so that he can share his train table.He did have one crying session when Ethan was playing with one of the toys and Ryan wanted it...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dylan playing

 Dylan playing with Ryan on the stairs.
 Dylan playing with the girls at Nancy's house.
 Dylan sitting on the cars at Super Franks.
 Dylan playing with a blanket. Reminded me of Linus in Charlie Brown.

Video of Dylan walking the dog.

Dylan's favorite book now is "I see a Monster". He can actually bring the book to me when I say "I see a Monster". So cute!

Our weekends

My mom was asking what we do on the weekends. Here are some videos with weekend fun.

PLaying in the room. Yah, it's fun to just stay home and play.

Good exercise for Gordon..:D

train table fun

Pics of the boys playing at the train table. Ryan likes to go behind the table and Dylan would squeeze his way in so that he can be with Ryan....

 See the books at the side, Dylan would climb over the books...

Below is a pic of the boys in the drawer. They insist on sitting inside the drawers.

Yes... we actually play with this huge table that is sitting in our living room...
Check out the video of us playing trains.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Dylan @ 1 year old

 Yes, I need to blog about Dylan's progress..:)

His walking has definitely given him much more freedom to move around. When Ryan is home, he will follow Ryan everywhere and everything that Ryan is holding, he wants to get hold of it. I find it cute... but Ryan says "I don't want di-di to follow me". haha.

He can say some words..including

bye bye
da da
ye ye

and his favourite word : nai-nai

He also knows how to find the ball, point to apple and airplane and knows how to give me a kiss. He can clap his hands and open and close his hands to wave.

Here are his stats from his one year doctor visit.

Weight : 22 pounds (38 percentile) - we think the nurse weighed his wrongly but oh well
Height : 2' 6.5" (74 percentile)
Head circumference : 18.5" (69 percentile)

And he is his schedule:

6.30am - Wake up
7.00am - Poo poo in the potty
8.00am - Breakfast
9.30am - Milk 6 Oz and sleeping time for 1.5 hours.
12.00pm - lunch
2.30pm - Milk 6 Oz and sleeping time for 1 hours.
4.30pm - Snack
6.30pm - Bath time
7.00pm - Dinner
8.40pm - Milk 8 Oz and sleep
5.30am - Milk 6 Oz

His passion for eating is not as strong as Ryan..:P

Yes, sometimes, he still wakes up in the middle of the night and wants milk! zzz. Good thing Gordon sleeps with him and makes sure he gets fed. Oh, and he is also a light sleeper and moves around all night; which means, I would wake up each time he moves (light sleeper too).

Here is a pic of the boys playing behind the futon at grandma's house. Such simple entertainment... One of his favorite games is hiding under the blanket. The cuteness of his squeals when he goes under the blanket is way too cute. Oh, he also has 7 teeth.

And of course, since he started to walk, he only wants to walk. No more crawling.. His walking has improved so much in just a few weeks! We ended up having to put the gate at the stairs as he wanted to walk down the stairs instead of turning around.

Here is a video of our other birthday celebration with Dylan on the day of his birthday.

 Ahh, we had breakfast with the kids in SF @ Tartine Bakery.

 Dylan and daddy playing in the tent.
Dylan and Ryan playing in the tub.

urnnn... why????

Yes, the WHY stage continues.... not sure whether Ryan is asking WHY just because, or whether he is asking cos he is actually interested...:P

Some of our conversations....

Ryan: Is it getting dark already?
Me: yes, it is getting dark..
Ryan: Why is it getting dark?
Me: cos the sun has gone down and the moon is out.
Ryan: Why has the sun gone down?
Me: Cos it is at night, and the sun has gone behind the mountains.
Ryan: Why is the sun behind the mountains.
Me: *change the subject* Ryan, let's read a book....

other conversations...

Ryan has also learned to converse with my in-laws in Cantonese only.It's kinda cool that he has learned so many cantonese words from them and will know how to revert to Cantonese when talking to them. He also talks to Gordon and me in Cantonese. Yes, his can ask WHY in Cantonese as well..("tim-kai?"). Since my Cantonese is not that good, I had to revert to English when he starts his WHY questions..:)

Oh, I love that he knows when he is tired, and just says to us, "time to sleep". It's good since he would tell vs throw a tantrum..