Sunday, January 28, 2007

A fun weekend.....

This weekend was actually eventful!

I was invited to attend my friend, Anastasia's sister baby shower. This event was a blast as a lot of work was put into organizing the baby shower. It was a "high tea" that was set up at home. Very very pretty... loads of food, including sandwiches, burgette, scones, chocs, muffins..and tea.

Here is a pic of me and Anastasia... check out the background with food. The event was suppose to be outside, but the threatening rain made some plans change.

After the baby shower, Gordon and I headed over to Seong Jiun's place to pick up a free Tv and VCR....:)

And then, we went shopping at Great Mall.... shop shop shop...

Dinner was at California Pizza Kitchen.... my take on this place is that the food is way too expensive and not too good. Here is a pic....

On Sunday, we headed down to our realtor's home. She had an open house for the house next to hers and we decided to be busy bodies and check out the open house. It was not bad... but highly priced.... 829,000 for 2000 sq ft.... anyone interested?

Since we were in the area, we then went to their house and Gordon found out they have a Wii..... The Wii is pretty cool.. we loved the interaction of the game. We played some golf, tennis and boxing. Here is a scene of Gordon and boxing.. it was hilarious!

Gordon is now VERY tempted to get a Wii....... any deals out there????

Thursday, January 25, 2007


I now remember what I did the week between Christmas and New Year!!!! My sis and her husband were in town. SF was their stopover before heading to Africa..... It was nice to have them around. Gordon took a couple of days off and took them around shopping..

My sis was here again a couple of days ago. This time, I took a day off just to chill and hang out. We did the usual shopping and loads of eating. Gordon and I also hung out at her hotel which was pretty nice.

hmmmmm... what shall I look forward to next? My mom is in Maui for a conference.... it's SO tempting to get a plane ticket and fly over!!!!!!

Monday, January 15, 2007

A slow start to 2007..

Yes, I am back to my blogging mode. Been really out of it, cos nothing really happening...

Let's recap..

Christmas Day - Went over to Gordon's cousin house for big meal...:) Had prime rib followed by a lot of other food.

Christmas week was a quiet one. Went to work, came home, lazed around (I don't remember what i did!)

New Year's eve - Was suppose to have dinner at Koi Palace with Gordon's family but..... there was a power outage in that area right around dinner time! What a dissapointment. We were looking forward to the "Buddha Jump Over the Wall" soup.... but.. we had to settle for another chinese restaurant.. nothing to shout about... but am looking forward to the next planned dinner at Koi Palace.

Gordon and I stayed in to watch the fireworks on Tv... yeah.. B O R I N G....

The following weekend, we had Gordon's family come over to hang out. Actually, Gordon's cousin, Kirby was nice to help come over to help us with some house repair and tree cutting. Our walnut tree at the back of the house was invaded by beetles..... and the tree starting dying and finally died. So, the tree cutting began..... this was followed by cleaning out the rain gutters and fixing of the garage.. ah.. it's nice to have a handyman around.

Here's a shot of Gordon with cute Madison.. and here is one with Sydney... Madison's older sister...

And then, I fell sick. I am down with a cold... (I think). This cold has been lingering for 5 days now! I wanna get well!!!!!! Today is Martin Luther King day and surprisingly, Sprint has this as a day off for their employees. Yeah, I stayed home all day, moping around in and out of the house while Gordon worked from home.....we were able to watch The Apprentice on and some CSI episodes. Did I just say "I wanna get well"???? I could be out shopping... or... visiting Lily... or.... something! I don't wanna stay home anymore!

Here is another picture taken at Jennie's house sometime back...