Monday, January 11, 2010

The cousins.

Things were fine the first day. Ryan was happy to see another kid his age and Sophie was excited to play with another friend.
but but, the second day came around and Ryan decided he did not want to play with Sophie... so he pushed her whenever she got near! Yikes...

At Tahoe, he even pulled her hair and made Sophie cry! Sophie does not cry when she gets pushed, but pulling her hair hurt and she cried. Poor girl and poor Cindy who was shocked! After Ryan made Sophie cry, he immediately tried to love her back to stop her from crying and he said sorry several times. I think he was surprised that Sophie cried too!

Check out the sequence of pics below.... First they play, then Ryan attacks and poor sophie.. wondering what just happened...

Pics above at a hotel in San Diego.. the kids don't mind sitting together when they are eating..

He doesn't mind sharing his toys, but when he wants something, he grabs it from Sophie and pushes her away. He also doesn't want her to touch anything that belongs to us (like Dylan, and our phones, and others).

We can only hope they will play well soon. It  ended up us having to watch them even closer to make sure there is no pushing or hitting.

There are good minutes too, when they actually play together and we were able to get some pictures..:) The bathtub ones were the best...

Oh, towards the end of the trip, Sophie decided to take matters in her own hands, and she bit Ryan! The first two times, she only bit his clothes, so no biggie.. after that, she bit his hand. Ryan was shocked and let out a big wahhhhh. Sophie got a time-out.

Two days later, I though Sophie was giving Ryan a hug and next thing I know.. Ryan goes WAHH.. Sophie hugged him and bit him on his chest. Another big time-out for beanie.....

kids will be kids..:P

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