Monday, September 18, 2006

Sambal Belacan

In an attempt to make my food more tasty, I started making my own Sambal Belacan.

For those who dont know what it is, here is the info from wikipedia....:)

Belacan, a Malay variety of shrimp paste, is prepared from fresh tiny shrimp of a species known as geragau in Malay. These are mashed into a paste and buried for several months. The fermented shrimp are then dug up, fried and hard-pressed into cakes.
Belacan is used as an ingredient in many dishes, or eaten on its own with rice. A common preparation is sambal belacan, made by mixing belacan with chilli peppers, minced garlic, shallot paste and sugar.

My first trial ended up being too spicy as I was lazy to de-seed the chillies. I had to add sugar and lots of lemons to help make it less spicy.

My attempt today was better...:) Now I eat everything with this.........

Thursday, September 14, 2006

We are going to Nepal.....:)

After much planning and looking, we decided to head to Nepal for a vacation..:) My sis informed me of her long holiday in end Oct due to the Raya holidays and I decided to plan a trip together....

So, Gordon, his brother Henry, my sis, her husband Jin, my mom and myself will head to Nepal in Oct.

Interesting enough, all flights were fully booked to Nepal unless one takes a tour... so, we will stop in Kuala Lumpur and take a tour from there. And of course, we get to EAT Malaysian food....woopppppeeeee...:)

Waiting patiently for this vacation... The dates are Oct 18-29....:)

Our first choice was China... but tours were fully booked and too much coordination was needed...... Nepal.. here we come....

dum dee dumm dummm....

Saturday, September 09, 2006

I sold it!

After driving my car for 7 years, I finally sold it today.

For those who rememeber, I drove a 1995 black 4-door Honda Accord. I fell in love with the car after I graduated from uni. My intend was to buy a honda Civic, but I test drove the honda accord and of course I liked the Accord better.

The milieage on the car marked 178,674 miles. I bought it when it was 69,990 miles..:)

Highlights of trips taken with the car...
1. From Santa Rosa to Palo Alto most weekends in 2000-2001
2. From Santa Clara to Pleasanton every workday from 2001-2003
3. From San Francisco to Pleasanton every workday from 2003-2004
4. From Castro Valley to Pleasanton every workday from 2004-2006
5. Loads of road trips including trips to Seattle, LA, Tahoe, and many many more...:)

So long my dear car. I really had loads of fun with it. Too many memories........ Yikes, I miss the car already!