Tuesday, August 28, 2007

San Ramon House Warming

Simon and Lu Fun bought a home in San Ramon and invited all of us for a house-warming.

The weather was super hot, but they bought a cover to block out the sun.:)

Of course the highlights were Lu Fun's cooking. She made Sarawak Laksa, Satay with peanut sauce, curry chicken and indian rice. Everything was SOOO good and Gordon and I over-ate.....

Picture below : Everyone going for the FOOD!

Happy Gordon..:)

We had to leave early as Gordon's Grandma was celebrating her birthday. Gordon's mom did the cooking, so dinner was at their house.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

2 Year Wedding Anniversary.............

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Yes, It's been two years since we had our wedding. We can't believe how quickly time flies... good thing is that we are getting to know each other better....:)

To celebrate, we headed over to Pakwan indian restaurant in Hayward. We like this place since it gives us our staples - naan, chicken tikka masala and vegetable biryani rice. This time, we also tried Nihari - the traditional boneless beef curry (not recommended).

Short visit from Will, Miki and Hana Ashmore

Our frens Will, Miki and baby Hana visited us over the weekend from Arizona. Will was in town for a meeting and his wife and baby came along.

They stayed with us on Thursday night and left on Sunday. It was fun to see what it is like to have a baby in the house.

Baby Hana is only 4 months old and she already sleeps through the night (from 8pm to 8am - no feeding). We thought that was super cool and it gave the parents a chance to have a good night sleep.

We spent Saturday with them, starting with lunch at the ramen place in Bekerley and then heading up to Napa Valley. We were only able to hit one winery - Hess Winery on Redwood Rd. Another first time for us. This place has a nice musuem and has great views.

Here is Will and Miki tasting wine..:)

And here is Gordon baby-sitting baby Hana............

Here is us in front of the winery.,,

We had to leave quickly as Miki and I had a massage appointment at Relaxation Co.

I had a pregnancy massage and she had a soothing massage. Massages are always sooo nice.... here is the bed I slept on..... This is to ensure comfort as I laid on my tummy. It called the prego pillow...

Korean Dinner...

Couple of Fridays' ago, Gordon planned dinner with Anastasia and Percy. Percy recommended a Korean place in Hayward. First time for us..:)

This place is similar to Brothers Restaurant in San Francisco. We get to cook the meat ourselves. Of course, we ordered too much..... 2 set dinners, korean noodles, green onion pancake and of course, there were the little dishes.

It was nice to hang out and eat... and chill with great friends.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Busy busy ...........

ok, been a little busy.... so kinda late with the blogs..:P

I have to blog about my weekend..:)

Saturday was a long and busy day... woke up bright and early and headed over to Lily's place. It was Jaden and Chung's bday and they were also celebrating little Alissa's bday as well. Lily was busy moving food in and out of the oven..she bought chicken, spring rolls, nuggets and everything needed to be baked..:) I helped out with the gyoza... those things are not easy to cook, but luckily, they turned out ok.

About 45 minutes later, I headed out to meet up with Sheryl and Ee Ling... Sheryl is moving to Italy to be with her boy boy..:) How much fun is that?:) We hung out at Fantasia and ate our bread from Sheng Kee.......... Can't wait for Sheryl to settle down in Italy and invite us over to visit her...:).. Although we did not hangout much in california, it's sure feels sad that Sheryl is moving away... we have to really keep in touch...!

While we hung out with Sheryl, Gordon had to buy ice, pickup the noodles and pickup three cakes (Lily bought one cake for each bday person!)...... Gordon did a great job and we made our way over to the Las Palmas park.

The bday event was nice..... lots of food, lots of people... the kids were busy playing at the park as we sat around and chit chatted. Even Rick and Helen came out to join the fun.

:) I added the picture above cos little Alexis is SO cute and chubby....:) Here baby Alexis is playing with baby Alissa..:)

Around 3pm, Ee ling and I headed to check out some wedding dresses.........:) Ee Ling is on a mission to find the perfect dress, so we had appts to two stores... watching her try on dresses and giving my comments on each dress was fun..... but... i think at the end of the day, we were even more confused on which dress was the best dress for her.................*grin*

We got back to Lily's place around 6pm and had tah-pau dinner from South Island Taste restaurant.... I love the noodles with meat over there.:) After much chit chatting, the mah-jong session started and this lasted till 11.30pm. We went home feeling poorer since Cheng Lin won a big hand and Gordon lost 12 bucks since he was the one who gave the winning card to Cheng Lin...;)