Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Our yearly Christmas party and gift exchange.

Once again, Christmas came around and we planned a last minute Christmas party with the white elephant gift exchange.

The turn-out was great, and everyone brought something to share (food)..:)

The ones with the younger kids (Claire and Tyler) had to leave early as the timing was right into their sleeping time..... I guess next year, our parties will have to revolve around our little one as well.:D

The white elephant gift exchange was fun as usual.... the gifts were of course interesting... i think Gordon and i scored with our trader joe's gift card and a coach wallet..heehhhee...:D the rest of the gifts were nice as well....note to self, next time I need to say "gag gifts not allowed"


I hope everyone had loads of fun. Our house is a little small for so many people.... hopefully the weather would be nicer next year and everyone can hang out outside.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Long Silence?

no.. baby is not here yet..

but, my mom is in town... and my sis and bro in-law are in town as well!!


My mom arrived on Nov 28..... followed by my uncle Kam Yoon and aunty Sue who arrived from UK from Dec 1-7.....then, my mom's fren, Sarah arrived from Dec 17-20 and my sis and Soon Jin arrived today! This is why I have been sooooo quiet..;)

In between all these arrivals, I had multiple baby showers.... one from my frens, one from Gordon's cousins and one more from work.... so, yes, I have been busy going thru the gifts...*happiness* and writing some thank you cards.......

How time flies.

Baby is still incubating.... I need him to stay in there until at least January 1.....so, I shall NOT over-exert myself. I am still feeling healthy and things are the same, but everyone keeps telling me I look like I am ready to pop! I am NOT ready to pop... I don't even feel the "nesting" period yet..... grrrr.... and the house is still a mess..

So, I need to blog about all the gifts i got... and also the food I have been eating and also, the places I have been going....

until I update again, have a merry christmas!