Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Doctor appt @4 months and @2 years old

We made it to our doctor appt last week. We scheduled both kids on the same day and it worked out great. Ryan was less frighten since Dylan was there with him and he was willing to get his weight and height since Dylan went first. I guess Ryan prefers someone else going before him to take away the fear..hehehehe

Both kids are growing well! We are happy with the clean bill of health for both kids. After seeing the doctor, Ryan got three shots and Dylan got three too. Ryan gave the nurse a glare after his shots.heheheh!

Here are the numbers:

Ryan Kwan

Weight : 31 lb 4.8oz (85 percentile)

Height : 3 ft (87 percentile)

Head size : 19.76" (86 percentile)

Dylan Kwan
Weight : 16 lb 12 oz (85 percentile)
Height : 2 ft 1.75"(81 percentile)
Head size : 16.5" (42 percentile)

Yes, it looks like Ryan might be 6 ft in adult height (based on the myth that his adult height is two times the two year old height). Also, we are considering moving him to 2% low fat milk. He still drink about 22 ounces of whole milk a day now. And he sleeps only at 9.30pm and wakes up around 7am. His naps are 2 hours starting around 1pm. What a change from before..:)

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Truly Us said...

use up the formula ;) and y is di di's head size avg? lol..kidding :)

u shld hv taken pix of the nephew is such a brave boy lor..