Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ryan at 19 plus months

Ryan is now 19 months old.

Here are some interesting stuff about him..:)

1. He is 100% potty trained at home! Hooray! He will now wear pants (no underwear) and will tell us when he needs to go. We still wear pull-ups on him when we go out... He knows when he has the pull-ups on and will pee in his pull-ups... hah!
2. He knows there is a baby in my tummy and will share his toys with baby. He will also love love baby all the time. He has no clue that baby will come out soon!
3. His current favorite books include; I see a monster, a potty for me, sometimes i curl up like a ball. His favorite toys include; his toy laptop, crayons, his toy plates, forks, cup, his doctor play set

4. His favorite foods include; sweet potatoes, egg, yogurt, cheese, raisins, cookies!

5. He never cries when I go to work. He will happily say bye bye to me. Not sure what goes on in his head when he sees me leave.. I think it is because Gordon is home and he likes to be with daddy.

6. Everything is "daddy" now. When we say "who is going to clean-up", he says "daddy". When we say "who made mess?", he says "daddy". It's all "daddy'. Too funny!

7. When we pick him up from the babysitter and ask him questions, his answer is "all gone". So, we ask, "did you eat rice today?", he says "all gone". We ask "did you eat banana today?", he says "all gone". It's "all gone" for everything!

8. Ryan is SO into! We have to resist turning on the laptop as he will want to watch something on youtube when the laptop is on. He likes the nursery rhymes; clap you hands, baa baa black sheep, potty potty, old mcdonald..... he will point out which video he wants to watch and if we play something and he doesn't like it, he goes "no no no" and points to another one. We have a computer addict at 19 months old!!!

9. Everytime we enter the freeway, he will make a whiney sound! Somehow, he doesn't like freeways. Kinda weird... and when we get off the freeway, he says "all gone". funnneeee! He also gets all excited when he sees a bulldozer, excavator, tractor when we are driving.

10. ANTS! Initially, when Ryan saw an ant, he would yell "daddy, ant!". Daddy would come over and kill the ant with his fingers. So, Ryan got the concept and now, when he sees an ant, he goes ahead and kills the ant with his fingers too... and he does this all without saying anything to anyone.... Amazing....

Thursday, August 27, 2009

One of those nights

So, last night, Ryan wakes up at 3.00am, walks/runs over to our room and stands by my bedside.

Mummy says "shall we go back to your room, or you want to sleep on mummy's bed".

Ryan says "up".

So, Ryan gets on our bed. He tosses and turns and scratches his belly. I finally tell him I will put cream on his tummy and it will not be itchy. I put the cream and he doesn't scratch anymore...

Ryan sits up and farts!

Mummy says "you want to poo-poo?"

Ryan gets off the bed, walks/runs over to his potty in his room, points to the light for me to turn it on. When the light comes on, he walks around like a drunkard man, since it is too bright. I remove diaper, he sits and no poo. He doesnt want to wear diaper anymore and goes to his bed, pushes me away and makes whiney noises....

Mummy says "do you want nai nai (milk)?"

Ryan gets all excited and says nai nai, nai nai... ok, we get him milk.. put on his diaper, turn off the lights. He drinks and is all done.

Ryan points to the blinds and says "open.. moon". He wants me to open the blinds so he can see the moon. I open the blinds... the moon is not visible but he sees a bunch of airplanes and points out each one to me...he lies back on the bed, and when he sees another airplane, he gets up and points it out again....

Daddy comes over and sleeps with us. Ryan tries to get off the bed and says bye-bye to us... Daddy says "ryan, go to sleep". He comes back and finally, at 4.20am, he falls asleep.

And, I am one of those people who cannot sleep until he falls asleep. Of course, I get hungry while waiting, so I had to go downstairs and get some milk and cereal to eat. I finally went back to sleep in my bed while Gordon continued to snore in Ryan's bed with him.....

At 6.30am, the garbage truck comes around and Ryan hears it and says "open - garbage truck" and points for Gordon to open the blinds so he can see the garbage truck....

It was one of those nights......

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day out with mummy

Last Friday and Saturday, Gordon headed out to Reno with some frens. Since Ryan and I had most of Saturday to ourselves, we decided to head out..:)
Our first stop was the Castro Valley Farmer's Market. Ryan got a chance to try out all the foods and I got to buy some nectarines, peaches and corn.
Next stop, a Lego exhibition nearby our neighborhood. I decided to go not know what to expect, but it was fun! There were so many trains and Ryan was super excited.
He even got a chance to play with the legos. He had no clue what they were and just scooped them from left to right..:)

We finished our day with a quick stop a Nordstrom Rack to check for cheap deals..:)

Ryan and Tyler Chang

So, Ken and Pauline have moved back to the Bay Area! They were staying in Bakersfield for the longest time and now they are staying in Oakland Hills (about 20 minutes from us).

Ken and Pauline have a son as well, who is only two weeks younger than Ryan! Which means, Ryan gets a playmate that is close to his age. Hooray!

So far, we had two meals with them and we checked out each other's homes....We ate at Geta sushi, had ice cream at Fentons, and the next day, had dim sum at Oriental tea house.

Ryan and Tyler seem to get along just fine...hehhhehe

Monday, August 24, 2009

Update on pregnancy!

I had a 36 week ultrasound today to see how big the baby is...

He is currently 6 pounds 6 ounces. About 50th percentile for babies at 36 weeks.. babies gain about 1/2 a pound a week, so at 40 weeks, he should be less than 9 pounds...

woo-hoo. This means, I will not schedule a c-section at this time and just wait it out.

It baby doesn't come out by 40 weeks, than we will induce...

Other than that, pregnancy is going well. I feel like I have time, but no energy! Which means, I get nothing done. It's go to work, play with Ryan, surf the web and go to sleep.

Goods news is that baby is not waking me up at night. It is Ryan who wakes me up at night.....or, Gordon's snoring.....

4 weeks to go... I guess I should pack that hospital bag soon!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Our day camping trip at Del Valle

This weekend, we took the opportunity to check out Del Valle in Livermore. There are campgrounds here and a nice lake for the swimming.

Nancy and Charles were camping two nights with some frens, so we decided to join them in the day, check out the camp area and go home. (works great for everyone..... cos Gordon had no plans to camp at all!)

It hit 90 degrees in Livermore, but the group was very prepared with three pop up EZ-ups and lots of sunblock. Ryan played in the sand mostly, but his treat were the chips, cookies, and loads of junk food that everyone was eating. He would rather eat eat eat, then play in the sand or water.

After the lake area, we went to camp area. Very clean area with clean warm water for bathing! Definitely a plus when you have small kids. The group started up the grill and made short ribs, pork chops, corn, strong green beans and rice. The food was super for camping style.

Ryan has the most fun just being able to roam around, play in the tent, sit on the fold-up chairs and eating. He loved playing with his glow stick as well.

We wanted to stay for s'mores, but it was getting late. We left around 9.30pm and Ryan fell asleep within 5 minutes in the car.
One day, we may actually camp out for the night. It was pretty fun.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Jaden, Alissa and Chung's bday celebration

Last weekend, we celebrated the tri-Cheong family bday. This year, the bday was held at a private swim club in Cupertino. The kids had a blast with a 2ft deep kids swim area.

Ryan did not care for the water, so he just hung out outside with his swim gear.
There were three cakes again and they were all yums!
Even the guys got a chance to play their annual basketball game..;)
We took our family shot..:)
And I love this pic of Ryan hugging his baby brother in my tummy.

80% potty training succes and 50% bottle weaning success!

wooo-hoo.. we are progressing with potty training. Ryan can now tell us he wants to pee-pee even when he has diapers on!


Our next dilemma, how to get him to use the bathroom when he is out and about. I think we should just bring the potty along and when he tells us, we just use the potty. So far, I know he told me three times that he had to pee, but we did not have any options and soon he forgot and peed in his diaper..:P bad parents! heheheh.

We won't hit 100% potty training success for now, since he still drinks milk at night before sleeping and his diaper is super wet in the morning. We are in no hurry for him to be potty trained at night... I rather my boy sleep, then wake up in the middle of the night to go to the potty.


As for the bottle weaning, we were successful for a week (Ryan was just too excited to have a different cup to drink milk). So after a week, he would ignore his thermos with milk and would only drink when he really feels like it. However, if we show him the bottle with the milk. he will drink it all.

So, we have a choice... let him drink whenever, or put the milk in a  bottle, and he will drink for sure... (another big decision).

Anyways, on days where we feel is did not get enough food, we give the bottle... otherwise, he will drink from the cup.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Ryan's 18 month growth numbers

We visited the doctor on July 29 for Ryan's 18 month check-up.

The minute he had to stand on the weighing machine, he started crying and it was on-going until we left the room. Ryan is truly traumatized by doctors...:P

Here are the numbers…

Weight : 29 pounds 1.6 ounce (85 percentile)

Height : 34 inches (88 percentile)

Head circumference : 19.69” inches (94 percentile)
No immunizations for this round and no more doctors till he is 2!