Thursday, July 31, 2008


We finally put Ryan in some shoes.....

They were soo cute on his feet!

Ryan loves to play!

Since Ryan can sit on his own, he just loves to sit down and play with his toys.

We can place him in front of his toys and he would play on his own for some time (20 minutes) before he gets bored and wants to play with other toys.

Here is a video of him playing with his musical drums that Aunty Yvonne gave him.

Here is another video of him playing on our bed in the morning. He loves to chew on this colorful necklace, so, we let him!

Ryan is starting to lift his butt.... bet he can't wait to crawl!

We recently attended baby Claire's 2nd bday party. It was a very nice hawaiian themed event with hawaiian food. Yvonne did great job organizing the party and everything turned out perfect.

There was event a jumping house which the adults dominated..:P Here's apic of Ryan and I sitting inside. I am surprise he did not get sick since it was very bouncy in there.

Family shot of baby Claire and family..:)

Here is baby and me..:D

Here is Ryan pointing out is tongue..:P

Here is one with Sirintorn baby-sitting Ryan...:)

Baby Sophie...

We continue to be so excited about the birth of baby Sophie..:) I love it when she gets put in dresses. So pretty!

She is growing quickly and getting bigger day by day! Her cheeks are so chubby that I want to pinch them..heehhhehe

Thank goodness for the internet...

Sophie has sent us an official Sophie wave in this video specially dedicated to us..:)

Ryan and Sophie are also getting aquainted. How? The internet of course... occassionally, we get to put both on them on the webcam and they get to say hi to each other...:D

Can't wait to carry you, baby Sophie!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Ryan

drinking milk


seeing mummy


sleeping on mummy's bed



Gordon, his dad, his brother and I watched The Dark Knight yesterday...... we left Gordon's mom to put baby to sleep... and it was easy cos Ryan drank his milk and went to sleep.

dumm dee dumm dummmmmm

Monday, July 14, 2008

Six Month Old numbers are IN!

My "little" baby is now...

20 pounds 8 ounces (92 percentile in weight)

28.75 inches in height (98 percentile in height)

45.7 cm for his head circumference (93 percentile in head circumference)

Can you believe it?????????!????!????!??

He did develop a fever this time and you should have seen a frantic mummy and daddy trying to figure out how much baby tylenol to give baby..:P Ryan was very cranky and wanted to be carried all the time...

Good news is that he is feeling better, and we put him back in his crib after sleeping with him on his bed the last two nights.... hoping he will sleep through the night tonight......:)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pssst.. I am Six Months Old!

Well.. it is not a secret... but I am now six months old....everyone seems to think I am older since I am big!


My first and second bottom tooth are coming out. It is disturbing my sleep and makes me wake up at night. I can't sleep through the night without waking up once or twice a night. If I wake up before 2am, mummy will come over and comfort me back to sleep. If I wake up after 2am, daddy comes over. I prefer when daddy comes over, as he will carry me and rock me back to sleep. Mummy just leans over the crib and kisses me until I fall back asleep.

I also can sleep on my tummy now. Mummy thinks it is funny cos I would wake up and suddenly turn on my tummy and fall back asleep. She is secretly watching me from her baby monitor camera... sometimes I stare back at her cos I can see the green light from the camera at my bedside.

I can sit up now. This happened for the first time at Dai's house on June 21. It is so much easier to play on my own now that I can sit up.

=I can also push and pull stuff and take stuff out of a box.

Here is my eating schedule:
6am Milk - 5-8 oz
10am Milk - 8 oz
12pm Porridge with sweet potatoes
2pm Milk - 8 oz
4pm Fruit (banana or apricot)
6pm Milk - 4 oz
7pm porridge with vege
8pm Milk - 4 oz

I eat often cos I don't like to drink water and mummy adds water to everything, so I get some water in my system.

I still go to bed around 8pm and wake up around 5-6am.

Here is a video of me when I am about to go to sleep:

Here is me waking up in the morning:

I love going outside. My grandparents love to carry me and let me watch the leaves on the trees. If I am fussy, and they take me outside, I get all quiet and calm.

I also love to laugh! Mummy knows how to make me laugh out loud a lot. Check out this video.

I love hanging out with daddy. He spends a lot of time playing with me and carrying me up and down the stairs. He also picks me up when I wake up in the morning and changes my diapers before sending me to mummy for feeding.

Here is my darling mummy....:) I miss her when she goes to work but she takes care of me and makes me feel safe. I love laughing with her and playing toys with her...

Till my next post, thanks for reading!!

Formula milk vs. Breastmilk

For the last 6 months, I have been feeding Ryan breastmilk (except for the first few days when he had to take formula due to his jaundice condition).

So, we decided to see if he would take formula yesterday. I heard of a lot of stories where the kids won't take formula as they don't like the taste and parents have to mix breastmilk with formula to get baby use to the taste...

Our test was to give Ryan 2 ounces of formula to see if he would reject it.....

We gave him the formula, he tasted it, thought about it for 0.2 seconds and continued drinking till he was done!

urm.... am I suppose to feel proud that my baby likes formula.... or should I be bothered that I spent the last 6 months feeding him breastmilk, and he is not bothered what kind of milk he gets......


in other news..... Ryan can now hold his own bottle when he is drinking milk...:)

He also gets all excited when he see his milk bottle! We warm up his glass mikl bottle in another glass bottle, so when he hears the cling cling noise of the bottles knocking on each other, he perks up his head and turns towards the bottles...

Also, when he is done drinking from the bottle and I put the bottle on the side table, he stares at the bottle, hoping to get more milk from it....:D
Picture below shows Ryan little dimple.... we just noticed it....

Here is Ryan playing outside during the recent heatwave.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

4th of July and Tyler's Bday

Ryan celebrated his first fourth of July..... He is a proud American boy...:)
Gordon's cousins came over for bbq on Friday. It's like our yearly bbq event. This year, Gordon made his own hamburger patties and it was not bad.. the recipe was simple; 1 pound of ground sirloin steak and 1/4 pound of ground chuck plus 1/4 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce - this makes four hamburger patties. Everyone liked it but mentioned that it was not salty enough. Next time, we add salt..:) We also had spicy italian sausage and hotdogs. I made some chicken and sausage macaroni pasta and my MIL made some mix ingredients sticky rice.
Oh, that was just lunch... for dinner we had prime rib and a nice apple blueberry pie...

Part of the celebration also included Sydney's birthday... she turned 5 this year... Gordon got her a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake (no idea why those things cost SOO much). I could make the cake and put my own ice cream in there..:P
Eric and Susan came for the 4th of July event as well, with Scott and baby Lara. Baby Lara is about 3 months old.. and so small and cuddly...

Did Ryan get to see his first fireworks? Urm, it totally did not cross our minds to bring him to watch the fireworks...hehheehe.... maybe we will remember on New Year's Eve..:)

The next day, we headed over for Tyler's 2nd birthday. His bday was the Cars theme, so everything was about Cars. They even had one of those jumping things in the garden for the kids.. so cool!

here is ryan hanging out with Claire.... Claire was trying to hug and kiss Ryan and Ryan kept putting his hands out and scaring Claire away...:p

Here is a cute family picture..:)

Why so few blogs?

Yeah, wondering why there are so few blogs? I only had 4 blogs entry for the month of June. That's a average of 1 per week. How sad.....

and yes, I have a lot to blog about... just slow..haha..:)

In June, we celebrated the June birthdays for Ee Ling, Helen and myself. Dai and James were very nice to host the event at their house and Dai spent hours making home made vietnamese spring rolls. They were yummy. Lily also made some popiah and jam tarts. It was a pot luck event, but I think everyone else bought food... Popeyes chicken was a big hit.

Here are the three girls in front of the cake (cake was courtesy of Sook Yee and Cheng Lin)

June, we also celebrated baby Kaylyn's birthday! How time flies; she is already a year old. Helen's parents made some nice taiwanese dishes and Helen's curry was a hit.

Ryan was happy to be able to play with Kaylyn's toys..:)
The guys took opportunity to play some poker but the big winner was the host himself, Rick... I think he won enough to pay for the party ..:)
The gals took their chance to take a group picture..:)

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Ryan Laughing and Ryan looking surprised..:)

Here are two videos of baby with daddy.... enjoy!

We have a Niece!

Welcome baby Sophie Lim.

My sister just gave birth to a baby girl on July 2, 2008. We are super excited, cos I am officially an Auntie, and Ryan now has a baby cousin.
Ryan and Sophie will be about 6 months apart.

Hugs and kisses to Sophie. Wish I could be there to carry you!!