Saturday, March 17, 2007

Dinner and this weekend

This week, Gordon made a run to Oakland Chinatown and grabbed some veges and other stuff for dinner.

He found some king oyster mushroom and was excited to try it. So, we created a vegetable delight dish including the mushroom, asparagus, green pepper, red pepper, garlic,brocolli, snap peas.. all cooked in black bean sauce. It was good. Here is what it looks like. ( the bowl of rice is mine, Gordon's was still in the microwave.;))

Here are some pictures from the garden. It's so nice in Spring. Flowers everywhere! I did not get a chance to take some pics of the cherry blossom flowers near my work, but they are a pretty sight.

In an effort to ensure we use our backyard deck more often, I set out the yoga mat there one day this week... and got Gordon into doing some exercise. He moved around for 5 seconds and he was done!! I stretched for 3 minutes and I was done.... at least we used the deck!

I also tried again to use the deck today ( Saturday). I am here as I am typing this blog...:D The weather is nice.... and I spent some time reading some books i borrowed... Here is me...;)

The weekends...

I have been in the lazy mode... so, here is an update from past weekends..:)

Last weekend, we met up with the group for dim sum. Here are the attendees..

1. Lily and Chung with 2.5 year old Jaden and 7 month old Alissa
2. Sook Yee and Ching Lin with 2.9 year old Mun Mun
3. James, Dai and James dad with 5 week old Alexis
4. Rick and 6 month pregnant, Helen
5. Gordon and Lynda (Us!)
6. Seoung Jiun and Sue (newly weds)
7. Eric and Ee Ling (newly engaged)

It was a very fun meet up and we had reserved a table at Golden Island in Milpitas. Since we were busy chatting when we got there, the waiter and waitresses were getting impatient as they wanted us to order more stuff!! Ee Ling also brought Yee Sang (this is a mix of preserved veges, peanuts, crackers and plum sauce - please read the link for more info)from Malaysia. Yee sang is usually served during Chinese New Year in Malaysia. The waitress at the restaurant was fascinated by the ingredients and wanted to know what it was all about..:D We also had a hard time gettting a big plate to put all the ingredients. Everytime we asked for a big plate, they came back with a small one.... finally the manager helped us out..we also had a nice laugh when we remembered that we needed to mix the Yee Sang with chopsticks and since we were waiting for everyone to get there, our chopsticks were already dirty.... so.. mastermind Eric went over to the dishes area and picked all of us new chopsticks! There were like 13 of us.... so I guess the dish washer will have to wash 13 extra pairs of chopsticks after we left..;)

We were also excited to see James and Dai with baby Alexis for the first time..I went ahead and asked James if I could carry Alexis and saw the horror on Dai's face (she recalled that I carried Alissa before and forgot to pay attention to Alissa's neck...oppppss).. anyways, me being thick skin carried Alexis anyways... she is tiny! and she was so sleepy.. so I decided not to disturb her anymore..

We also celebrated Ee Ling and Eric's engagement!!! CONGRATS!! We got them a cake from Copenhagen Bakery in Burlingame. This place was recommended for cakes in the we decided to try it instead of the standard chinese cake...We got the chocolate rasberry cake.. (no one at the table said the cake was good... so I think the verdict was not good) ..or maybe everyone was so full from all the dim sum and yee sang and could not appreciate the cake..

It was really nice to meet up with everyone and catch up... I think we got there around 11am and only left at 2pm..;) and of course we left a big tip for the bill..:)