Sunday, January 03, 2010

Our trip to LA, San Diego and Disneyland

My sis, bro-in-law and niece are in town.

We decided it was a good idea to do a road trip to get away from the cold.. so down south we headed.

We started off at 9.45am, stopped at Kettleman's City for In-n-Out and continued down to Manhattan Beach. We arrived around 5pm. Way too long cos Ryan threw-up during our stop and we ended up stopping for 1.5 hours.:P ( We think he got car sick).

Dinner was at C&O Tratorria. We were introduced to this place by Ee Ling when we visited her many many years ago and decided to come here again for the great pasta selections. We all wanted to eat more seafood during this trip, so our meals were mostly seafood.:)

Next, we hit the Santa Monica pier where Ryan and Sophie were fascinated by the ferris wheel lights and the roller coaster.

The next day, we headed further south to Sealife in Carlsbad... actually, we wanted to hit the outlets in Carlsbad, and had to make sure we did something for the kids, so we went to Sealife as well. Do NOT go to Sealife. Not worth the money at all; good thing the kids were free and we got some 10 dollar tickets from a friend.

We continued our journey to the Gas Lamp area for our hotel (Sheraton Suites). The hotel was nice (priceline) but access to the hotel was difficult since it was downtown and we had to go to the 12th floor to get to the lobby and another lift to get to our room.

Next, we had to eat! So, Soon Jin found us this really nice seafood restaurant in a small neighborhood in Pacific Beach. We were seated quick and the food was yummy. We ordered more seafood; salmon, cod fish and chips, sea bass.. yums.

At San Diego, the weather was cold! We managed to check out the beautiful Coronado beaches (there is an ice skating rink at the hotel)! and Mission Beach where Ryan and Sophie sat on the carousel.]

oh! for breakfast, we went to this brunch place called Hash House A Go Go. The food portions here were huge! Check out my sis's blueberry pancake. I ordered the Turkey hash but it was no good. Gordon ordered the fried chicken and also the HUGE french toast! Since we could not finish the food, we took it to go... near mission beach, we saw a homeless guy and made a quick decision to give him our food.....poor sis, did not get a chance to try the french toast since she thought she could eat it later... heheheh!

The next day, we hit our last stop. Disneyland! Disneyland was beautiful during Christmas time. I totally forgot about how one needs to stand in line to sit on the rides. Not too fun cos Mr Ryan decided to hit everyone who stood in front of him. grrrrrr. I spent much time apologizing to everyone he hit.

We hit the Small world, the train ride, the Autopia car ride, Alice in Wonderland and watched the parade. Gordon and Dylan stayed at the hotel which was easier, since we did not have to stay in line with a baby. Ryan was so tired by 6.30 and crashed before the parade started. He continued sleeping till 5.30am, in spite of me moving him from the stroller to the bus, and from the bus to the hotel room and he missed his dinner too.

Gordon bought his dinner to the room and had some super yummie Shrimp and Crawfish from Joe's Crab Shack. It was SO good. I am thinking about it right now....

The whole trip was a success (although it was colder down there). With 4 adults, and 3 kids under two in one car... that's tough but we made it!

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Hey, I remember the Trattoria with Ee Ling! ;-)