Saturday, January 23, 2010

I am 4 months old....

Hello world. It's me, Dylan and I am 4 months old...

 So many things has happened over the last 4 months. I have been busy; travelling to LA, Lake Tahoe.. travelling is fun since I am in my car seat and it bounces when the car is moving. makes it so easy for me to sleep..:)

I also met my ah-yee, uncle jin and beanie for the first time. They all adore me and are ready to adopt me. But, mummy said no.... too bad! Singapore would have been fun!

Here are some things to updates:
1. My nickname is di-di (it stands for small brother in mandarin)
2. I can laugh loud when mummy kisses me.
3. I can cough and get attention
4. I drink about 5 ounces of milk during each feed. I feed about every 4 hours. Mummy feeds me breastmilk and formula daily.
5. I follow the eat, play, sleep schedule.
6. I love the pacifier. When it is time to sleep, the pacifier goes into my mouth, my head goes between two pillows, and I go straight to sleep. Mummy thinks I am the easiest baby to put to sleep.... since she doesn't have to rock me to sleep.
7. I am still not sleeping throught the night. I wake up and make noises, and mummy is afraid I would wake up Ryan, so she feeds me.....
8. I love sleeping on mummy's bed. When I make noise, she is right next to me and she pats me.
9. I can hold my own bottle when mummy uses a blanket to prop the bottle
10. I love the TV. When I hear it, I move my head towards the sound.
11. I love my ko-ko (big brother). When he is playing near me, I am fascinated. If I am drinking milk, I rather not drink and just watch him. He also loves to kiss me and shares all his toys with me.

Till next time, please keep reading my blog!

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