Saturday, May 05, 2007


Saturday night .... and my tummy is asking for food...

This brings back memories from Malaysia. When I was living back there with my family.... my dad would insist on supper every night.. Around 10-11 at night, he would say, let's go buy supper, or request me or my sister to go buy supper. Supper could consist of any of the following:

1. Pau, lor mai fan, siu mai (dim sum stuff)
2. Famous Beef Ball noodles in KL (25 minutes one way drive from my house)
3. Soup noodles, including assam laksa
4. Fried noodles - Black Noodles (Fook Kin chow) and Mixed (Nying Nyong) noodles
5. Yam cake
6. Hum Chin Pang (Fried doughnut)

On days where no one goes out to buy stuff, my dad would request to have instant noodles... the dry spicy flavor...

All these choices back in Malaysia.... what are my choices in the US?

1. Fast food (Burger King, McD, etc)
2. Anything in my fridge

somehow, I don't feel hungry anymore..........

Saturday morning hike at Cull Canyon Park

I woke up this morning and was feeling energetic... so I told Gordon.."Let's go hiking"... :)

We headed over to Cull Canyon Park for the first time... Castro Valley is really a pretty area... there are like multiple hiking trails within 5 minutes from my house.... of course, today's hike is only the third one we have done so far...the first one was at Lake Chabot...the second one is a trail that oversees the bay area...
Surprisingly, the park was very very quiet.. it had nice picnic area. very clean, but I think since the water lagoon (swimming area for kids..... really huge!) was closed, the crowds were also gone. Will have to go back again in July to see how crowded this place can get.

The hike was a simple one.... we walked for about an hour, crossing little streams and tunnels....:) Gordon seemed to like it, except he was complaning about not wearing long pants.... we enjoyed this place, cos even though there were no people around, we felt comfortable with the trails and the sounds of the birds..:)

p/s : pictures taken from camera phone...... not very clear:P

Mun mun's bday

I am still one week behind in blogs....:P

Last weekend was a busy one...

We attended a Vietnamese wedding in San Jose... it was fun... very loud.. good food and great people..:) Dinner did start 2.5 hours late...... and the host were surprised everyone actually arrived on time....

On Sunday, we headed over to the Saw's home... Mun mun celebrated her third bday.... she has been growing quick! how time flies...:)

There was loads of food and we ate a whole bunch.. I make the Seri Muka dessert and I am glad everyone loved it..:) I could not find custard powder and tried to substitute with Lime Jello..... i thought the dessert tasted a bit sour, but everyone said it was fine... we ended up hanging out till 8pm and had dinner there as well.

Here are some pictures.... i had to work a bit during the party due to the highway collapse in Oakland... but that did not spoil the day...:)