Monday, January 25, 2010

Don't like it!

Yes, "don't like it" is Ryan's new phrase....

And he is very clear when he doens't like something; he yells DON'T LIKE IT.

So far, he doesn't like:

1. Water poured on his head during bathing time..
2. Spicy stuff
3. Tickling


He can also say "go work(pause), make money(pause), buy milk..... that's like a whole sentence...

Ohh, he also doesn't like freeways. When he wants to get out of his carseat, he says "no freeway" - asking us to get off the freeway so the car will stop and he can get off.

ohhh. and he says "I want go that way" and points to the road away from the house.... he doesnt like to go home and just loves to go out..
I am impress by his vocab and speech...New words show up and he can mix english and chinese and he remembers a bunch of stuff that we tell him.

Last week, Ryan started his basketball class. It's just a class that teaches the kids how to dribble the basketball. First class was good. He participated, listened to the teacher and played around.

oh, recently, Ryan can walk up the stairs without holding the sides of the stairs... kinda cool...:)

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