Monday, April 24, 2006

Another weekend of "What to Eat?"

Every weekend, Gordon and I have a hard time deciding what to eat.

On Saturday, we had a feast cos we went for a tea party and got our sugar kick. This was followed by take-away from a Malaysian restaurant! Super food! Chow Kuew Teow, Kangkung Belachan, Beef rendang, etc... It was good! and it came with sambal belachan that was even better....

On Sunday. that's when the hard decisions had to be made. At 11.45am, we still could not decide what to eat.. Gordon had so many suggestions like KFC, another Malaysian restaurant, Thai food, chicken waffles.. etc but I so could not decide what to eat. We ended up with Baja Fresh, which i have to says its one of the best buritos in town.

And than, we had to decide on dinner... ..... what a life!!!! Gordon suggested Jack in the Box (as you can see, he was all for fast food) and we thought we made the decision, but ended up walking over to Whole Foods and bought some bread, turkey, cheese and salami and we made sandwiches.

Do other people have such hard times finding what food to eat???? Maybe it's bcos I am lazy and I don't wanna cook!!


Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thursday Night

Whats everyone doing on a Thursday Night?

Deal or No Deal is on CNBC. I am just thinking how "un-educational" this TV show is. I learn nothing from it. If I watched like Friends or HGTV or E, I would at least gain some kind of knowledge, but with Deal or No Deal, what do I gain?

I don't know the answer but I think its an interesting question.

What's your favourite show? I think mine is OC for now. Maybe Desparate Housewives, but I am waiting for the season to end and getting the DVD. A DVD marathon is more fun than waiting for the show weekly. I also like Real World and House.

My homemade pasta dinner was SOOOOOO good......Gordon wanted to go out for Japanese food and I said I rather make pasta. You know why, cos I add Chilli powder to the sauce and make it SPICY!!!! Perfect for my taste buds...hahahhhahahah