Thursday, April 30, 2009

No doubt - It's a BOY!

ok, we did our 18 week ultrasound.. and confirmed that we are having another BOY!
Check out the ultrasound below....use your imagination..... no error here...
p/s : sorry about the rotated pics. There is a bug in the picasa loader and making my pics turn sideways...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Auction and good filipino food

On Sunday, Gordon wanted to check out an auction at San Mateo.

The auction were for homes in the Bay Area. This was a live auction and there was a guy in the front yelling numbers. Real cool and the homes were going for cheap!

After the auction, we had lunch! Gordon found this yummy Filipino place in San Bruno called Tribu Grill.. It was good! We ordered Sinigang with beef, bagoong rice and for dessert, we tried the Frozen Brazo De Mercedes. I have to say, the sinigang (it's like a tomyam soup) was the best.. and the dessert was huge, and since we could not take it to go, we had to eat it all up! Ryan got his share as well, and he loved it.

I think this place must be pretty authentic since the place was filled on a Sunday lunch with filipino people.

Since we had so much food, we had to check out a nearby park at San Bruno. It was a very new and toddler frenly park. Gave Ryan a chance to just walk/run around everywhere.

hehe. so, it was a fun weekend.

I hope that when we have both kids, we can still make these impromptu trips out to anywhere...:)

James and Mun-mun's bday

Saturday was a fun day as we headed over to James's home to celebrate James and Mun-mun's bday. James cooked up a very yummy bbq with ribs, chicken and super good prawns. Cheng Lin brought over Bucca di beppo food.
We ate way too much and the food was gone in a few minutes.:) The kids got a chance to play outside before it got too cold. The bubble machine was a hit.
Just before it got dark, the gambling session started. Mahjong and poker. Cheng Lin won mahjong and Rick (at the last minute) won poker. We thought James was going to win since he was the bday boy, but somehow, Rick's poker face won the game..:)

We did not stay late this time around, but I still put Ryan to bed around 8.15pm in one of the guest rooms (continueing to get his use to sleeping at different locations). He also seems to know when it is bedtime and wants to head upstairs around 8pm. I guess sleep is very important to my baby boy..:p
Oh, today, I asked Ryan where the 'little baby" is and he pointed to my tummy.... he is way too cute..:D

Vegas Videos

Here are some videos from Vegas.:)

The video below was taken on the way back from Vegas.

Check out Ryan's new word... He says UP when he wants to get UP or DOWN something..

Friday, April 24, 2009

Our fun Vegas trip!

ok, we are back from Vegas! and we did not win any money..;)

Pic above : we are waiting at SFO airport.
We decided to head over to Vegas again (we just went over for New Years) as Gordon’s parents have never been to Vegas!
This time, we found flight for $120 and decided to fly instead of doing the 8 hour drive one way. We stayed at the same hotel as the last time (Wyndham Grand Resort). This time, we found a 2 bedroom suite, for a total of $420 for three nights. What a deal..:) We like the suites as they have full kitchen, washer dryer and living room.
Gordon eating his dunkin donut on the way home
Our flight there was good. Both ways, Ryan sat in his own seat during take-off with the belt on. We gave him some books to read to keep him busy. About 10 minutes into the flights, he falls asleep, and we let him sleep between us… hah, did we time his naps right or what?  Anyways, he did not wake up until after we landed. No idea how he can sleep with all the landing noise and the bumpy landing; . Definitely made our jobs easier.

At Vegas, we rented a minivan for 40 bucks a day (another great deal!). Since Southwest allows free check-in luggage, we decided to bring out own car seat (save money and Ryan is used to his car seat).

We were at Vegas for three night and 4 days. We managed to eat the following:

Lunch buffets – Bellagio Brunch and Paris Lunch

- Bellagio brunch is better than Wynn’s brunch. Lots of food. Good variety.

- Paris lunch – we got some discount coupons from Tix 4 tonight, so we headed to Paris just before the start of the lunch time (11.00am). Basically, we ate lunch and paid breakfast prices minus 3 dollars. Lunch prices were $17.99, we paid $11.99. Buffet is so so only. I liked the crepes.

Ellis Island dinner
- We tried the $6.99 steak… not too bad, but we liked the $12.99 prime rib. The meal also comes with free home brewed root beer. Yums!

Earl Sandwich at Planet Hollywood – yummy hot sandwiches.

The rest of the meals were random ones like Pho, chipotle, sbarro..:)

The overall trip seemed kinda simple. It seemed like we spent more time in the hotel than at the strip. Everyone was tired with the heat and chasing a 15 month old around..:p

We did sit in for a timeshare talk by Marriot to get some tickets for the V Ultimate Show. The talk lasted 2.5 hours! And we were tired by the end of it. It did give us a good lesson on how timeshares work and how affordable they are.. good thing they were not able to sucker is into buying a timeshare... else, we would be headed back to vegas again every year!

Ryan with my FIL's sunglasses..:D
I did not watch any shows. MIL, FIL, Henry and Gordon watched the V show. Not recommended..:P

FIL, Henry and Gordon watch Cirque Mystere the next night and they really liked it. They got some discount tickets from Tix 4 tonight and scored some front row seats at Mystere. So cool!
Since Ryan sleeps early, we only made it to the strip at night one time.... but, we did get our picture with the New York NewYork signage.
Oh, I got a chance to take Ryan swimming and he loved it! He was upset to get out of the water..

Just before we got back on the plane to come home, we stopped by at the Las Vegas outlet and Ryan enjoyed the fire engine..:D
Definitely a fun trip. The flight time of 1 hour 10 minutes makes it even better... maybe we will head back again!
**** we also decided not to do the long trip to europe. it was not easy trying to keep a 15 month old happy all the time.... Ryan was more interested to run around and did not even want to sit still at any moment...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Las Vegas - Here we come!

We are off to Las Vegas again this weekend.

Gordon's parents has never been so, with cheap flights in place, we are flying there this time round.

I will put in a few quarters for everyone and hope I win big..;)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter and egg hunting

It was Easter last weekend, and over here, Easter egg hunts are a must.

Lily planned an event at her place; each couple had to bring about 10 eggs filled with things.

The kids loved the egg hunt. It was quick, but they were happy with the loot in each egg.
The guys decided to play touch football (good for them cos Gordon needed his exercise)
Lu Fun brought over some home-made "loong-yook". Yes, home-made and it was GOOD! She says she will start a business..:)
Below are some videos... Why did Helen knock Ryan over?!
I thought it was cute that Ryan was playing with Jon-jon

We ended up staying for dinner. Lily and lufun ordered some chinese food from Joy Luck restaurant.. and of course, we could not end the night without playing some mah-jong and some poker. We were all tired when we left at12.00am..:)