Friday, July 31, 2009

50% potty training success and 100% bottle weaning success

So, over the weekend, we decided to put potty train Ryan. Yes, it seems a little early to potty train but we want to give it a try before baby #2 comes along..:)

I have to say it was pretty successful, but only when Ryan has no clothes on (no diaper and no pants).

When he is not wearing anything, he goes over to the potty by himself (without reminder) to pee and poo. He will go even when he is busy reading or playing.

When he is all done, he will make me or Gordon clean the potty immediately and will complain when we don’t. hah!

So, now that he knows he can run around without clothes, he refuses to put on his diaper or underwear. He just shakes his head and says no no no. yikes! The only time he would put on something is when we say we are going out, or when he need to sit on his high chair (I guess it is not comfortable to sit on the high chair without pants)

Anyways, when he has a diaper on, or clothes on, he doesn’t remember to go to the potty or tell us and just pees in his diaper/clothes.

I think eventually he will learn to remember to tell us and give us time to remove his pants for him to pee.

And I hope he will want to wear underwear or pull-ups…..


As for bottle weaning, we had his 18 month check-up and I asked the doctor about the importance of taking him off the bottle and there are two reasons. One, tooth decay and two, he will get too attached to his bottle.

So, we started putting his milk in the thermos with a straw and he drinks his milk from it. We tried it during his 4 milk intakes (morning, mid-morning, afternoon and evening) and no issues. I guess Ryan is not attached to his bottle. He just wants milk!

Ahh... this is fun.:)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I am 18 months old a.k.a 1.5 years old

Big milestone

1. I am talking a lot more now. When I see something familiar, I will say the word. Sometimes, I say words and mummy has no clue what I am saying. I can even say butterfly..:)

2. I still love to go out. I don’t care who takes me out. I don’t mind saying bye bye to mummy if I get to go out with daddy.

3. Mummy is happy with me as I do not cry when she goes to work. I just go to the window and wave to her. I even help her find her bag to take to work.

4. Lately, I cry when I am at the babysitter’s door. Mummy tells me not to cry, but I still cry whenever I get there. My babysitter will offer me food and I stop crying..:)

5. I don’t like entering other people’s home. Mummy thinks it is bcos I am afraid they will leave me in the house. It is actually because I prefer to be outside and don’t want to be enclosed.

6. My favorite word is MESS. Whenever I take things out of the box, I would yell MESS and in the morning, when mummy comes downstairs, I will show her the MESS I made downstairs.

7. Summer is fun! I get to play with water. I love the San Ramon Central park as I get to play with water and sand. Mummy also bought me a Step 2 Water table and I am enjoying it.

8. I tell my parents when I am done poo-ing, so they will change my diaper. Recently, I sat on my potty and pretend to use it. When I was done, I pretend to press the wall, so I can flush my potty. I learned how to flush from watching mummy and daddy in their big potty.

9. Mummy and daddy take turns to put me to sleep. When mummy puts me to sleep, it takes longer, but I stay in bed and finally fall asleep. When daddy puts me to sleep, I try and get off the bed and try to open the door. The door does not open and I cry for about 3 minutes and then join daddy on the bed and go to sleep. I still wake up every night and walk quietly over to my parents room. They have to pick me up and put me back in my room and sleep with me.

10. My 18 month check-up is tomorrow. Mummy will post my growth numbers soon!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Ryan and his water table

We finally decided to buy Ryan the Step 2 Water Table...a couple of our frens have the same table and we have seen their kids play at the table for a long timeframe, so why not keep Ryan busy as well (urm, maybe it's more keep Ryan busy and keep us less busy..;))

Ryan loves the table. I guess just playing with water makes him super happy..hehehe..

So, on day 1, I said to Gordon," let's see how long before Ryan climbs on the table". I said it would take 5 days.. Gordon said it would take longer.

Day 2, Ryan climbs on the table.... boys will be boys, I guess...:P

I think Ryan and his baby brother are going to have loads of fun with this water table..:)

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Kaylyn’s 2nd bday, Tyler's third bday and Yao-yao’s full moon.

Last weekend, we attended Kaylyn’s 2nd bday party. The kids are growing up way too fast. Kaylyn has taken on singing as her hobby..:) She can sing up to 6 songs in Chinese. It was cute. Too bad I was not able to take a video of her, since she was a little shy.
Here is Ryan playing with Liam. I was teaching Ryan to share, and he wasn't too happy..;)
Rick and Helen bought two different kinds of cake for her. We joked that they will add an extra cake for each bday year…10 cakes on her 10th bday? Is that cool or what!
The following day, we headed over to Super Franks in Pleasanton for an impromptu 3rd bday for Tyler. It was impromptu as the mom (Sirintorn) was ordered to bed rest when she developed early contractions, and since she felt better, she planned a dinosaur themed party at Super Franks. The cup-cake dinosaur/dragon cake was cool! Sirintorn even had time to create party door gifts that included some dinosaur stuff in it. The party went well and Ryan and the other kids ran around playing..:)

After our party at Super Franks, we headed to Cheng Lin’s house to celebrate Yao-yao’s full moon. The Saw’s even rented a jumping house for the event and the kids had a great time jumping around. I think the heat got to everyone quickly, and everyone was trying to keep cool, by sitting around and no moving too much. I think the kids had the most fun, since they got to play with water and get themselves all wet.

It was a busy weekend....

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Happy Birthday to me..:)

Happy bday to me!
I celebrated my bday again this year ..;) (like every year).hehehe.. this year, we did not have a cake since 
I am trying to eat less sugar with this pregnancy.
My sis and hubby bought us Japanese dinner. Yums! We tried out a small japanese restaurant in Oakland called Geta sushi. This place is tiny! It fits like 15 customers..but we got a table for 4 and ordered our food.
Since my sis was paying, Gordon decided to order everything! Yah, what is a pregnant woman doing eating in a japanese restaurant with raw fish? hehehehe. Here is what he ordered....
Sashimi special
Tempura appetizer
Salmon bento box (for Ryan and my mom)
Spider roll, raw scallop roll, dragon roll
It was a lot of food for three adults and a toddler..:) but, we ate most of it up. Yums again! Thank you sis..hehehehe...check out the video..;)

Our family picture..:)
On my bday morning, we headed out for brunch at a breakfast place in Oakland (i think the name was Mama's breakfast place). Food was good again (thank goodness for yelp and the reviews).

Mummy and ryan with his cheeky smile

Bday celebrations are always fun. It is nice to spend it with family.:)

Oh and facebook is great too! I got so many wishes on facebook....heheheh.

Monday, July 06, 2009


Ryan has mastered the art of saying no.

When he doesn't want something, he says no-no-no and shakes his head left and right at the same time.

When I say, are you all done, he says no-no-no.

Wonder when he will learn to say yes-yes-yes