Sunday, December 25, 2011

Playing cars and trains!

Christmas present from my sis... kids love the noisy cars

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Playing trains in the toy room.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Cute post... Was videoing Ryan at his Chinese class..

As you can see, Dylan is also sitting in, and when Dylan coughed, Ryan patted his back. So sweet!

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

New house

After 7 years in our Seaview house, we finally moved into another house.
Here is the front of the house. It is a 2 level home, with 6 rooms, 4 bath and one bonus room. And, it has a three car garage with loads of storage!

Living room. It is missing a fireplace, and of course the big screen TV!

Kids in the bonus room. We decided to use this one as the master room.

Downstairs master room with a huge bathroom that we have no plans on using.

Backyard. The previous owner took the hot tub....

View from the kitchen. The neighbors in front of us used to have three horses... but, they are moving out, so no horses now...

View from the bonus room window. Did not put up pics of all the other rooms, since they are just rooms and bathrooms and were empty.

Moving was fun. Since we only moved three minutes away, Gordon took all the small items by himself and we hired movers for the big items. It only took 2 hours for the big items, including the beds, cupboards, coach, TV and dining table.

Within 5 days of receiving the keys, we were all moved in... woo-hoo!

We will miss you Seaview. Here is the boys on the last day of leaving Seaview.

Surprisingly, they adapted really well to the house move. We also tried to normalize stuff by making things look the same... which means, no new furniture and the kids beds remain the same. hehehe....

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy Halloween 2

We also made a trip to the pumpkin patch with Daran and Ethan.

We did not buy any pumpkins from here, but the kids sat on rides.
The same night, we headed over to Sodany's house for pumpkin carving. Angry Birds was the theme this year.

Happy Halloween

Better late than never.... I create the Halloween blog, but did not publish... so here are some pics from our party at Lily's house.

Dylan looks like Ryan over here...
There was a craft area where we could make halloween arts and crafts.
All the kids dressed up.

Adults had a chance to play chinese poker
Ryan all dressed up with accessories.... I think he does this cos we don't have accessories at home...
Ryan enjoying the crafts.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Dinner at Bodega Bistro

Nom nom nom. Had a date night with Gordon,Mei and Jeannie.

Salty egg crab, prawns with linguini, kobe beef. All yums especially the crabs since it is crab season.

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Friday, December 02, 2011


Ryan rehearsing his mandarin. Love how quick he picks up the words.

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Thursday, December 01, 2011


Using my phone camera to blog.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dylan talking.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Boys coloring

This is what the boys do in the evenings...

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Bday Gordon!

Happy Birthday Gordon!

Gordon's bday was on Thanksgiving day, so we headed to my in-laws house for the celebration.

Lots of food!

We made it to the park in the afternoon.

Our boys!

Testing out my phone that allows me to take pictures of myself....

It was a great 4 day weekend.

Dylan and his words

Yes, Dylan Kwan can now repeat whatever we say....

Some of his favourite words..

1. "bye bye house" when we leave the house
2. "see you later" when he is closing doors, which he insists on closing every door in the house all the time.
3. "ko-ko where" asking for Ryan all the time.
4. "nai nai please" when he wants milk... which is almost all the time! He just loves his milk.
5. "more please" especially when he wants more chips or candy.
6. "pop pop" aka lollipop of course.
7. "caillou" when he wants to watch TV.
8. "mummy, where are you" when he is looking for me!
9. "hold" when he wants to hold something. He could be in a store and wants to hold something and yells "hold, hold".
10. "book please" when he wants to read. He definitely wants to read two specific little people flip book when he uses the bathroom...

Above pics are how he smiles when we ask him to smile

He is very specific when he wants either Gordon or me. If he wants Gordon, he will say "daddy, no mummy" and when he wants me, he says "mummy, no daddy".

His favourite book is "I see a monster" and loves his trains and legos.

He loves to take off his shoes especially when we are out! which leads into a lot of tantrums, cos I would want him to wear his shoes and he would refuse. Even when I say I will put his shoes in the trash can, he will say OK and ask me to leave the shoes in the trash can (uh huh, imagine that battle).....Pic above is Dylan not wearing shoes while in a park... he was running.

He is the best in the mornings in bed. Lots of hugs, kisses, playing with my hair, pretending to sleep.

Pic after face painting. He wanted one that looked like Ryan's.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Ryan @ 3 years 9 months

Some fun facts:
1. He loves legos. He can spend hours on it if allowed....

2. He is well loved at pre-school. His teachers tells us he is very well behaved and is always willing to help the other kids.

3. He has lost interest in TV. He will watch if it is on, but seldom asks us to turn it on.

4. He can recognize is upper and lower case alphabets.

5. He can write his name minus the Y. He has a hard time with writing Y.

6. He can count to 100, minus the 30,40,50,60,70,80,90 and 100. He can count all the numbers in between :)

7. He started attending mandarin classes on Saturday mornings for one hour. He is quick to learn colors, animals, and fruits so far. Ethan and Daran are in this class as well, so he looks forward to the play time after class. Pic below was him and Ethan hanging out in Toys R Us after class.

8. Favorite foods : he seems adventurous with food. He likes sushi rolls, pasta, oat meal, tomatoes. He has asked us to buy him durian and loves it..:) Oh, he also love the sour plum and orange peel. I think he has my taste buds!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Dylan @ 2 years old

Here are some updates on Dylan @ 2 years old.

Dylan's 2 year old numbers:

Height : 2 ft 11.75 inches (88.12 percentile) (probably almost 6 ft at adult height)
Weight : 30 lb 6.4 oz (13.789 kg)
** His weight and height is about the same as Ryan at two years old**

Some fun facts:
1. He continues to follow Ryan in most stuff. This makes it easy for us, cos we can get Ryan to do stuff, and Dylan will follow.

2. He loves to play legos and train. He will ask us to build the tracks for him by saying "choo choo"

3. Favorite foods : pasta, yogurt, grapes. He usually eats about anything. When he is not hungry, he would keep food in his mouth until we remind him to chew.

4. He takes 0ne nap a day for 1.5 hours. At night he sleeps from 9.30pm to 6.30am. He is an easy sleeper at night. If we lie next to him, he falls asleep.

5. oh, about 3 times a week, he still wakes up around 6 and asks for milk! Yes... guess he does not eat enough all day.

6. He can tell us when he wants to pee and poo. He prefers not to tell us when he wants to pee, which means we have to ask him, or bribe him to pee. One day, he will get out of diapers!

7. He can say many words; so far, his three letter word is "where are you". He definitely can communicate with his single words.

8. His favorite show now is Caillou and Wiggles. He loves to come over and ask for Caillou all the time (tv addict!)

9. Did I mention how grouchy he can get? If he wants something, he will demand until he gets it. If he doesn't want something, he will say NO loudly, followed by a glare!

10. He loves reading. His favorite books are "Clifford and the rabbit" and "Fire fire".

11. Ryan and him can get into a argument with just one saying no and another saying yes... fun times!

12. He needs to hold something before he goes to bed... (just like Ryan!). When it is sleeping time, he would say "hold, hold" and would go around the room looking for something to hold in his hand...

Zoo with dylan

Playing Water

Video below was taken after he went to the doctor. He was saying he doesn't like to go to the doctor..:)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Ryan, Ethan, Daran and Dylan had their first sleepover in August 2011.

Gordon was going to Reno with his frens so I invited Sodany and the kids over for the sleepover.
We started around 5pm, allowing the kids to play and burn energy. They played ball outside.

Sodany made dinner - alfredo pasta with carrots and brocolli. 

They also played with rocks.

When it was sleeping time, the boys were excited to go to sleep on the same bed..:) Don't they look cute all ready for bed? They slept well. Dylan woke up the middle of the night, came out of the room and pointed to the room to tell me Ethan and Daran were there. He came over to my bed to sleep after that.

 In the morning, Sodany read them a book.

Below is a video of lunch with Ethan and Ryan. Daran left early since he had swim lessons.

Playing by the stairs. They definitely had fun!

Good buddies!
It was a very successful playdate. Everyone was very polite and there was no fighting. I don't think there was any crying too. Can't wait to have more sleepovers!