Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ee Ling's Bachelorette Party

On April 19th, I organized a bachelorette party for Ee Ling..:) Ee Ling is getting married on May 25 so we had to celebrate before she gets hitched.

We started the event by taking the Golden Gate ferry from San Francisco to Sausalito. Most of the guest decided to drive over to Sausalito, so there were only 6 of us who took the ferry. We made Ee Ling wear a tiara, a sash and hold a wand.

Lunch was at Horizons Restaurant in Sausalito. The outside area overlooks the water; very pretty.I made reservations for 15 to sit outside, but when i got there, they had me for table of 5 instead of 15..... so, we had to wait 1/2 hour to get out table.. I added some special napkins on the table and door gifts for everyone. The door gift consisted of ghirardelli chocs and Hershey nuggets covered with a sticker that thanked everyone for coming to the party.:)

To get the party going, all the guest wrote something they wanted ee ling to do.. Ee Ling had to go over to another table to get a phone number from a guy and she actually did it..:) and the guy gave his phone number.Ee ling was able to evade some of the questions, and now all of us want to know the answer to the question...:P She also evaded having to kiss the pole and do a 2 minute dance.. darn..

We also played the "getting to know ee ling game" and a word scramble game. As a special present to ee ling, i put together a photo scrapbook for her and everyone had a chance to write a special note to her.

The food at Horizons was pretty good. There were a total of 14 people and 6 people ordered the egg benedict with lobster..:) I ordered the seafood was yummy!

It was a fun event with a good turn out. Now, all of us can't wait for Ee ling's wedding in May...:)

Friday, April 25, 2008

Ryan growing up quickly...

Our boy is growing up so fast...Gordon and I were looking at pictures and videos when he was 1 month and he has changed SO much.... awww... he was tiny before and now, he seems so big!

We are still loving him, he continues to be super cute when he gives us multiple smiles..:)

Here are some videos of baby....

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Such nice weather.....

The weather this weekend was so nice! It was so warm that people were walking in shorts and t-shirt in San Francisco (very rare)

Here is Ryan taking his afternoon nap on Saturday in the heat.Check out his pink checks..:)

We also made our way to the Castro Valley park just to hang out with Ryan... we think Ryan liked it, but I think if we stayed home at our garden, he would not know the difference..;) It was nice to see all the other kids playing in the park and wondering when we can do the same with Ryan.

On Sunday, we started our day with brunch at Blackberry Bistro in Oakland. We shared a hot links omelette and caramel french toast with banana. The later was yummy...:)

After that, we headed into SF. I was amazed at the weather. The parks in the city were full. We stopped at Fillmore to walk around and I completed a secret shopper survey. It's this new thing I signed up for... where I secretly shop at locations and get paid for it..:P

After Fillmore, we headed to Chinatown to visit grandma. We also walked around Chinatown and ended up at Washington Square where there were load of people just enjoying the sun.

Our final stop was Taylor's Refresher in the Embarcadero to celebrate Gordon's dad's bday. They have really good burgers and sweet potato fries here. The guacamole jalapeno burger was good. Gordon's dad ate a whole burger, lots of onion rings and drank a pistachio milkshake. He really loves american food.....:)

Saturday, April 12, 2008


96 days after giving birth to Ryan... here are my thoughts..

1. Baby? - Now that I am back to work, I have to actually step back and remind myself that I now have a baby. It is interesting to call myself a mummy. Gordon and I sit back and say "wow, we have a baby". Life has not changed that much even with Ryan around. We love playing with him and taking care of him..:)

2. Sleep - yeah, what 8 hours sleep? The good thing is, Ryan is sleeping through the night, so I get more sleep. I do wake up to pump, to keep the milk supply up.

3. Milk, milk, milk - breastfeeding has been interesting. I am obsess about ensuring baby gets enough milk.... I am pumping at work twice a day and I try and pump every 3-4 hours if Ryan is sleeping.....My milk supply did drop when I went back to work so it will be interesting to see how long I can last with breastfeeding.

4. Weight - ahh... with all the breastfeeding and pumping, I am "almost" back to my pre-pregnancy weight! No secret special diets or pills.......I have to admit that I am eating more chocolate than ever! bad.... but, after a long day.. chocolate really helps.:) I am still trying to figure out how to get rid of the excessive tummy and how to improve my back. My back aches a lot more now that I have Ryan.

5. Social life - I think our social life has actually got better! It is so much easier to meet people now that we have a baby. There are a lot of playgroups and mom's groups. Since Ryan is still young, it is harder to set up any playgroups, but I am sure when he gets older, I will be hanging out with more moms and babies.

6. $$ - Definitely spending more money... on TOYS! Gordon complains that Ryan's current toys are boring... so I have been buying more toys..:P Every toy seems fun and educational...our house is so much more cluttered now with all the toys everywhere! Good thing we are saving money on milk for now.......We also have to pay Ryan's babysitter, but it seems to be a fair amount..

7. Love life - hmm... what can I say here.............our love life seems to be the same...I think we are not as lovey dovey as we were when we initially got married, but we are still communicating well and taking care of each other.:)

8. More kids? - Yes, please.......................
Here are some random pics..


I guess it is a trend...

Ryan slept from 8pm to 6.30am last night!


I don't think he sleeps at the baby-sitter's house..:P

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Red Alert!

Ryan slept from 8pm to 6am last night!!
The night before he slept from 8pm to 5am...
Is this going to be a trend??
Stay tune to find out......

Sunday, April 06, 2008

I am three months old!

Wow, I am three months old already! How time flies..

I am getting bigger and bigger everyday. I think I am almost 16 pounds (mummy hasn't weight me in a long time..)

I have been hearing a lot of "he's so cute" lately.... and it is my daddy who keeps saying it.....Daddy thinks I am the cutest little baby. Isn't that sweet?


I still eat 4 hours in the day time, starting around 7am, 11am, 3pm, 7pm and 2am. I drink about 6 ounces each time. My record is drinking 5 ounces in 2 minutes..:P

I can play more now and can smile when people make me happy..:) I love looking at daddy. I think he looks funny and big. When I see him, I can laugh and smile. He also does a good job reading books to be everyday before bath time. I like hearing his loud voice. He also does a good job rocking me back to sleep when I wake up at night.

My tummy is getting better although I still complain when I have gas in my tummy and it makes me fart a lot.

I am holding up my head better and mummy has got me a Bumbo chair and a Jumperoo. I like the jumperoo and think I will be playing with it for many years. Here is me in the Jumperoo..
Oh, I started homecare with Mrs Yan. So far, I am enjoying it as there is a three year old girl there and baby Charlie to play with me. I eat and sleep well there and I don't fuss before I nap when I am at Mrs Yan's house. When I am at home, I like to bully mummy by not sleeping and being grumpy.:P

To celebrate my 3 month birthday, mummy and daddy went to Chef India in Pleasanton for indian buffet lunch and then we headed to Picture Perfect to take some family shots. Here are three nice ones..:)

Mummy has been talking to me about siblings. She wants to have more babies but daddy and I have been telling her she has to wait. I don't want to share mummy and daddy with anyone else...:) maybe in a few years, I won't mind a sibling to play with.

Here is a pic of me in a set of clothes made by Aunty Miki who live in Phoenix. I have to wear it before I outgrow it..:)

Till next time, bye for now..

Thursday, April 03, 2008

For those who like watching home-made videos..

:) Here are a couple from the last few weeks... enjoy..:)

Ryan playing with toy puppy

Chomping his hands

So cute in red..

Ryan playing with buttons

Another video with no clothes

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Ryan and homecare

I will be going back to work on April 9.

The initial plan was for Gordon's mom to take care of Ryan for two days, and our friend, Lu Fun to take care of him for three days. However, Lu Fun informed us that her schedule is too hectic so we decided to check out our alternatives.

Our fren, Yvonne told us about Mrs Yan who lives in Castro Valley. She currently takes care of two other kids; baby Charlie who is about the same age as Ryan and a three year old girl. We liked Mrs Yan, as she has taken care of several kids before and she speaks mandarin and cantonese.

So far, we took Ryan over once and we hope to stick with her. Gordon's mom will still take care of Ryan for two days.

Here is a pic of Ryan and Mrs Yan on his first day at her home.

Our boy seems pretty adaptable at this time...:)

Ryan's Red Egg and Ginger Party.

Last Saturday, we celebrated Ryan's Full Moon... Here, we call it the Red Egg and Ginger party..:)

My friend Ee Ling says we should be celebrating Ryan's two and the half full moons.... We were suppose to celebrate this event one month after Ryan was born..:)

Anyways, the celebration was at Lucky River Restaurant in San Francisco. We were able to book the upstairs and we were the only customers upstairs. We had 5 tables..

Ryan was dressed up in a red set of clothes (bought by his Uncle Soon Jin..) We liked it; suited the occasion.

The event was mostly about everyone getting to meet Ryan and for us to see friends. He was well-behaved after taking a little nap. He allowed everyone to carry him :D

The meal was good; we had about 8 dishes with lots of leftovers.

We also had a cake for him and door gifts for everyone.

Our guest were very nice. Some of them brought toys and clothes and others gave Ryan red packets with generous cash amounts. We plan to put the money in Ryan's bank account..:)

Here are some group pictures:

Thank you everyone for coming..:)