Monday, October 30, 2006

We are back from our vacation....

After 11 days, 46 hours of plane rides, 16 hours of bus rides, 8 airline meals, 4 massages and a lot of eating.... we are back.

Our journey started with us flying out from SFO via China Airlines. Tip to everyone, China Airlines doesn't have individual TV's on each seat, so even if it's cheap, pay a bit more and sit Eva, Cathay, SIA, etc...:). Total flight time was 18 hours.

Our arrival to KL was greeted with coffee shop food. We ate Prawn mee, char kuew teow, curry laksa and rojak. After that we went home, rested and headed out for our 1 hour massages. This is a full body massage for about 8 USD..:)

Since we had little time in KL, our first dinner was at Fatty Crab with family and frens (adeline and philip). Fatty Crab has this sweet and sour sauce that is SO SO good. If you ever go there, remember to ask for extra sauce. We got two extra bowls of sauce and ate it with bread. YUM!

Dinner was followed by dessert at Chef Long in SS2. They had some good hot desserts.

Did not sleep much cos the Flight to Nepal was at 7.30am and we had to get on airport limo at 4.30am.... our flight left late and had to stopover in Singapore. Total flight time was 7 hours.

ok ok, my next blog will be about Nepal. I will finish this blog with what I ate after coming back from Nepal..:)

Friday Brunch - O&S Coffee Shop.
Friday Dinner - Ang Kee Restaurant. Ate fatty pork, chicken, fish

Saturday Breakfast - Jaipur Curry House. Ate Roti Canai..
Saturday Lunch - Noodles with Prawn Petai
Saturday Dinner - Ang Kee Restaurant. Had Big prawn noodle, black noodle, Buddha Jump over the wall soup

Sunday Brunch - Pan Mee in KL....

KL is so much fun for eating,...:) Was able to hit 1 Utama for shopping and was able to go to another massage on Friday as well....