Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rainy day videos.

Here are the videos of the kids playing..:)

Dylan's new thing.... yelling!!

The boys on a rainy Sunday.

It was raining last Sunday, so we stayed home and chilled. Here are the boys "chilling".

Dylan playing in his exersaucer..

Boys after their bath.

Boys playing with Dylan's toys.
Picture moment with the boys.

Ryan attacking Dylan's crib. jumping up and down!

Gordon and Ryan

It's Thursday night @ 9pm and the kids are asleep!

tonight, Gordon headed out for a basketball game at 7pm. I told Ryan ahead of time that Gordon is heading out to watch basketball with his friend. When Gordon left, Ryan said bye-bye.

Two minutes later, he said "I want to watch basketball".

Later in the night, Ryan cried twice cos he missed daddy. Poor kid. When we mention daddy, he had tears in his eyes.

It is amazing how attached he is to Gordon.

If I take him to sleep, he would want to find Gordon to come sleep with us. However, if Gordon takes him to bed and I tell him I have something to do, he would let Gordon put him to sleep.

When I go to work, he happily says bye bye to me, cos he knows Gordon is at home.

I am glad to see all the "hanging out" with Gordon has made Ryan super attached to Gordon..:) Yes, the hanging out at Starbucks, Ross, Safeway, Trader joes especially on weekend mornings..hehehhe

and Gordon taking Ryan for his basketball classes, and of course, Gordon sleeping with Ryan every single night..:)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gong xi Gong xi

The year of the tiger has arrived. ROAR!

CNY this year was on a Sunday so Helen gladly opened her house for a Saturday event.

Check out all the food above.

Eeling bought food from a chinese place in Bekerley. The food included peking duck, dumplings, seafood vege, noodles. Eeling made some oyster special, I made the yee sang and Sook Yee did the fish dish. Below is the fish in preparation (lufun made it look pretty). Oh, Rick bought the shrimp balls and spring rolls. Helen fried the taro and lobak. Lily made the rice cake. All the food was extremely yummy. Too bad I was too full to even eat most of it (because I was too busy eating the yee sang that I made!)

Woo-hoo. Yee sang mixing below..:)
 Pics with the gals.... eeling says "we are like sister-in-laws" and we enjoy hanging out with each other..hahhaha!

This year, we promised to stay up till 12am at Helen's house. The kids had a blast playing all night! Ryan and Dylan were sleeping by 10 (on the sofa). Kaylyn was down by 12. Jaden, jon-jon, and alissa stayed up until like 3am! Gordon and I went home around 1.30am so we were not sure how late the kids stayed up..:) The time was spend checking out Rick's new TV and sound system, playing mahjong, playing poker and just chatting away.
 Picture above of Dylan and Yao-yao. Yao-yao is like 8 months and Dylan is 5 and they are around the same size! His feet are as big as hers..hehhe.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Will try to find a pic of Ryan and Dylan together. They had matching tops!


Monday, February 15, 2010

Dylan chitty chatty and sleep.

Here is a video of Dylan in his chatty mood...

Here is one with him going to sleep. He likes to be between pillows and take his pacifier..yes... we move the pillows away after he falls asleep..z z z z z

Oh, i should blog about the great pacifier. At least i will remember it when I try and wean him off it ..;)

Dylan just loves his pacifier for sleeping. If he super sleepy, put him on the bed between two pillows, put the pacifier in his mouth and he is off to bed.

In the car, if he cries, put the pacifier in his mouth and he stops..

When he wakes up at night and is not hungry, put the pacifier in his mouth and he goes back to sleep.

pacifier = mummy's fren..:)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


More updates on Ryan's talking...

When something is missing, here is the conversation between mummy and Ryan:

Me: Where is X item?
Ryan: Missing
Me: Daddy took it?
Ryan: Daddy throw.
Me: Where did Daddy throw it?
Ryan: In garden.
Me: Tell Daddy not to throw X item.

It is the same conversation for anything that goes missing in the house....

He also is starting the randomly use the word "because". When I ask "what" or "why", he responds with "because". So random...

Talking is so much fun, since he can actually tell us what he wants and not just whine.

And of course, when he doesn't want to eat anymore (cos he doesn't like the food), he will say "pou-pou", which means "full" in chinese.....and not eat.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

He turned

yes, I am excited cos Dylan turn from his tummy to his back on Jan 30..:)

Here is the turning video...

He is also so much more smiley and coo-ee now...

and I looked the videos today and he looks chubby. Guess he is just growing and growing with all the milk he eats.