Friday, December 25, 2009

Sunday, December 13, 2009


My thoughts on Dylan's sleeping habits during the night:

Waking every 2 hours, I said "yikes, i forgot babies wake every two hours to eat".

Waking every 4 hours, I said "much better, but can u sleep longer?"

Waking every 6 hours, I said "ahh, much better, but can u sleep for 8 hours?"

Waking every 8 hours, I said "wow, my baby is sleeping thru the night"

Waking every 12 hours (this happened twice so far), I said "wow, 13 hours can ah?"

Am I spoilt or what?

Nowadays, he can sleep 4-6-8 hours, depending on his mood.

And you know.. the only reason he doesn't  sleep through the night, is because I don't feed him enough in the day and I let him sleep too much in the day.

I am such a spoilt and demanding mother!

Saturday, December 05, 2009

All is quiet...

It's Saturday night and Gordon is out watching a basketball game with Ken.

Both kids are asleep and it is only 8.15pm..:) woo-hooo!

I truly have such great kids. Dylan loves to sleep and Ryan is so sweet.

While feeding Ryan dinner, we were disturbed several times with Dylan waking up and crying. Ryan waited patiently as I went over to comfort Dylan. When I was putting Ryan to sleep at 8pm, Dylan woke again and I told Ryan to wait while I checked out Dylan, and again, Ryan waited patiently.

I would think Ryan would throw a fuss since it was sleeping time, but he did not. Such a good boy.:)

In other news.... Dylan has not pooped in SEVEN days... and last night, he slept from 9pm to 6.30am. He did wake up several times due to gas in his tummy and searching for his pacifier.. but he did not ask to eat.. so I did not feed...

We have to see about tonight... yesterday, MIL was taking care of Dylan and he refused to sleep. Maybe that's why he slept so well last night..hehehehehe..