Monday, June 22, 2009

I am 17 months old

Boo-it's me again!

I have been busy cos my ku-poh and po-po are visiting. I love it when we have guest, cos I get to go out! Below are some pics from my first trip to Monterey...

Below is a picture of me when mummy says to smile. I like to show my teeth when I smile..:)

I just turned 17 months old. I love that I can communicate with everyone now. I can say many words now. The ones that surprise my mom are the three syllable ones... like - camera and apricot. I also say random words like belt, bip, bag, and cough-cough... mummy gets sooo surprise when I say these words. I can also pretend to cough and pretend to cry when mummy tells me too.

The picture above is me pointing out the cookies. We walked into the Rocky Mountain shop and there were so many cookies. I could not take my eyes off them! I kept pointing to them but no one bought me any.....
I know who I can bully now... I bully my grandpa when I am with him. I make him take me out, and if he doesn't, I start to cry. I also know how to get symphathy from him... like I would show him my bruises many times, so he will be symphathetic.

I have a boo-boo on my head. Below is a picture of me without the boo-boo.....

Here I am with my boo-boo

Here I am with an additional plaster on my boo-boo cos Ethan at daycare hit his head of mine and caused the boo-boo to bleed again.... I like the additional "patch" and think it looks super cool on my head.

I learned to dislike doctor's after my experience in the ER. When I see the themometer, I start crying.

I am more picky with my food now. If I am hungry, I would eat anything, but if I am semi-full, I would take only a few bites of the food and say no-no-no and shake my head left and right. However, if I get fruits like apricots, I will eat them all up. I just love fruits.

Friday, June 19, 2009

My aunt in town.

My aunt (Ku-cha) was in town the last two weeks. She is my dad’s younger sister.
It was nice to have an extra visitor with my mom this time around. Gordon and I took two days off and we did some usual sight-seeing…
Since my aunt has never been to SF before, sight-seeing was easy. We checked out some usual places – Tiburon, Sausalito, Monterey, 17 mile drive and all of San Francisco (including Twin Peaks, Coit Tower, GG bridge, Pacific Heights)
Since my mom is a season Bay Area traveler, my aunt and her took BART from Castro Valley to SF and walked around. They were able to see downtown Union Square, Fisherman’s Wharf and Chinatown on their own.

My aunt loved the shopping and the retail therapy. She loved just walking around Nordstrom and Bloomingdales; and loved Marshalls and Ross ..;D We also hit Gilroy twice and she found a great place to buy OPI nail polish. (supposedly much much cheaper than Malaysia)

We also ate lots of good food! We tried a bbq place in Oakland (Everett and Jones) and had our dim-sum at Koi Garden and meals at many many places including Koi Palace, Korea House, The Fishhopper in Monterey, and others. My aunt also cooked on some days (her pork ribs were yums!)

Best of all, I got my mah-jong therapy! Most nights, after Ryan slept, we sat down and played several rounds of mah-jong! It was so much fun (I guess when there is mah-jong, I don’t feel tired *Hehehehe*)
Oh, Ryan loved having guest in the house as well. He warmed up pretty quickly and preferred my aunt to carry him than me! Hah, I think it is because she will take him out when she carries him and he loves to be out..:) He also did not have any issues letting her sleep in his room. He knew that she was in his room in the morning and did not ask to go in.

Here is a video of Ryan with his Ku-poh

My aunt enjoyed herself her. She hopes to come back.... and we hope she will come back and visit us again!!!!


Monday, June 15, 2009

Airplane, Bus, Truck!

Ryan has been very alert and chatty lately.

Since my aunt and mom are visiting, we have been on the road a lot and he is loving it.

He has also learned to yell out when he sees an airplane, bus, truck or train.

Yah, when I say yell, I mean, we are all quiet in the car, and suddenly, Ryan yells BUS. It can be any kind of bus; the yellow school bus, the MUNI bus, the tour bus.

It is the same with trucks. He sees one and yells TRUCK. He yells truck for a tractor as well.

He can even recognize an airplane in the sky at night and yells AIRPLANE.

It is pretty cool except when we think he is about to nap and he sees one of these vehicles and yells…hehehheee.

I have to say that his eyes are super sharp. He sees vehicles that are far away, and some that even I do not notice until he yells it out.

I am glad he doesn’t yell CAR when he sees each one..:)

Friday, June 12, 2009


Sob sob… my little baby got a boo-boo on his head!

He has just finished his bath and was walking to the room with his towel around him. I was right behind him and holding him as he walked, and just as I was about to lift him up to his bed to get dresses, he tripped and knocked his head on the bottom corner of the table!!

Sigh.. he cried and it was bleeding. The bleeding stopped quickly, but we knew he needed some doctor’s attention, so, we went off to the ER.

As first time parents bringing a kid to the ER, we did the most logical thing.. we headed to the nearest ER, Eden Hospital…. As Ryan was looked at by the triange nurse, we figured that our insurance (Kaiser) was not going to cover the cost… (unless it is a real ER issue, or a breathing issue, Kaiser would always prefer patients to go back to the own Kaiser Hospital unless the Kaiser is > 4.5 miles from your location). So, we bailed on Eden Hospital and headed to Kaiser Hayward.

Ryan was not in much pain. He was given a popsicle at Eden so he was happy and he even took a nap on the way to Kaiser Hayward.

Kaiser was great. We figured Ryan’s injury was not that bad as we were not priority in the ER room. There were other patients ahead of us as we waited and Ryan had a cheese sandwich (the Eden nurse put a band aid on his head).Ryan totally did not like it when the nurse tried to take his blood pressure and his heartbeat.

The chief doctor did not give him any stitches but put on the special tape to hold the wound together. The hard part was of course getting Ryan to lie still while the doctor worked on his, but the chief doctor was great.

So, today, Ryan has the special tape on his head. I like it, cos it covers the wound and I really don’t want the tape the come off, cos I don’t want to see the damage! Every time I close my eyes, I see the wound ..:( Extremely traumatic experience for the parents and worst still, he was right next to us when it happened. *sigh*

Ryan does not seem to be in pain and he hasn’t really tried to touch the special tape.

Gordon calls this a freak accident… but I am scared to have anymore accidents. My poor baby!

Good news is that the doctor says the scar should recover in 2-3 years……..

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Yummy brunch at the Manns

On Memorial day weekend, we headed to Timmy and Sirintorn's place for brunch. The Wongs were there as well.

On the menu - fruits, waffles, stratta, apple pancake and lemon bars

the food was yums. I totally overate.:)

The kids played and it was nice to see Ryan running with Claire and Tyler!