Monday, September 24, 2007

My husband and the pomegranate...

Gordon has been taking some effort to try out different stuff when he goes shopping at Oakland Chinatown. He usually walks over to Chinatown after work and buys some vegetables, fruits, fish etc.

Today he came home with two pomegranate fruits and a 1 pound fish that cost 12 bucks (don't ask me why he bought a 12 bucks fish; but I think he wanted me to eat good fish for the baby..:D)

Anyways, when we were done with dinner, I started washing the dishes (i usually don't wash the dishes, but today, I felt like helping.. hehehee) So, while I was washing dishes, Gordon said he would try the pomegranate and see what it taste like. So far, we only had pomegranate juice and we know that the juice is expensive.

Gordon starts with a knive and cuts the fruit in half. He looks at it and then starts throwing the seeds in the sink. When he did that I was like "what are you doing?!?!?!" and he thought I was asking because I did not like him to put stuff in the sink, so, he moved towards the trash can... and I was like "what are you doing?!?!?!... you are throwing away the good stuff"....

He looked at me and was surprised!!!! My dear husband thought the pomegranate was like a honeydew or papaya, where you cut the fruit in half and scrap away the seeds.... it was SOOO funnnny....:)

He tried a few pomegranate seeds, crunched on the seeds and did not believe me, so he turned on the laptop and checked online to see if what I said was true....of course, he found the right way to open a pomegranate and how to eat the fruit (he was suppose to spit the seeds out.....)

This was also my first time eating fresh pomegranate. I kinda like it but maybe Gordon will never buy it again....:P

.....just imagine if I was not in the kitchen and Gordon was opening the pomegranate.... he would have thrown away every single seed and realize there is nothing left of the fruit.........

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Baseball game and dinner...

Gordon's cousin, Eugene invited us to watch a baseball game on Sunday. It was at the Pac Bell park with the Giants playing against the Dodgers.

Baseball games are always fun... not so much the game itself, but just the hanging out, walking around the stadium (this is one of the nicest stadium witha very nice view). Eugene and Ivy insisted with take a lot of pictures before our baby comes, so we stopped a lot just to snap pictures....

The highlights of the game was thatthe Giants won...:) and of course, I got my garlic fries... yum yum yum.

After the game, we headed over to Thirsty Bear. This is a tapas place. Gordon got the idea that tapas dishes were small dishes and he ordered the following:

Organic figs salad, spanish meatballs, ceviche (mixed seafood),fried calamari

Braised short rib, grilled hanger steak skewers, pork tenderloin and sofrito rice

He had to try everything.....:P Good thing everyone was hungry enough to finish the food.

We had chocolate oozing cake and pineapple ginger grahm cake..... we were super full when we were done.

As always, it was fun hanging out with Eugene and Ivy..:)