Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Here are some meals we had recently..:)

We tried out Kopitiam in Lafayette. This place is a singapore restaurant that is famous for it's organic chicken rice.

We tried the chicken rice, fried kueh teow and otak otak. Not impressed with all three dishes. The kueh teow was sweeet, since it was singaporean style.

Over the memorial day weekend, we got a chance to meet up with Anastasia and Percy for dinner with some of their frens. Dinner was at North Beach in San Francisco at at E' Tutto Qua' in San Francisco's North Beach (Little Italy). The atmosphere at the restaurant was nice and even the waiters spoke italian (very european feeling). The appetizer scallops were so yum! Gordon ordered the squid ink pasta and I ordered the prawns and baby scallops pasta. The pastas were great.. We did not bring Ryan with us, so we were out later and even had gelato from Naia for dessert..:)

Above is a pic of Ryan when we had dessert in SF. He was trying out the sesame paste dessert..:)

ok, ok, we did make some effort to cook something recently. We tried out an egg, sausage with bread dish. I liked it, but I think Ryan thought it was a big salty with the sausages..:)

Our trip to Super Franks

A couple of weekends back, it was super hot and we needed to get out of the sun.

So, we made a trip to Super Franks in Pleasanton. It is an indoor play place for kids. They have a deal called the Taught town, and kids can play in the play area from 4-7.30pm. Check out the videos..

Super Franks even had singing time.... it was like pre-school for Ryan.

We even ordered the spaghetti and meatballs for Ryan's dinner and fed him dinner around 7pm. By 7.30pn, even Ryan was ready to go home... and of course he fell asleep in the car..:)

Here is another video of Ryan eating ice cream at my in-laws house.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's a story about MILK

This is a story about Ryan and his milk...

Ryan drinks about 30 ounces of milk daily, over 4 times a day (morning, mid-morning, afternoon, night). We had scheduled times to give him the milk, so when he sees his milk bottle, he would head over and get the pillow and lay there waiting while we bring the milk.

In the morning, he would wake up and look towards the table for his milk and when he doesn't see the milk in his room, he would go over to our room and check to see if his milk is there. When he sees the milk, he gets all excited and climbs up the bed to the pillow.

About a week ago, we decided to remove his night milk before bedtime, since it is better on the teeth, and sometimes, he overeats and ends up throwing up the milk.

The impact : he takes about 30 minutes to sleep, instead of the 10-15 minutes....

This worked great... until, he learned to say milk in chinese (nai-nai) about 3 days back.... so, when it is time to sleep, he goes "nai-nai"....! and we ignore him, cos we don't want to give him milk... after a few times, he forgets about the milk and tries to sleep instead.

In the morning, he wakes up, and says "nai-nai", and if it is too early (like 5am), we ignore him and he goes back to sleep.

It is funny! But, last night I felt bad, cos he asked for milk but i did not give it to him... wonder if he was hungry in the night.......

Friday, May 22, 2009

Ryan is such a helper

Ryan has such a good understanding of words and sentences nowadays. When I mention something, he will pick it up and do what I say...

some examples..:)

1. I can ask him to get the diapers, cream and wipes and he will get it.

2. I can ask him to throw his diapers or any trash in the trash can, and he will do it. He even picks up the little threads on the ground, or any small dirt and into the trash can it goes.

3. In the morning, I will say I want to eat cereal, and he would head to the refrigerator and pull on the door to the get the milk for me. After I pour the milk, he would head over to the leather chair and wait for me to feed him some cereal as well!

4. After he drinks his water, I ask him to put his cup on the table and he does it.

5. In the morning, he can get his bip and socks from the box for me.

6. Ryan's favourite : When I say, "bring me your shoes". He knows it is time to go out!

7. When he wants to eat something, he sits down quickly, cos he knows that when he sits down, he gets the food.

8. Oh, when I am done bathing and I say "where is my towel", he will bring my towel over to me! It is super cute!!! (yah, my son sits outside my shower door and tries to read a book while I bath..;))

9. Ryan will even put the dirty clothes in the laundry basket for us! Can you tell that we are totally not doing anything since our little helper is so helpful ..;)

10. Best of all, when I say "love mummy", he will take his hand and stroke my face gently.... cute-lah!
Yes, there are many times when I ask him to do something and he gives me the wide-eye look and wonders what I am saying.....

And yes, there are times when I asked him to do something and he totally ignores me..:P I should be happy he is helping out now!!

Oh, Ryan saw the playmat the other day and wanted to play with it, so we brought it down and he played... check out the difference in the pictures.. one was taken at 2 months and the other at 16 months..

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I am 16 months old!

Hi world! I am 16 months old now. I am totally enjoying life. I can do so many things now!
1. My favorite is still to go out. I so love being outside that my parents are afraid to walk near the door as they know I will ask them to open the door and let me out! Wait till I figure out how to open the front door....:)
2. I can now turn stuff.... which means, I can open bottles are cream (turn to open) and I can open mummy's room door! yippee...
3. I still love my milk. If I see milk, I get excited and find my pillow so I can lie down and drink.
4. I learned to throw tantrums. So far, I have thrown two majors ones. It was nap time at both times and I wanted to go outside, and when my parents said no, I started crying and lying on the ground. After 10 minutes, I get tired and fall asleep on the carpet. My parents ignored me during the 10 minutes. When I wake up, I was happy again.
5. My babysitter tells my parents that I am a good boy. When she tells me to sleep, I will lie on the pillow and sleep and Ethan (the other kid) follows along and we go to sleep together.

6. I am getting picky with my food. I will eat a few bites of the initial food but if I don't like it, I will stop. If the food is super tasty (like restaurant food), I will eat a lot. I don't mind if the food are veges, meat, egg, tofu. They are all yums. I do like cookies and if daddy is eating an oreo cooking, I will chase after him to get a bite. I can feed myself too!
7. I can say the following words : Up, Down, Mummy, Daddy, Mama (grandma), Yeye (Grandpa), Baby.. If mummy says to say something, like Thank You, I can make a sound like Thank you... :)
8.I know how to be naughty now. When mummy/daddy wants to put on clothes on me, I walk away very fast so they cannot get me. I also don't like to put on my diaper or change my diaper. I like to climb and throw stuff, and even when my parents tell me to stop, I will still do it..
9. I know how to make a "sorry" sound. Check out the video... When my parents tell me to say "sorry", i will make that sound....

10. The other day, I made mummy cry, cos I scratched out  a scab from her leg. It started bleeding and the blood kept coming out. I was SO shocked and I sat there and had a very very sad face. I did not know what to do until daddy came and gave mummy a band-aid. I will try not to make mummy cry again, cos I love her *love love*
In June, my grandma (po-po) and aunt are coming! How exciting!

Will blog more when I turn older..:)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

SF Zoo

On Mother's Day, entrance to SF Zoo was free! So, we took the opportunity to take Ryan to see some animals.
Since parking was a hassle, i dropped of my FIL, Gordon and Ryan and headed to the mall... I came back about 45 minutes later, found parking closeby and joined them..:)
While I was shopping, you can see from the pics that my FIL was carrying Ryan all the does he do it? Ryan is SOO heavy!
Ryan seemed to like the zoo..I don't think he truely understands what is going on... he preferred to walk around on his own and play at the childrens' play area.....
It was a fun mother's day!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ryan's 15 month numbers

We took Ryan in for his 15 month check up on 5/4/09. He was about 15 months three weeks.

Here are the numbers…
Weight : 26 pounds 8 ounce (73 percentile)
Height : 33.5 inches (93 percentile)
Head circumference : 19.49” inches (95 percentile)

Compared to his last visit in early Feb, all his numbers are up..:)

Oh, he got his immunizations and did he yell..hehehehehehe

Thursday, May 07, 2009


Pic of Ryan with his cool sandals.. he loves it!

Some random videos of Ryan at class....

He started having this look on his face when he holds his jaw in a diferent position... kinda cute..;)