Monday, September 28, 2009

Some Dylan videos..:)

Big Brother Ryan

I am sure everyone wants to know how Ryan is doing since Dylan entered the world..:)

Ryan is doing GREAT! He knows that the baby is not in my tummy anymore and he is excited to see baby. He has been giving Dylan many kisses and trying to touch his hands, legs, hair, etc.

In the morning, when he wakes up, he says "baby" and goes towards the crib to see Dylan.

It is super cute! He has yet to show any signs of jealousy and regression towards anything.. so we are happy.

He has even seen me feeding baby and just comes over and kisses baby. Dylan also has been sleeping a lot, so Ryan just knows he is in the crib sleeping.

Last night, I let Dylan sleep in the crib in Ryan's room instead of the bassinet. When Dylan cried, Ryan did not stir. I think it would be ok to put them in the same room moving forward. It gives me a better night sleep too, since I do not hear the little sounds that Dylan makes and wakes me up each time..:)

Ryan also helps with the diaper throwing and getting stuff for me for baby...he will definitely be a great big brother!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We had to stay five days in the hospital due to Dylan's jaundice (Ryan had to stay four days).

Since my hospital stay had to be extended, the hospital put me on "border" status, which means, I am officially checked out, but still have a room so I can stay over and feed baby. I had my own room for the first 3 nights and was moved to a double room. My roommate had a baby at 38 months, but her baby was only 4 pounds and had to go into the ICU.:(

It was nice to get home on Day 5. Dylan is loving his crib and the nice warm weather.

Today is Dylan's Day 7. We went back to the hospital yesterday to take another blood test and his biribulin was up again! So, we have to go back on Sunday to take one more test just to make sure. Dylan is now sun-bathing in his crib, to help with the jaundice.

Above is a pic of Gordon and Ryan when they came over to visit me at the hospital. They took over the bed for  an afternoon nap... z z z z

Kaiser started this new thingy where they give a "celebration meal" for the new parents.... here is a pic of the meal.... not too exciting and too much coordination needed cos both parents would need to be there to eat the food. In my case, Gordon was in the city with Ryan, so I had the "celebration meal" on my own. I kept Gordon's share in the fridge so he ate it later..;)

Oh, my milk supply came in around 60 hours after Dylan was born! What a relieve. I was starting to get stressed when I saw nothing..:P Day 6, Dylan is 100% on breastmilk. No more formula supplements..:)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ryan and his cards

Ryan has been more verbal nowadays. He tries to tell us stuff, but we have a hard time understanding him... and end up agreeing with what he says instead of trying to repeat what he says...:P

This video shows some of expressive behavior when looking at his vehicle cards...:)

Dylan's first two days

We are still at the hospital. Dylan has jaundice and needs to be under the light. It was the same case for Ryan and Ryan stayed 3 nights; hoping for the best with Dylan!

So.... several nurses have commented on how "mellow" Dylan is! Woo-hoo. Another mellow kid. Is that COOL or what? I won't say anything else at this point... and just count my blessings..;)

So far, he has been sleeping well, loving his formula and is very ticklish. He grunts when I tickle him or move my hands on his back... He also has given me three smiles and the nurse claims it was a ral smile and not just a nerve reaction. I have to try and catch this on video..

Dylan is currently supplementing on formula. No signs of any breastmilk yet. There should be a better trigger for milk to come out, and having to wait for several days. I am drinking loads of water and trying to get as much rest as possible.

Here is a video of Dylan from Day 1.

Monday, September 21, 2009

My labor story with Dylan

Contractions started at 9.30pm, Saturday night. They were 10 minutes apart so, Gordon called his brother to bring his mom over..:) They arrived around 11.00pm and contractions were the same.

We got to the hospital around 11.30pm, and decided to sit in the car for a while since the contractions were the same and we were not sure of the hospital would admit us. With Ryan, they wanted us to come in only when contractions where 3 minutes apart..:P
So, Gordon got his little nap, and we checked in about 12.30am. I was 4cm dilated.

The pain this time around was mild compared to the last time. The contractions were so far apart that when the pain came, I did not really care about it...hehehehe. I finally got the epidural around 3am (she had a hard time with it, and it took her three tries to get it right!)

Between 3am and 9.30am, it was a bunch of waiting. I was told to rest.... but how can one rest when, there is a blood pressure monitor going off every 15 minutes on my arm, lots of beeping sounds from the monitor and printer, nurses walking in and out of the room... and of course, Gordon's snoring!

9.30am, the nurse came in to burst my water, only to find that my water had already burst and was flooding the whole bed! I did not feel a thing as gthe epidural was super strong..:) Supposedly some membranes from the water sac came out as well.....
10.03am, the pushing began. It was easy!!! It took a total of 22 minutes to push Dylan out and they actually had a mirror for me to see what was going on.

Since Ryan was a c-section baby, I was only able to hold him for 2 minutes when he came out and he was taken to the well baby nursery.

With Dylan, everything was done in front of me. The minute he came out, I held him and continued to hold him for a good half hour while the mid-wife was cleaning me up. It was super great. His eyes were wide open and he was looking around. They only took him away for a while to get his weight and his height.

I am super happy that I was able to push Dylan out, and felt the "pop" sensation! The whole VBAC experience is great.

Post-baby, no pain except for my back that is aching like crazy, either from the epidural needles, or from the pushing. Thank goodness for muscle rub. Even motrin is not helping at this point.

The adventure begins with two kids!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Welcome Dylan Wing-Yan Kwan

Dylan Wing-Yan Kwan

Date : September 20, 2009

Weight : 7 pounds 15 ounces

Time : 10:26am

Length : 21 inches

Mummy, daddy and Ryan loves you!

Friday, September 18, 2009

I am 20 months old!

Hello world! I am 20 months old!

Here is my daily schedule:
6 - 6.20am - wake up and drink 8oz milk
8am - Breakfast (usually Oatmeal or yogurt)
10.45am - 8oz milk
11.15am - 12.45pm - Nap time
1.00pm - lunch and fruit
4.00pm - 8oz milk
5.45pm - Fruit
7.00pm - Dinner
8.30pm - 8oz milk and nite nite

I am at the yelling and demanding stage now. I will yell for yeye and daddy to carry me and I will say "GO" and tell them to take me outside. When they don't listen, I start yelling and making lots of noise.
I don't like to get in my carseat. When mummy and daddy put me in the car seat, I will try and get off and won't let them put the seat belt on me. It takes about 5 minutes for them to coax me to sit still.

I can say many more words now. No sentences yet. I can hide and say "where's Ryan". I love to go under the blanket. When i want to go under, I tell mummy "under" and she puts me in the dark blanket. It's fun!

I also love looking at mummy's photo album and finding the pictures that have birthday cakes. I make mummy find the "happy" photos which means they have to have a cake in them.
Below are some pics of me eating out. Mummy and daddy have been eating out a lot because they know they will be stuck at home when baby #2 arrives. They are really enjoying having just one kid for now... and I am such an easy kid, so it is easy to just take me out whenever..;)
Here is a video of me playing with Jaden, Kim, Jon, Mun-mun and Kaylyn. We were playing pretend bday and it was my bday....

Here is another video of me. Mummy was taking a video of me playing outside with all my outside toys. Check out all the toys in my back yard! While she was videoing me, I decided to get the screwdriver and unpick my car (daddy usually does this stuff in the house...but I think I am ready to take over!)

Now, where is that baby brother that mummy and daddy keeps talking about? I need a playmate already!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Where is the baby?

He is still cooking in my tummy..:)

We are thinking he will be out sometime this week. My doctor doesn't allow inducing until after the due date... so, we have to wait!

Here are my little tingling fears....

1. The pain from labor! yah yah, I am worried that when I get in, they tell me it is too late for the epidural! YIKES!!!!

2. How Ryan will react to the new baby.... All I want to do now is to spend more time with Ryan and make sure he is happy when baby arrives. I am also super worried that when I am in the hospital, he will get traumatized. Already had several discussions with Gordon about making sure Ryan is one happy boy when I am in the hospital..:)

3. How Gordon will deal with two kids! He is doing such a great job with Ryan. In the mornings, I get to sleep in cos Gordon just takes Ryan to the park, or to Safeway to roam around the aisle. But with two kids, he will have to wait till baby #2 is 18 months and older before he can bring two out... mmmm... does that mean I cannot sleep in anymore... darn!

Well, I think that's it for now. I am pretty calm about taking care of baby #2. After going thru it once, I think we will do just fine....:)

Wish us luck!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Grandma's bday

It was Gordon's moms bday on Tuesday. We made sure they got some pictures with Ryan!
Ryan loves to see birthday cakes. He likes the cakes and candles...:) He thinks the cake is called "happy" cos when we have a cake, we sing "happy birthday". hehehehehe.

Ryan even helped blow out the candles this time..:)

Labor Day weekend and a trip to the Zoo

 We had a three day weekend last week and Gordon and I were cherishing it as it would be the last three day weekend before we have two kids..:)
We took the opportunity to go out each day. On Saturday, we hit the Great Mall to check out the labor Day sales. Gordon scored on a pair of Nike shoes and a pair of Nike basketball shorts for a great price. I did not bother to shop, since I have to wait and see how much weight I loose after the pregnancy...:D
We went over to Lily's house for a durian party! Lily bought some fresh durian and it was YUMS! Durian is suppose to be good for pregnancy, so I made sure I ate my share..:) Lufun also made some nasi lemak in banana leaf. How nice to get some home made Malaysian food.
Gordon played some poker and by 9.15pm, we headed home. 
On Sunday, we had our dim sum with Pauline and Ken at Oriental Tea House. We were invited totheir house on Monday for some home made dumplings! So, Monday, Gordon and I helped in making the home made dumpling and it was good. It tasted  much better than outside, since we knew it was home-made. We totally ate way too much.
After the dumpling feast, we headed to Oakland zoo (about 5minutes from their place). We are now season holders! hah. Which means, we get to go throughout the year. I hope we utilize it.....
Ryan had fun looking at the giraffes, elephants, zebra, monkeys and others. He did refuse to walk or sit on the stroller and wanted to be carried...mmmmm
We had a fun weekend and are now looking forward to the arrival of baby!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Weekend and baby shower #2….

We took it easy over the weekend again…:

We hit the farmer's market in the morning....

Headed to the Oakland food festival just to see what it was all about. There were a bunch of food vendors selling street foods. We just walked about, let Ryan see the Amtrak train, chill at the bookstore and headed for some dinner.

Dinner was Ventian Restaurant in Oakland. This restaurant served Laos food. We ordered a bunch of stuff including the Laos sausage, papaya salad, red curry, sticky rice and pineapple fried rice. It’s in a not so good part of Oakland, so we were more cautious as we headed over..:P Food was not bad and good priced. Gordon says he won’t go back cos of safety. I thought it was pretty safe…

On Sunday, I had my baby shower! Thanks for Lily and Eeling for organizing. We had the lunch event at Staceys in Pleasanton.

The food was not too bad; got some appetizers, main dish and desserts… and played one game which I failed cos it was about American cartoon characters… urm, I don’t watch TV! Lily won this one..:)

Eeling made the door favor, which was blueberry jam in a jar. It was so cute. I have not tried the jam yet, but hear it’s real good. What a cute gift! Lily made me a diaper cake... heheh, I needed diapers for baby! I also got plenty of other gifts. Cool stuff!

It was a fun event and it’s great to have nice girlfriend to spend this special time with.

For dinner, we had an impromptu dinner with Ken, Pauline, Timmy and Sirintorn... Dinner was at Cousin's Cafe in Pleasanton. Location was chosen as there is plenty of sitting, and the kids could run around..:)