Thursday, November 26, 2009

Dylan 2 month old growth numbers

We took Dylan for his two month old visit today.

Weight : 13 lb 7 oz (84%)
Height : 24" (83%)
Head : 15.75" (47%)

He is growing well and got a clean bill of health.

In comparison, Ryan was 13 lb 10 oz on his 2 month visit. This means that, Dylan has caught up!! WOW! What have I been feeding this kid?

In other news, Dylan can wait 6 hours before he feeds at night... woo hoo! but but, he wakes up around the 4th hour, doesn't want to eat but wakes up cos his tummy is hurting from gas.... yuck! He also waited 4 days before he poo-ed. double yuck! Good thing my mom is around and she does all the poopy diapers..;)

Monday, November 23, 2009

A,B,C's and NO to going home!

Here is a video of Ryan singing his ABC's....

Thanks to you tube, he knows a bunch of songs including incy wincy, old macdonald, twinkle twinkle, baa baa black sheep and his FAVOURITE happy birthday song.

Ryan does have a HARD time with several words. Instead of saying "papaya", he says "pa-ya-ya". We have been trying to correct him, but it's hard!

He also cannot say the word "birthday" when he sings the song.. he says "day".

Ryan's "I-love-you" sounds like "aiy-ruv-u"

And when we ask him to "Say Thank you", he says "welcome", instead of saying thank you!

Kids can be super funny!

Ryan also knows the way home; when we drive up the hill to head home, he says "no-no-no, go down" and starts crying cos he doesn't want to go home!!!

My mom says we need to start driving home using different routes, so he doesn't know when we are heading home.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

some late halloween pics.

I am super behind with my Halloween pictures..:)

We did our yearly Halloween event in SF with Gordon's cousins. We went over to his cousin's house, had dinner and walked up the neighborhood to trick and treat at the rich neighborhood.
Here is a pic of that shows how many people trick and treat in this neighborhood! Can you imagine how much candy the home owners had to give away.....

Yes, my mom had fun too!

All the fun costumes below...

2 months old

Dylan darling is two months old and super duper cute..:)

Here is his schedule:

7am - 4 oz milk
Play, bath and sleep
11am - 4 oz milk
Play and sleep
3pm - 4 oz milk
6.30pm - 4 oz milk
Super grumpy, Pacifier time and sleep
11pm - 4 oz milk
3am - 4 oz milk
Yes, he is still on his 4 hour schedule.. great..:P

He is doing well with my mom since I am now back at work. He takes the bottle and even takes formula without any complaints.

We celebrated his full moon (red egg and ginger party) at South Sea Seafood restaurant in SF last Sunday. It was fun to just eat with a bunch of frens and family. We had a total of 7 tables and everyone had loads of leftovers to take home.:)

Life has been great with two kids. I am thankful to have two really sweet and mellow kids and of course a great husband who spends times with Ryan.

Grandma's visit has also allowed us to spend time with both kids. She takes care of Dylan's bath and carries him. She also spends loads of time with Ryan. He has learned to watch Baby Einstein and loads of Elmo with her. I am sure he will be sad when she goes home!

The holiday season is coming soon. Can't wait to hear the Christmas songs on the radio.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

A phase or true brotherly love?

Ryan has been super sweet with Dylan. We are wondering if this is a phase he is going thru, or he really knows how to love his little brother...

1. When Ryan hears Dylan crying upstairs, he looks upstairs, says "baby" (informing us baby is crying) and heads upstairs to see his baby brother...

2. If baby is in his car seat or bouncer and cries, Ryan will rock the baby..

3. In the car, if baby cries, Ryan would close the car seat cover (i think he thinks the baby will stop crying)

4. Sitting in the car, Ryan would hold Dylan's hand...

5. If the pacifier drops out of Dylan's mouth, Ryan will try and put it back into Dylan's mouth.

6. Randomly, Ryan will give baby kisses and stroke his hair (without us asking/telling him to do it!)

7. Ryan will ask to "poh poh" (carry) Dylan...

8. During Dylan's bathtime, Ryan would bring the soap and cloth for grandma.

We are truely amazed by his actions. So, is this a phase, or true brotherly love? We hope it is the latter.

Ryan has tried to get our attention too when we are with Dylan. He will ask for a blanket (like Dylan's) and ask for milk, when he sees us feeding Dylan with the bottle. We still see minimal jealousy. He is really such a sweet boy!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Happy 21 month old bday...

Hi everyone: This is Ryan and I just turned 21 months old!

Here are some of the fun facts about me at 21 months old!

I can sing two songs : Happy Birthday and the A,B,C's.

I love the happy bday song and when I see a cake, I would want to sing the song. Daddy bought me a cake for my 21 month old bday. I love it, as I got to sing the happy bday song and blow the candles out! Daddy lit the candle for me three times, so I had a great time singing and blowing out the candle..:)

My favorite toy right now, is the play-doh set. I love it! I make mummy open the box 2-3 times a day and make her play with me. Recently, I would only play for a short while and mummy says she spends more time cleaning up then the time I play with the play-doh.

I have been more naughty recently. I like to pull mummy's hair, scratch mummy and daddy and yell NO very loudly. Mummy has started me on time-out's but I have no idea what it is. I think it is funny and I purposely pull mummy's hair and go and sit in the corner on my own. Mummy continues to try the time-out method on me.

My grandma is in town and I am loving it. She plays with me and lets me watch videos on her computer. I allow her to put me down for a nap and at night if she plays the videos for me. I lie on her bed and fall asleep. Mummy thinks this is great and mummy doesn't need to put me to sleep.

I love having a new little brother. When I remember, I will give me a kiss. I will also bring mummy her camera, ask mummy to let me carry the baby and ask mummy to take a picture of us! When baby cries, I will tell mummy or daddy so that they will go and pick him up. Of course, there are days where I forget that baby exists as well..;)

I still love going out. I will do anything if daddy says he is taking me out. It doesn't matter where we go, as long as we get out of the house.

I love my toothbrush. If I hear daddy or mummy brushing their teeth, I would go to them and ask them for my toothbrush. I will chew on my toothbrush and mummy has to brush my teeth for me.

When it is time to sleep at night, I happily head upstairs and go into my bed. I never complain and happily go to sleep. Oh, this time change stuff, is driving my parents crazy cos i sleep at 7 and wake up at 5! They are slowing trying to get me to wake up later.

Till next time, take care and I will try to stay out of any trouble!