Sunday, December 24, 2006

Monday, December 18, 2006

Weekend before Christmas....:)

Happy Holidays everyone!

The holiday season is here again... our first celebration was a lunch party and gift exchange at our home...

Lunch was chicken and prawn noodle soup, Loh mai fan and Seri Muka kueh... very sucessfully made...:). thanks to uncle hoe bok... i think the loh mai fan and kueh are great items to bring to a party..

After eating we gathered around and had the white elephant gift exchange... it was fun....... :)

Some of the popular gifts included a bottle of wine, a gift card and a set of walkie talkies..


It's winter time here.... been cold and when we wake up in the morning, we see frost on the roof and on the cars by the street... a very pretty sight.

The leaves on our maple tree are also browning and leaves are dropping all over!

Check out the garden:

I raked the leaves already because the leaves will kill the grass if I don't rake it. But under those leaves, I found weeds..... living in a 4 season country is not easy. Nothing is ever the same all year round. Plants die in Autumn, flowers bloom in Spring. Grass grow at different rates all year round. In Malaysia, it seemed easier as the plants are always green as long as it gets water.....

Life is interesting......

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

We had House Guest and a chef...:)

My mom's frens Uncle Hoe Bok and Aunty Priscilla stayed with us over the last couple of days. It was fun having them around as they were easy to take care of and were willing to wake up early each day so that I can drop them off at the Bart station while I go to work. The SF weather was SO nice the last couple of days. Lucky for them...:)

The best part about their visit is.. Uncle Hoe Bok LOVES to cook. While they were here for only 5 nights, he made the following dishes:

1. Home made Kaya

2. Loh Mai Fan

3. Sweet and Sour Dungeness Crabs (We went over to Half Moon Bay and bought some fresh crabs)

4. Kueh Kocek (Fried Mash Banana)

5. Kueh Seri Muka (The green dessert)

6. Prawn Mee

7. Blue crab

8. Fried Banana/ Toffee Banana

9. Chui Kueh (White kueh with salty turnip)

10. Nasi Lemak with ikan bilis, sambal and peanuts

11. Lobak with dried shrimp

Note that out of the 5 nights, we ate out two nights.... the night before they left, we had two dinners... 1 sushi and then we came home and made nasi lemak and ate again....:) Such piggy's.....:D

Ahh... lots of leftovers for the rest of the week....:)

Steamboat party...

In celebration of Gordon's bday, we had some frens come over to the house; Jennie, Mei, Lisa, Paul and 2 year old Ananda.

Jennie and Mei bought the food... we had way too much food..:) but it was goood.... and of course we had plenty of left overs that lasted us the rest of the week......