Friday, June 27, 2008

Another day, Another year, Another Birthday

Another Happy Birthday to ME!

yes, I just celebrated another birthday today..:) I took a day off from work and spent some time with my baby today. It felt nice to be able to spend quality with baby.
Just to get out of the house, I went over to Yvonne's house to meet up with her and Sirintorn. We had some yummy pulled pork and ice cream! Ryan is really good when he is out and about..heehe.

Since Gordon had to go into work today, he came home with some cake for me! We sang the happy birthday and blew a candle and I took lots of pictures with my little baby!

No dinner plans for today... maybe we will do dinner sometime this weekend.

oh, present from Gordon....I was complaining how there was not any good chocolates in the house; so he bought me 6 bars of yummy dark chocolate.... I can't wait to eat them all!
I love having to spend my bday with my two favourite boys!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Three long awaited videos of Ryan...

Here are the videos..:)

Ryan Turning...

Ryan on the jumperooo

Ryan eating his bananas

Happy Father's Day

Gordon celebrated his first father's day!

Ryan's present to daddy was a hand print of Ryan's hand on clay...:)

Since Gordon bought a slr camera, buying presents are so much easier, cos I can buy accessories for his camera and he is happy... this father's day, he received a bag to keep his camera.

I think Gordon adapting really well to fatherhood. Very surprising for me as I initially wasn't sure how he would do. He has been very helpful in Ryan's daily routine.

In the morning, Gordon would go over to Ryan room and wish him good morning, change his diaper and then bring Ryan over to me for feeding. In the day, if he is working from home and Gordon's mom is around, Gordon will play with baby and call me so that baby can talk to me while I am at work..:)

In the evenings, Gordon would read Ryan a book daily, make water for Ryan to bath and bath Ryan every two days (we take turns)... Gordon also helps carry baby up and down the stairs so that I don't have to carry baby and hurt my already aching back...

Gordon is also able to handle baby on his own when we go out. He did such a great jon when we were in LA. I was busy helping Ee Ling with the wedding stuff and Gordon took care of Ryan throughout the 4 days we were there.

What a GREAT daddy!!! Yes, he is also a great husband!


The other day, Gordon said that Ryan is the best thing that ever happen to him.... awwwwwwww....... but but, I thought meeting ME was the best thing that ever happen to him!!!

Here is a pic of Gordon taking care of Ryan while we were in LA for Ee Ling's wedding..:P

Friday, June 06, 2008

I am 5 months old!

Am I really 5 months old already? Time sure flies.

My best memories this time is my trip to LA with mummy and daddy. We took a 5 day trip and it was nice to just see mummy and daddy all day! I was in my best behavior; which earned me lots of carrying time with everyone cos they thought I was so cute..:)

During Ee Ling's wedding, mummy got me a nice shirt, tie and vest. I felt so handsome.

Some of my 5 month updates:

I am eating solids; I have tried sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, pears, apples and prunes. For now, I like them all except pears. I find the pears a bit sour, but mummy makes me eat them all anyways. I also keep drinking lots of milk (about 38-40 oz a day). Oh, mummy also give me rice cereal two times a day.... I love eating!

I can now turn from my tummy to my front. This happened on 6/4/08.

I have learned to hummmmm (check out video)

I also learned to jump on my jumperooo (mummy needs to upload video)

I continue to sleep from 8pm to 6am. Sometimes I wake up at 5am and it is because mummy did not give me enough food the day before..:P

ok... here are some long awaited videos.....

Here is me playing with some of my favourite toys! This one is the fish aquarium that aunty cindy bought for her baby.... but mummy kept it for me to play and I love it! I can stare at fishes in the aquarium for a long time that mummy takes it away from me...............

My other favourite toy is the Fisher Price star.I like it becos it has lights and has music.