Monday, January 11, 2010

Let it snow!

So, two days after our trip to LA, we had another trip, but this time, we headed north to South Lake Tahoe.

We reserved a 6 bedroom cabin and had 6 families head up to Tahoe. There were 14 adults, 5 kids and 6 kids < two years old.

The cabin was gorgeous. It had a huge kitchen, a pool table, a sauna and a jacuzzi (i was able to go in twice and it was fun!). It also had a huge backyard fill with snow. The kids could sled, play in snow and build snowmans with all the snow. It was super convenient since we did not have to dress the kids up and put them in the car. Just dress them and they were ready to play!

Gordon and I opted out on skiing this time around so we spent most of the time just hanging in the cabin. Our rooms were nice and there was a bathtub for the kids to play in water. For food, it was a run to Safeway and all food was shared. Meals were simple, including instant noodles, hot pot, pasta, curry chicken and more instant noodles!

It was tough getting the kids dressed up to play in the snow. There was the snow bip, snow jacket, snow shoes and gloves. The kids sure enjoyed the snow. Must be extremely fascinating for them to see this white cold stuff (it was fascinating for me!)

Our car held up well with the snow, since Gordon had new all weather tires and new brakes. We felt secure driving the car.

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