Thursday, January 22, 2009

A great Christmas and New Year!

Happy New Year everyone...

This year, no one ask me what my new year resolution is.... and u know why? Cos I have NONE!
We were too busy in Las Vegas counting down the New Year to even think about New Year resolutions.  We = me, Gordon, Ryan, Cindy, Soon Jin, Sophie and my mum. Yes, we all drove to Las Vegas from Castro Valley. It took us almost 10 hours, but we did stop for many diaper changes, food at Sonic burger in Bakersfield, dinner at the outlet mall in Las Vegas and finally checking in at Wyndham Timeshare. Our accomodation was great. It was a 3 bedroom, 2 bath place with full kitchen and washer dryer. All 3 nights for only 399 and this includes the New Year eve night! Such a great find from Soon Jin. The hotel is not on the strip but only a 8 minute walk.

We did do one buffet at Wynn Resort and ate crepes at Paris (yummy). The buffet lines were way too long due to the holiday event and we really could not eat much so we decided not to do anymore buffets. We walked around the hotels, took many many pictures.
New Year's eve was fun as well (the main reason for heading to Las Vegas is because we got bored of doing the countdown in San Francisco) ... anyways, we were out in the streets with everyone else on New Year's eve!
Trip back was ok as well. Nothing much to say about the long drives...hehehehe... and think, two babies, one cries, the other cries too.... ehehhehe, and when one wakes up from their sleep and wahhh... the other one goes wahhh tooo...... hehehehe..  Ryan had to be bribed with food so that he did not make too much noise while baby Sophie was sleeeping...:)
A couple of days later, we headed to South lake tahoe for some skiing! we were excited to show the babies the snow.:) Gordon and I actually were able to go skiing on the first day with Soon Jin and my mom and Cindy skied the second day. It was fun! Gordon never told me what a good skier he was.

The babies did not like being in thier winter clothes (too bulky). So they mostly stayed in and played.

For the rest of the time my mom and sis were here, we did more random stuff, like a visit to SF to see the seals.... see the Golden Gate Bridge, a trip to Stanford for some burritos and burger... and of course, we took too many random pictures!

I thought the one above was cute.... heheheheh
We have been trying to take several pictures of Ryan and baby Sophie together. I think they are SOOO adorable together.... this chair one is fun...:)
I love the Costco cart one.... i think costco is the only place that has carts that allow both kids to sit in them..:)
So.... the vacation days have ended. It was fun fun fun and we were all sad when everyone had to go home. Ryan probably misses them the most! He has been seeking for attention left and right and wants to be carried all the time......
hmm, when is our next vacation??? (dreaming...)

Friday, January 16, 2009

so now i know what it is like to faint!

So, yesterday morning I woke up with stomach pain. Ryan had a stomach flu and then Gordon got hit with the sotmach flu, so I figured, I must be next...

I went to work, and while talking to my boss and co-worker at 11.45am, my vision blurred and I passed out for 1 second!!! Good thing boss was there and he caught me and I did not bang my head on anything!

Interesting what it felt like to pass out.... first, my vision got blurred, then the pressure in my ears increased. I knew i would pass out, so I stepped back from where I standing (I think I was planning on saying to my boss that I was going to pass out, but he was talking...) so when I step back, I blacked out for a sec. Cos when I awoke, i could hear my boss saying "are you OK" and could see my co-workers running towards me...
so saw doctor and she said maybe dehydrated and immdediately put me on the  IV drip (1 full bag).... and also took an ekg for my heart cos my heart was racing faster then normal. I think my blood pressure was also low. She also took some blood test to make sure all is fine.

This whole event felt like de-ja-vu! The last time I got an IV drip was when Ryan was born and I also got an ekg right after that cos my heart was beating too fast!
I feel better now...:) I took  a sick day today..... so I get to rest at home... ahhh.. bliss...:D

ohh, i guess I should go drink some water toooooooo...............