Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dylan talking.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Boys coloring

This is what the boys do in the evenings...

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Bday Gordon!

Happy Birthday Gordon!

Gordon's bday was on Thanksgiving day, so we headed to my in-laws house for the celebration.

Lots of food!

We made it to the park in the afternoon.

Our boys!

Testing out my phone that allows me to take pictures of myself....

It was a great 4 day weekend.

Dylan and his words

Yes, Dylan Kwan can now repeat whatever we say....

Some of his favourite words..

1. "bye bye house" when we leave the house
2. "see you later" when he is closing doors, which he insists on closing every door in the house all the time.
3. "ko-ko where" asking for Ryan all the time.
4. "nai nai please" when he wants milk... which is almost all the time! He just loves his milk.
5. "more please" especially when he wants more chips or candy.
6. "pop pop" aka lollipop of course.
7. "caillou" when he wants to watch TV.
8. "mummy, where are you" when he is looking for me!
9. "hold" when he wants to hold something. He could be in a store and wants to hold something and yells "hold, hold".
10. "book please" when he wants to read. He definitely wants to read two specific little people flip book when he uses the bathroom...

Above pics are how he smiles when we ask him to smile

He is very specific when he wants either Gordon or me. If he wants Gordon, he will say "daddy, no mummy" and when he wants me, he says "mummy, no daddy".

His favourite book is "I see a monster" and loves his trains and legos.

He loves to take off his shoes especially when we are out! which leads into a lot of tantrums, cos I would want him to wear his shoes and he would refuse. Even when I say I will put his shoes in the trash can, he will say OK and ask me to leave the shoes in the trash can (uh huh, imagine that battle).....Pic above is Dylan not wearing shoes while in a park... he was running.

He is the best in the mornings in bed. Lots of hugs, kisses, playing with my hair, pretending to sleep.

Pic after face painting. He wanted one that looked like Ryan's.