Friday, October 24, 2008

Ryan is 9 months and some days old..:)

My baby is growing so fast!

Here are his 9 month numbers:

Weight : 22 pounds 4 ounce (80 percentile)

Height : 30 inches (97 percentile)

Head circumference : 18.5 inches (92 percentile)

He has accomplished so much! Here are some of the exciting things I can remember him doing..:)

Crawling (7 months 10 days)

Responding when I ask him if he wants milk...

Standing while holding something

Climbing up the bed

Learning to climb down the bed with legs first

Climbing up the stairs

Learning to climb down ths stairs with legs first

Going in circles

Moving back and forth when he hears music (9 months)

Looking at the eye chart on the wall when I ask him "where is the apple"

babbling "ma-ma-mama-mama-mama" (i think he says it to ask for food!)

babbling "ba-ba-baba-bababbaba"

He also gets all excited when he hears the water in the bathroom. He knows when he is geting his bathtime!

As for foods, it seems like we have tried a lot! From oat meal to mushrooms, to bean sprouts to pumpkin. I am ready to let him try some noodles and pasta..:)

Above is a picture of Ryan in his lazy boy pose.....

Here is his breakfast menu.. he has the same thing every three days..:)

Trader O's (like Cheerios)

Trader Joes mixed oats with Motts apple sauce

Egg (steamed, hard boiled) - egg whites and yoke

Trader Joe's Baby yogurt


Wheat toast

His main meals are usually porridge made with chicken, carrots and veges and I add either pumpkin, sweet potatoes, broccoli and other stuff.

Here is Ryan's schedule:

5.30am - 5 oz milk

7.10am - Wake up

8.00am - Breakfast

10.00am - 6 oz milk

10.30-11.30 - Sleep

12.30pm - Lunch

2.30pm - 6 oz milk

3.30-4.30pm - Sleep

4.45pm - Fruit (usually banana or grapes or apple)

7.00pm - Dinner with fruit

8.00pm - 7 oz milk

Sounds like a busy day!


We have been taking Ryan to the park whenever we can.... the swing is fun!

Here is a video of Ryan taking a bath in his blue tub.

mmm.. time sure flies.... 1 year old is coming up soon!

oh, in case anyone is interested ....... Ryan currently wears 24 month old clothing.... and his clothes need to have the buttons near the shoulder so the clothes can go over his *big* head....


Friday, October 17, 2008

Weekend with frens!

Last weekend, we were able to spend some time with some frens over some good meals..:)

Saturday lunch, we met up with Anastasia and Percy at a new restaurant in Hayward called Bijou. Yes, can you beleive that Hayward has a San Francisco like restaurant!?

We would recommend the burger and the crab salad. We ordered some small plates, including calamari, prawns with spinach and mini quiches. Would not recommend any of the small plates. For dessert, we got some macaroons that tasted quite good.

Below is a pic of the burger with soudough bread.

When we finished lunch, we started talking about dinner and we were all (Gordon, myself, anastasia and percy!) craving Hot Pot at Little Mongolian Sheep in Union City.

Since we knew that hot pot is only fun when more people ate together, Gordon called Timmy and I im-ed Yvonne. Both families agreed to meet up with us for dinner! So nice!!!!

Here are some pics at the dinner. The food was great. Percy did the ordering and ordered the right amount. We ate up all the food! Had to take some yam cake to go since I was too full to eat.

Tyler and Claire were really well-behaved throughout the meal. After they ate, they went to the corner area and gave each other plenty of hugs and danced together..:)

Ryan on the other hand, had to be kept busy by eating! He was super hungry and made lots of noise. He even pulled on the napkin and dropped his food bowl on the ground (it broke) . Good thing he was almost done with his food, else he would have had no dinner!

The restaurant even gave us complimentary ice-cream with raspberries.....

On Sunday, our fren from Bakersfield was in town. Pauline drove over with baby Tyler and her fren, Christine. It was nice to see Tyler again. He is still big and chubby. Sooo cute. I loved holding him and playing with him!

For dinner, we headed over for sushi at the Hayward restaurant... of course, we ordered too much... but everything was good!

Ahh, what a great weekend!

psst : doesn't Ryan look good in the sweater below????? :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

climbing and stairs

ok, I know I am really behind in my blogs!

My mom has been asking to see the videos of Ryan climbing up and down the stairs... so here are some videos!

The first one : Ryan climbing up the stairs on his own. We let him climb on his own early cos he is too heavy.. so when we go upstairs, we tell him to come along and he makes his way up and we don't have to carry him..... it's a win-win situation if you ask me....

The second one : Ryan going down the stairs... Gordon taught him this's like one day he doesn't know how to come down, and the next day, he is a pro....

The third one : Ryan goes round in circles..:)

ok ok, since you are already watching videos... here is one more showing Ryan playing with sand...

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

and Ryan escapes from his room.....

From C'est la vie

It was 3am and Ryan made an escape from his room last night!

We did not lock the fence together and there was a small opening and Ryan was able to find the opening and get out.

The door was propped and Ryan was able to open the door.

By the time I heard him, I looked at my video monitor and said aloud “no signs of Ryan” and I heard him making noise just outside my room.

I opened the door and he was crawling towards the bathroom!!!

All this was done in the DARK. THIS BABY!! It’s a good thing he did not fall down the stairs..:(

Mummy felt bad and took him to sleep on our bed after the event……..:)

** The reason I did not lock the fence was because when he wakes up, he would usually sit up and cry for us. This time he decided to just head out. Also, when the fence is lock, I feel very claustrophobic in his bed….. my mom did say that even if the fence was locked, Ryan could stand up and push the fence over and fall…

*** Maybe I should forget about the fence around his bed, and just put a baby gate by the stairs? Or maybe I should just fully close his door? Decisions decisions….

Friday, October 03, 2008

Our trip to Krabi, Thailand

During our Asia trip, we were able to make a trip over Krabi in Thailand. Krabi is located next to Phuket..

I was excited about this trip as I wanted to see the pretty beaches and to do some scuba diving...

However, it is the rainy season in Krabi....:(.... we ended up not scuba diving, but was able to take a speed boat out to see the Phi Phi Islands and do some snorkelling.

Speed boat ride was HORRIBLE! I got seasick 3-4 times during the whole day trip! Yucks! but, the islands were pretty and some of the beaches were nice. Ryan had no issues in the boat. He mostly slept and was just happy to be out and about.:)

Good thing I was able to jump into the water and snorkel a little. So nice to see the many many cute fishes..:) We were able to give them bread to eat and they were very excited and happy!

hehe, my darling hubby refused to try snorkelling.. so he sat on the boat with baby..:)

For accomodation, we stayed two nights at The Sheraton. Nice hotel with great service. It was funny... since it was off-peak season, they only had 14 rooms occupied and they have a total of 250 rooms! Service was of course excellent and they knew us by name..:) The hotel also had several restaurants just outside the entrance. Very convenient.

They also had several activities (like a club med)... we were able to see Rara the elephant..:) urm, Ryan had a look of disgust when the elephant ate bananas from my hand and I was carrying him. It was funny! (i think my mom took pics with her camera... need to ask her to send pics to me)

The third night, we stayed at The Sofitel. Also very quiet and great service. But nothing as good as The Sheraton. They also did not have a beach front at the hotel. To get to the beach, one had to cross the road. Sheraton had their own beach front..:)

ok, Sofitel had a nice play center..:) heheh.. check out the picture below: Can you spot Ryan?

He loved having the freedom to crawl around..:) Sofitel also had a video games room (it was funny to see the employees taking their break in the video games room and playing games..:))

We also got a chance to eat a lot of Thai food in Thailand! yumm every meal we ordered our tom yum soup..:) and Gordon had to try his Phad Thai (he says it taste the same as the Phad Thai in US..*grin*)

At hotel Sofitel, they did not have restaurant closeby, so we had to eat at the hotel restaurant.. We were the only customers for the night! And the waiters and waitresses wanted to baby sit Ryan for us while we ate. So funny! Gordon ordered the food and included some Ahi Tuna, papaya salad, crab cakes and others.

It was a simple trip. We were saddened with the news of my cousin's passing and we cancelled our Bangkok trip to be with the family and attend the funeral.