Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just playing - Ryan and Dylan

 Ryan and Dylan are enjoying each other's company. They are learning to play better together and you can see times whe Dylan purposely disturbs Ryan... like when he purposely takes Ryan's toys and looks at Ryan to see if Ryan will get mad...:)

I love the picture above of the boys holding hands and moving along.
Of course, Dylan wants everything that Ryan has... so, our strategy, buy TWO of everything. Here, we have Ryan and Dylan holding their water bottles that have their names on them.. Happily drinking.

Train table fun again.

Hanging out in Chinatown.

Lego time!

I think the boys are going to have such fun growing up together...:)

Happy 3rd Birthday Ryan!

Ryan turns three! Happy Birthday Ryan..

Our first celebration was at a chinese restaurant in Chinatown. Always nice to meet up with family..:)

The next day, we had a party at home with Ryan's good frens, Ethan and Daran.

They had a blast playing in the drawers..:)

Multi-purpose table.

Everyone got a chance to blow out the candles. It was an yummy ice cream cake.

Videos of the boys playing.

Group pic!

Adults need to play cards too!
On his bday itself, we had another cake. more yums.

Yes, my boy turns three. Just like that. Too quick but we are enjoying watching him grow up and absorbing everything we say and do......

I should include his growth info here since he has completed his three year old check up...

Weight : 33lb 14.4oz (74 percentile)
Height: 3' 2.25" (66 percentile)
No head circumference readings... I guess his head has grown enough...

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Dylan @ 15 months old.

Hi world, I am 15 months old!

I can do so much now. Here are some of my spotlights.

1. I can say the following words: da-da, ma-ma, pau-pau (carry), nose, bird, ball. Ball is my favorite word. Anything round is a ball. I call the orange a ball, I call the apple a ball. I like balls.

2. I can recognize many many words. Mummy has a hard time keeping track. When she sings, I clap my hands. When she says bathing time, I head upstairs.

3. I love my water cup. I always go into the kitchen to look for it, but I can’t say “water” yet.. so I make a lot of noise and mummy gets me my water. Daddy has no clue why I am noisy, so he just carries me and makes me show him what I need.

4. I don’t like it when Ryan’s cries. When he cries, I give him hugs and kisses, but he pushes me away, cos he does not like to be disturbed when he is crying.

5. I can very good at pretend crying. If mummy says no, I say wahhhh. If daddy says no, I go wahhh…. They know I am pretending, so they ignore me and laugh.

6. I know some toys are Ryan’s toys, but I LOVE to take them and make him mad. I will fight for the toys and I hear mummy saying “share, share”. Ryan usually ends up getting the toys, and I cry.. wahhhh.

7. I love it when I am home with mummy and daddy and Ryan is not home. It gives me a chance to play with his toys and I will be so happy and keep smiling when I hold his toys.

8. I like to push Ryan. I just go up to him and push him. He has no idea what I am doing but I like doing it.

9. I also like to do everything that Ryan is doing. Yes, when he goes to the bathroom, I follow along. When he jumps on the bed, I jump too.

10. My latest is climbing. I love to climb chairs. I will try and try and when I do it myself, I get very happy. Daddy takes away the dangerous chairs so I do not climb, but I would ask for the chair and point to it.

11. I love my shoes. I want to wear it all the time. If I see mummy going to work, I grab my shoes and ask her to put them on for me. I do it to make sure they do not forget to take me out. Yes, I love going out. It can be anywhere, just put me in the car, and I am happy. In the car, I look forward to Ryan giving me some snacks/cookies to eat. He gives them to me slowly and if he forgets, I make lots of noise and mummy tells Ryan to pass me some food.
12. Sleeping – I still take two naps a day, usually about an hour each time. At night, I sleep at 8.30 and wake up around 6.30am. I seldom fall asleep while drinking milk. I drink and move around the bed before falling asleep next to one of my parents.

13. Each morning, around 7am, I poo-poo in the potty. Just this week, I moved from the small potty to the big one. I still cannot say poo-poo, but my parents know when I need to poo, and put me on the potty.

14. If I see daddy carrying Ryan, I want to be carried too, so I would pull on daddy’s leg until he carries me.

I will put up my 15 month old growth numbers soon!

Monday, January 03, 2011

New Year's blog..

For New Year's eve, we went over to Peggy and Chyi Shan's house for dinner. We were busy chatting and forgot to countdown at 9pm (New York midnight) and we left to go home around 10pm. So, no countdown this year for us..

The girls! Check out the very pregnant Ee Ling (due in two weeks)..:)

Kids playing

Yao-yao and Dylan attacking the sweet foods. One year ago, they were both in car seats...

More playing.

The guys hanging out with the food, followed by a mah-jong session.

On New Year's day, we were bored,so we headed into SF to hang out with Gordon's cousins at the grandma's apt in Chinatown.

After chilling, we headed for dinner at The House restaurant in San Francisco.

Surprisingly they had seats for us! Good food. We tried the salmon roll, scallops, beef steak with noodles and the sea bass.

First family photo for 2011.

We both had a hair-cut on New Year's day....

Happy new year!

Merry Christmas blog...

Christmas 2010 was SO quiet! We usually have family in town, but this year, nada....

We survived the quiet Christmas with the boys. Ryan still does not have a major concept of Christmas. I think by next year, he will be much more into the whole holiday season.

First pic with Santa

Boys happily opening present from Soon Jin and Cindy

What is Christmas without taking pictures at Union Square in San Francisco!

Me and my sweet Dylan

Gordon and Ryan...

It's present time at the cousins! 
Presents at home. Ryan and "his" clock. He does not want to share with Dylan.

We made sure we bought gifts that were exactly the same. No fighting! Hoo-ray!!

My lovely boys. Ryan is trying to "smile". He can't seem to get it right..:P

2010 goal - fix kids closet ----> DONE!

So, i promised to fix the boys closet by the end of 2010.

This is what it looks like on 31st December, 2010

Yes, I was able to meet the 2010 deadline!!

I even bought the thing to help fold the kids t-shirts to ensure uniformity (the green thingy in the picture).