Monday, January 11, 2010

Dylan the angel...

So while the cousins are busy flighting/playing... where is Dylan?

Baby Dylan was being an angel. During both trips to LA and Sough Lake Tahoe, he was the most well behaved kid in the journey.

He slept most of the time, and when he was awake, he was busy coo-ing and being happy.

What a happy kid.:)

Dylan was oblivious of our travelling. For him, as long he had milk, his pacifier and sleep, he was good..heheheheh

As I write this blog, baby Dylan is fast asleep on my bed. We decided the best strategy to make sure everyone gets enough sleep, is to have Dylan sleep with me, and Ryan sleep with Gordon. This way, all of us get our sleep.

Dylan is being picky with the bottle. He prefers the breast compared to the bottle and would take the bottle very slowly. Ryan was way too fast with the bottle, but Dylan is slower. He feeds every four hours, about 4-5 ounces.

As for sleeping through the night, he has his own schedule. Sometimes, he will sleep through, other times, he will wake up 1-2 times.. I am still trying to figure him out..:)

Dylan is also much easier to put to nap/sleep. Once he gets his pacifier, he likes to stuff his face into the pillows and fall asleep. We have not brought out the swing, and it looks like we will not need to bring it out (which is good, cos there is no space in the house)

He also doesn't poo daily. Usually once every 3-4 days (possibly why he wakes up at night).

All is all, he is really an angel. We are blessed to have another sweet and mellow child..:)

Click here for a video of Dylan at 3.5 months old....

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