Sunday, December 28, 2008

I am 11 months old.......I will not be a baby anymore in 3 weeks....

hello world!
where did time go? I am almost a year old.
I am so much more aware of what is happening around me.
I know when mummy takes me to my babysitter's home and I start to whine before i leave the house. I also cry when the babysitter carries me when i get to her house. but.... I get to play with Darren when I am there, and I LOVE it. It is fun to have someone follow me everywhere as I crawl.

I am also cruising. I can walk if someone holds one of my hand. Walking is fun, but tiring.. I get everywhere faster if I crawl. Mummy is scared that when I walk, I can follow her faster and show up next to her quickly..:)
oh, I am totally mummy's boy. When mummy is around, I will want her to carry me and play with me. If mummy is not around, I can play on my own and daddy can read his newspaper and I would not disturb him.
My current schedule looks like that:
5.20am : 6 oz milk and back to sleep
6.50am : Wake up
8.00am : Breakfast
10.30am : 6 oz milk and sleep for an hour
12.30pm : Lunch and fruit
3.30pm : 6 oz milk
4.30pm : Sleep for an hour
5.30pm : Banana
6.30pm : Bath time
7.00pm : Dinner and fruit
8.00pm : Brush teeth, 6 oz milk and sleep
ohh, my popo (grandma) is in town. She plays with me a lot and makes sure I get my laugh for the day. I am trying to learn to say popo before she leaves..:D
my mom has been consistent in putting me on the potty at 7.30am in the morning. Just to make her happy, I will poo in the potty within 10 minutes...:D
I love to look outside through the window. I can see the cars passing by, the dogs walking and my favorite is watching the trash truck pick up the trash cans.

Till next time, I will be a toddler soon, so I will have much more blogging to do..:D
update : yesterday I poo-ed and right after I poo-ed, I pointed to the potty...... hah, my mom wants to know why i did not show the potty before I poo-ed... err mom " I am a baby!"

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

:( No time to blog!

So, why have I been so quiet??? I have NO TIME to blog!

Too many things going on.

My mom is in town and my sis and family are on their way in...

We are heading to Vegas for New Years...:D 8 hours of driving with two babies.... fun yah?


Also, have to plan Ryan's 1st Bday party! Woo hoo!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

24 pounds

At 10.5 months, Ryan is 24 pounds.

I had to take him in to the doctor today cos he was running a high temp for the last two days.

Of course, when we were at the doctor's, his temp was back to normal.... mmmmm... this morning it hit 104.5 F. I think the Advil helped him.

Anyways, the doctor thinks it is Roseala - a viral infection that causes 3 days of high fever followed by red non itchy dots on his body.

His temperature has come down, but no signs of any red dots (maybe tomorrow?)

It pains me when Ryan gets sick. It makes me feel so helpless to see my baby soo grumpy and whiney. At least he was eating well and drinking well.... except, he did not want to play on hiw own and wanted to be carried.

I am taking a day off tomorrow, since his viral infection is contagious and I don't want the other babies at the babysitter to get sick.