Saturday, October 31, 2009

30 pounds....

My darling Ryan has hit 30 pounds!

We took him in to the doctor's to check on his fever and they weighed him and officially,he hit 30 pounds (he could be less today since he had a fever for two days and hardly ate)

Hah, who wants to carry Ryan now?


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Some Random Videos...:)

Here is one with Ryan talking..... towards the end of the video, he says "I love you".

I think he has the cutest voice....:)

Here is another video with Ryan and Dylan in their room.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Trip to California Academy of Sciences

We headed over to the Cal Academy of Sciences last Wednesday. They have a free entrance to all every third Wednesday of the month. (We LOVE free stuff!!)

Pic above : Ryan super happy to be out!

We got there around 2pm and it took about 3 minutes to get in. Not too many people, since it was later in the day. We left Dylan with Gordon and my MIL. My mum and FIL joined us for this outing.

Our first and most interesting stop, was the Aquarium. It is similar to Monterey Bay aquarium, but in a smaller scale. They have sea creatures that kids can touch as well.

Ryan seemed to like the aquarium, He got scared of the big fish, and when he was done looking, he said "all done", which meant we could move on to something else..:) See the big fish below?

After looking at some other random stuff, we headed to the kids play area. It was a nice area with pots and pans and other stuff for the kids to play. My mom ventured off on her own to see the planetarium show.

At the play area, Ryan was rough with the other kids. Whenever a kid come near him to play with the toys, he pushed them away......... oh oh. I think he picked this up from the babysitter..... The video below shows how he pushed the kid away... I was busy video-ing, and could not stop him in time...:P

It was a fun trip. If we can, we will probably hit the free day again...:)

I am 5 weeks old!!

Hellow world. It's me, Dylan Kwan and I am already five weeks old.

I am so happy to be out of mummy's tummy. It is definitely more fun out here than inside there.
I spend most of my time sleeping. I sleep so much that mummy says there is no time for her to play with me. Don't worry mummy, soon, I will be awake all the time that you will wish I sleep more..;)

At 4 weeks, I can move my head left and right and can follow mummy's hands when she moves it above my head. I can also lift up my neck to see more things.

I love my big brother. He is so loving and gives me kisses all the time. Sometimes, he hears me cry and comes to see me even before mummy or daddy gets to me.

I sleep super well when someone is carrying me. Good news is that my grandma is in town and she loves to carry me!

I grunt in my sleep a LOT. Daddy can't sleep at night cos he hears me grunting. Mummy wakes up everytime I grunt. I like to stretch and while stretching, I will make some noise.

During my grumpy time (6pm), I prefer to suck something before I sleep... mummy has brought out the pacifier.. I find it fascinating and forget to sleep cos I am busy sucking the pacifier.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Missing camera...

I can't seem to find my camera. Have loads of pictures in there.... just need to find it..:P

Lately, Ryan has been BUSY with his playdoh set. I hide the box when we are done playing with it, and somehow, he finds it and makes us open the box and play with it.

I am really not a playdoh fan. but... so far, it has kept him busy so I guess I could force myself to play with it. I refuse to let him play with more than ONE color at a time..;)

Dylan has been busy sleeping and pee-ing on my bed when I change his diaper. This boy has super great timing when he pees. I have been pee-ed on SO many times, that I cannot even keep count. grrrrr.

Let's hope I find my camera soon... I have so many pictures to take and so many to download....

Monday, October 12, 2009

Dylan is 3 weeks old!

Yes, how time flies. Dylan is already three weeks old.

Here are his two week check-up numbers. He is growing and eating well.

Weight : 9 pounds 5.5 oz (62 percentile)
Height : 21.75 inches (66 percentile)
Head : 14.76 inches (54 percentile)

Here is his interesting schedule:

6.30am - milk
10.00am - milk
2.00pm - milk
5.00pm - milk
6.00pm - bath time
6.30pm - 8.00pm - grumpy time
8.00pm - milk
11.00pm - milk
2.00am - milk
4.30am - wake up to let gas out

yes, he has grumpy time as he is super sleepy and wants to be carried..:P In between all the milks, he is mostly sleeping or chilling in his crib.

Video of Dylan on Day 11:

the gas thingy is definitely better than Ryan, but he still has gas and needs to let it out. He also grunts a lot which is super cute.... he grunts the most when I am trying to burp him and he takes ages to burp.... his eating is quick, he can be done in 15 minutes....

We are getting loads of smiles from him. He sure knows how to melt our hearts with his smiles..:)

Dylan Day 14

Happy three week old bday, Dylan!!!

Video of Dylan on Day 21..

Our new family pictures..:)

Here are some of our new family pictures with baby Dylan..

The one above, we actually made it to Picture People. Pics with Dylan was easy, but Ryan refused to cooperate. Hence, we have a picture of a non-smiling Ryan....

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Ryan says NO!

Ryan favourite word now is NO. It is a very distinctive NO, where he will say it strongly... check out the video..:)

Ryan also has a way of lying down when he drinks his milk. The minute we mention "milk", he will grab his pillows, and put out two pillows; lying on one, and putting his leg on the other. We have no idea who taught him this... grandma says she did not, so it could be the babysitter....

Ryan also adores Dylan. He was to carry Dylan and give kisses to Dylan. He will kiss Dylan and get all shy. It's cute..:)