Monday, March 28, 2011

Dylan turns 18 months old a.k.a. 1.5 years old

Oh how quickly time flies.My little one is already a year and a half.

I have to say, he is really the happiest little kid. All smiles all the time except when Ryan bullies him.

When he wakes up, all he wants to do is look for ko-ko and he knows how to go shhhh when he sees someone sleeping. His life seems to revolve around Ryan. He would play whatever Ryan plays and follows him around. Somehow, he does seem to eat like Ryan..heheh. His favourite foods are pasta, noodles, bread, cheese, tofu, peaches... sometimes he likes tomatoes, brocolli, crackers. Oh, this little kid still wakes up at night and wants his milk!

When he sees Ryan holding something(like a ball), he will put his hands together to show that he wants the same thing too. I think he is trying to say "where is mine". He does try and repeat words if I tell him too.. like if I say "say yes", he would go "YESSSSS".

At 1.5 years old, i believe he has more interest in balls than anything else. I told Gordon that Dylan will be on the one after the basketball just because he is so interested in it. When Gordon watches basketball on TV, Dylan will keep saying ball, ball...

His love for TV continues. Probably the only time he sits still and he will sit longer than Ryan.

Oh, did i mention how he waves bye bye to me when he sees me all dressed up. He waves bye bye to me even when it's a weekend and we are all going out together!!

Pics of the boys playing on the bed.
Dylan and his smiles.
Ryan sleeping, so Dylan goes "shhhh"
Signature smiles for the camera.

 At one point, he would say no no no when he saw the camera. Glad he got over that phase!

I also love it when he complains to me when Ryan takes something from him or pushes him..he just comes over to be and makes a whiney sound. Really cute! Oh, and when he hides behind me cos Ryan was chasing him with the red motocycle. too funneee..(i dont think Dylan thought it was cute at all!).

Here is a random video of Dylan trying to read his book..

** Here are the 18 month old numbers.

Weight : 28 lb 12.8 oz (81.5 percentile)
Height : 2 ft 9.75" (82.29 percentile)
Head Circumference : 19.49"

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Valentine's Weekend

Yes, I forgot to blog about our V-day weekend..

We made a day trip to Santa Cruz to celebrate our engagement anniversary and also Vday.

It was a such a warm and beatiful day. Kids watching the waves. In-experienced parents forgot to bring blankets to sit on and spades to play
Mummy and Ryan.
Gordon wrote their names on the sand.
Had to take a ride on the merry-go-round. Would be more fun if we had more people to share the fun.
After the beach, we headed for some lunch. Gordon tried some brazillian food, but the queue was so long that the kids and I headed for McDonalds Chicken Nuggets and fries.
There were some big blue balls at the park.Dylan loved them cos his favorite word is BALL. He must have been amazed at the size of those balls.

The park also had some sand and buckets for all to use. Boys had a fun time in the sand.
Long slide. At least Ryan tried it once. He is pretty good at least trying stuff out once on his own to see if he likes it.
We ended our Vday weekend with some Malaysian food at Layang Layang in Milpitas. It was good as always.