Friday, January 01, 2010

Ryan is almost TWO! Happy 23 month old bday...

Wow, in one months time, Ryan turns two! Time flies....

We have been busy with both kids, but Ryan never ceases to impress us daily with his communication skills and his vocabulary.

He is able to voice out his needs since he knows so many more words. I guess this means less crying. He does know how to whine, and I have to tell him nicely not to whine and talk.

Now, when he wakes up at night and no one is next to him, he will yell "mummy/daddy", instead of walking over to our bed.

Hiw favourite toys are his laptop, spoons, plates.

Oh, since grandma came over, Ryan is now exposed to Elmo, Wheels of the bus and Baby Einstein dvd's. When he wants to watch, he says "elmo, elmo, elmo" in his cute voice..:) Grandma already watched the dvd's with him and explained to him what goes on.In his Elmo dvd, when Elmo is about to open the door, Ryan says "door, door". In his Wheels of the bus dvd, he points to the boat and yells "boat".

He also knows how to read his own books. His favorite include the "I Spy" books. He can spy everything and say most of the things like squirrel, ladder, bunny, balloon  (I am impressed!)

He also says "I-ruv-you" to Baby Dylan. Too sweet.

He understands when i say I am busy and goes and plays with his toys. As I type this post, he is playing with his tool set.

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