Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas time 2012

Christmas celebration at pre-school

Ryan and Dylan has their first pre-  school Christmas celebration.

They practiced really hard on the songs.

Surprisingly, they both did not get stage fright with 150 parents watching them.

Ryan was selected to play Joseph.  Such an honor since it was on him and another  girl  :)

Baking day just before Christmas

We baked our first pizza today.  The dough was ready made from trader joes. We added cheese,  pepperoni,  mushrooms,  brocolli and sauce.

We also baked chocolate chip cookies.  Yes, we used the kitchenaid mixer after one year...

Monday, November 19, 2012

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ryan at 4 years, 8 months

Ryan is almost 5!

He is attending Redwood Forest Pre-school. His first week was harder since he doesn't like change and adapting to a new school is hard for him. Now, he is teacher's pet and is always volunteering to help to the teachers (Miss Raquel, Miss Chrissy and Miss Rakisha).

Below is Ryan with Miss Chou explaining a drawing that he completed during class. The first two quizzes Ryan had to take, he cried! I guess he did not know what a quiz is and wanted to get all the answers right! So, I had to teach him that it was OK to get it wrong, as long as he practiced and tried his best. Yes, he was the only kid out of 15 kids who cried while taking a quiz. Glad he got over that....

Ryan with his grandma. Dylan was taking the picture.

Chilling with popo. Another pic Dylan took.

Dylan @ 3 years old

My little one turned three.

We had his 3 year old check-up on 8/27.

Height : 3' 2" (62.31 percentile)
Weight : 33 lb 8 Oz  (72.10 percentile)

His favorite foods are: plain pasta, plain rice, strawberries and milk. Yes, that's all he likes, (which makes feeding him challenging:) If we gave him a choice, he would have MILK all day long.

His new thing is when we ask him if he did something, his response would be "NO, I didn't!!" He says it in such a cute voice that it's almost hard to not believe him.

He still has his milk bottle and likes to hold the end of the pillow case when he drinks his milk. He also doesn't mind drinking his milk anywhere. On the kitchen floor, seems like any floor is ok, as long as he has a pillow for his head.

At his new school, he has not been finishing his lunch. I told him that if he doesn't finish, he will have to go to Yee-Yee's house (babysitter). The next day, he actually finished his lunch and told me "i don't have to go to yee-yee's house.

He can make full sentences with good english grammar. Some that I remember.."daddy, are you downstairs watching TV".

He loves to do his little gymnastics using my leg as the post. Super dangerous on his hands, so I have to be extremely careful.

On Saturday morning's I have to take Ryan to his chinese class. Dylan gets to spend time with Gordon. Surprisingly, he doesn't mind hanging out with daddy. They usually go to the park, library, starbucks and the farmers market.

One pic with popo!

Camping in June

I totally forgot to post this one. This was Gordon, Ryan and Dylan's first camping trip.

All of them loved it. No complains. I could not sleep due to the hard ground. We should be more prepared next time:)

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Sunday, September 30, 2012


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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

playing with water

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Monday, September 03, 2012

water balloon fight

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Playing together (best frens)

My boys are best frens. Here are some pics of them together. Have to print the picture so these memories will last forever......
Dinner at home.
Playtime outside.
Hanging out with our second hand piano.
The amount of time we spend at Toys R Us....
Bath time!
Boy and I at the zoo.
Ipad phase..... This phase passed quickly...
 Ryan accompanying Dylan at Little Sunshine
Lately, it seems like Dylan and him play so much better. They usually play trains, legos, cooking, push cart and anything else they find. They especially like messing up the bed and making a tent!

Dylan at 2 year 9 months

Long overdue post of Dylan....

Some random pics below for memories of his two year old days..:)
Easter Egg hunting
Angry Birds phase.
Just sleeping... so cute..:)
Pic for his Little Sunshine name tag.
Looking like a big boy.
Oh, still using his bottle at 2 years 10 months....;) His like to hold the end of the pillow case when he is drinking milk... such a cute habit.

He loves junk food.... Like love! He will savor the chips when he eats it. His favourite is Pringles and any kind of chocolate.
First time having a ice cone. He did not care for it. His favourite food is still pasta. If we give him pasta for pre-school, he will finish it. Otherwise, he won't and will tell us that he was full and could not finish...

More junk food.
My handsome little baby.
First day at Little Sunshine (May 17, 2012). He wanted Ryan to stay with him, so Ryan hung out in the small class for a whole week. I said "better Ryan than me". haha...:)