Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Ryan, Ethan, Daran and Dylan had their first sleepover in August 2011.

Gordon was going to Reno with his frens so I invited Sodany and the kids over for the sleepover.
We started around 5pm, allowing the kids to play and burn energy. They played ball outside.

Sodany made dinner - alfredo pasta with carrots and brocolli. 

They also played with rocks.

When it was sleeping time, the boys were excited to go to sleep on the same bed..:) Don't they look cute all ready for bed? They slept well. Dylan woke up the middle of the night, came out of the room and pointed to the room to tell me Ethan and Daran were there. He came over to my bed to sleep after that.

 In the morning, Sodany read them a book.

Below is a video of lunch with Ethan and Ryan. Daran left early since he had swim lessons.

Playing by the stairs. They definitely had fun!

Good buddies!
It was a very successful playdate. Everyone was very polite and there was no fighting. I don't think there was any crying too. Can't wait to have more sleepovers!


Here is a video of Ryan reading Goldilocks and the three bears to Grandma. She is online in malaysia..:)

And Grandma needs to read Ryan and Dylan a book. She is reading a Thomas the train book... We love the internet!

Dylan 2nd Birthday Celebrations.

We had three bday celebrations! Pic below with Gordon's cousins at in laws home. The kids were building lego together.

Check out the video of him and the candles. After this, he was afraid to blow any more candles...

2nd celebration was at home, hence the kids with their home clothes and underwear!!
Dylan's bday present from us was legos with 22 lego figures...... as you can see, Ryan was already trying to help Dylan fix the figures.

Here is what it looks like with some figures.

Our third celebration was with Ethan and Daran and families. I know, Dylan needs his own friends, but he totally loves Ethan and Daran.

The bday celebrations were great. Dylan got a lot of legos (by request..hehe) and he is enjoying them now!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ee ling's new home

Ee ling and Eric purchased a new home in El Cerrito, CA.

We attended the house warming over the weekend. Very open layout with lots of windows. It was a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home and she did a great job with the decorations and furniture.

The kids had so much fun running around the house. We finally had to turn on the tv to calm them all down, and to get the kids group picture..:)

So cute, when they are all sitting and not moving!