Saturday, June 30, 2007

June 27.... Lynda's Birthday!

Happy Birthday to ME!

I recieved many many birthday wishes from everyone via phone calls, emails, text messages, messenger from all over the world........... Thank you for the wishes!!! It's SO nice to have friends remember my bday even when I don't remember theirs!!!!!!!

My day was the usual as I headed in to work.... but, Gordon took me out for dinner and dessert!

Dinner was at Chez Panisse Cafe in Berkeley. There is a restaurant and a cafe. The restaurant has a single fix menu, which meant that Gordon and I had to eat the same stuff.. so we opted for the cafe, that allowed us to pick and choose.

Chez Panisse was opened by Alice Waters. She has many recipe books published and her food is all organically grown.

Reservations to this place is always full.. we were of course last minute in deciding and got a 5.30pm reservation on a Wednesday night... and yes, the place was FULL!

Gordon and I liked the food...they did not have many appetizers other than salads and bruschetta... I really wanted soup or calamari...:D

They even put a candle on my dessert since it was my bday..:)

We ended the night with some gelato at Ciao Bella......what a fun bday!

Mei's Bday...

Last Friday, we got a call from Mei asking us to head over to Jeanie's house for dinner..:) She told us it was going to be Lobster Salad.

We of course agreed since we hardly go out on Friday nights...:D

Our first stop was Costco to buy the salad and tomatoes. Mei and Jeanie headed to Oakland Chinatown to get the rest of the ingredients.

When we got to Jeanie's house, we were surprised with what they bought. They bought two whole lobsters, and like 30 large shrimps (i would call them prawns, but they told me they were shrimps)... yum yum yum... and they were all fresh, not frozen.

The lobster was already in the oven simmering with loads of garlic and the prawns were just about to be thrown in the boiling pot.

What a feast! We all agreed that this was much better than the restaurant and there was no way the restaurant was going to be cheap with all the seafood.

Mei got buzzed, since she drank before she ate..:D but, it was her bday...........

The night was followed with a couple of backgammon games with Mei winning towards the end (this was the first time Gordon and I have ever played Backgammon)

The following day, we met up with Lisa, Paul, Ananda, Jennie and Mei for dinner... this was to celebrate all the June bdays..:) We ate at King Wah Chinese Restaurant in Daly City. (i did not bring my camera, so I am still waiting for the pictures to come in)

Also, Lisa announced that she is 4.5 months pregant with another girl... Congrats!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The BIG 30?

I wish I started blogging when I was 20.....I can't remember what I did on my 20th bday...and it would have been nice to go back and read about it......

So, was it ever a big deal to turn 10 or 20? Why is it that 30 comes around and suddenly it's a big deal?

Is it a big deal bcos our inner minds make it a big deal?

I have been thinking about turning 30 this month..... my accomplishments, my dreams, my procrastinations, my downfalls.......

Everything got my thinking hard.... am I happy with where I am today?

I wonder how 40 will be like? and 50? At least I can read this blog when I hit those ages and remember what I did when I was 30...........

Monday, June 25, 2007

Father's Day

We celebrated Father's Day by inviting Gordon's family over to the house.

To make it special, Gordon and I cooked breakfast.:)

Breakfast included:
Omelette with green/red peppers, cheese, mushroom and hot links
Wheat bread with butter and jam
Fruits - papaya, strawberries,watermelon
Orange Juice

I think his family enjoyed the home made food...:)

After eating, we taught Gordon's parents how to play the Wii...:) His dad played some boxing and his mom played some tennis and bowling... they were impressed with the new technology games....;) of course, they were also more interested in how much the Wii cost......hehehhhhehehe

Dinner was at Armadillo Willy's......

Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Picnic in June

June has arrived..... and it is also the birthday celebration of Helen, Ee Ling and myself...:)

Lily organized a picnic at Ortega Park (secretly, I have been asking Gordon to plan a picnic in the park for my bday, but he did not get the hint), so Ee Ling and I decided to ask Lily to plan one...:D:D

Since the days have been extremely hot, we decided to have the event at 4pm... it was fun to sit on the blankets and eat eat eat...:) Some even played ball with the kids while the rest chit chatted.

We surprisingly had loads of food... from sandwiches to noodles to sausages to mango rojak.... all the food was good!

The guys even had a good time putting ice down each others back.....:D and to top it off, the birthday gals all got presents..:)

Thank you everyone for the presents!!!

Happy Birthday Helen and Ee Ling!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Helen's Baby Shower

We celebrated Helen's baby shower on June 2, 2007. Lily and I coordinated the event which included snacks, door gifts, games, balloons and much more.. Ee ling was so kind to help us with the drinks and strawberries..:)

We also made Helen a diaper cake. This was a fun project with included making the diapers stand to shape a cake. Here is the product...

We also had a number of games.

1. the guys had to feel baby items in a brown bag and guess what the item is.

2. the gals had to try 7 different milks and guess what they were... this included : 1% fat free milk, 2% fat free milk, whole milk, almond milk, soy milk, formula and fat free milk. Tough game!

3. Guess the length of Helen's girth...:) this was fun.

4. Guess the date of Helen's due date and the weight. Will have to wait and see who the winner is.

As we got done with the games, the guys got occupied with Dexter's Lamborgini...they spent maybe an hour outside staring and talking about the car... which, gave the gals a time to spend and chitty chatty and open presents.

What a fun day! Gordon did not feel like driving home (we live about 45 minutes away) so we invited ourselves to stay over at Helen and Rick's new home..:D We were even served breakfast in the morning..... ahh... it was very good.. Thanks guys...:D:D::D:D

Friday, June 01, 2007

Gordon's MBA Graduation Event

Congratulations Gordon!!! yes, Gordon has completed his MBA...:) I am SO happy, cos now he has more time to spend with me and do more housework....;)

We celebrated the event by attending the MBA graduation at San Francisco State University over the Memorial Day weekend. Here are some pics we took and the video with Gordon waving to his audience.

We also took Gordon's parents over to a couple of musuems including Asian Art Musuem, Legion of Honor and De Young Musuem (yes, we went a second time so that his parents had a chance to see the musuem). This was again part of the free musuem deal from BOA. His parents asked why no one took them to these musuems before..... and Gordon said "bcos it was not FREE"... *grin*

Dinner celebration was at Koi Palace... good food as usual.

I also hung out with Lily and Helen over the four day weekend (I took an additional day of for Gordon's graduation). It was nice to have some girl time.....forgot to take pictures..

How time flies....

boy oh boy...

It's June 1 and I am totally behind in blogging! I blame it on Lost Season 3..:) Gordon and I have been busy watching TV!
ok, update time...

This update is for a Saturday.....maybe three weekends ago?
We headed out early to SF so that I could get a facial and Gordon could get a massage. We headed over to Dimitraspa at West Portal area. The facial was decent since I had a discounted gift cert... not sure I would have paid full price for it.. Gordon of course LOVED his massage..:D:D

Since Bank of America was offering free museum entries, we decided to visit the new "De Young Musuem" in San Franciscoand invited Ee Ling and Eric to join us......first, we met up to eat at San Tung Restaurant on Irving St. The food was not bad... we totally loved the fried chicken... it was SO tasty.. (msg???)

The De Young musuem was nice....the main highlight was the tower that takes you up 9 floors to get a view of the Golden Gate Park and surrounding areas.... nothing like KL Tower..but, not bad....the musuem itself was very confusing when walking around, as there were no signs to say which way to go.. and we were unsure what the museum was famous for..... so we just walked around and saw some different art, african statues.... maybe the best part was the kids display of pigs and chinese zodiac animals..:)

After that, we walked around Golden Gate Park... we did our own couple shots...:D:D

We ended the day with Gordon's dad joining us for food at Old Shanghai Dumpling House on Balboa... possible one of the better Shanghai Dumpling place in SF...

And finally, we watched Spiderman.....was that a full day of what???!?!? Ee Ling messaged me after and said it was a great "double date".......interesting..... i did not even think of it as a double date..... but, we had fun anyways... we definitely have to do it again..:)