Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Playdate with Kaylyn, Jaden and Alissa

Last friday, we had another playdate with Kaylyn, Jaden and Alissa. Lily has to take a day off as it was Good Friday and the daycare was taking a day off.

We met at Santana Row and then headed to Valley Fair. It was kinda hard for the mom's to do any talking as the kids were keeping everyone busy. The busiest was definitely Lily has she has to complete certain things while in the mall. Her kids have to get on the red car in the mall, walk around, head to jamba juice, get some pretzels and then head to the childrens play area. I think going to the mall is more work then fun for Lily..:P

Here's a pic at Santana Row.

The kids did play with Ryan...:) It was cute... video is below..:)

Ryan's room

We finally moved out of Ryan's room. Yes, we actually gave him our room and we moved over to the other room (the things parents do for their kids..;))

It took us some work as we had to move the guest bed downstairs, move our bed over to the next room and move the bed downstairs to Ryan's room.

Here is what his room looks like. It works out great cos he gets to sleep on the bed in the morning (he prefers the bed to the crib). I think Gordon and I sleep better too...:)

We have one of these Video cameras and I have to say it is one of the best things we bought. It has night vision as well, so when Ryan makes noise, we can turn on the camera and see if we need to pick him up. Highly recommended product! We also look to see if he has fallen asleep after we leave the room.

Here is Ryan sleeping comfortably on his big bed..:)

Ryan doesn't seem to mind this new set up. As long as he gets food, he is happy..:)

Here is Ryan playing on the bed with mummy and daddy..:)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Ryan's 2 month check-up...

Ryan had his 2-month check-up today.

He is now 13 pounds 10 ounces (86 percentile in weight) and 24 1/4 inches in height (88 percentile in height)

Doctor gave him a clean bill of health.

Ryan also had three jabs and 1 oral vaccination. He yelled when the first jab was put in and before he can even take a breathe, the other two were done. The nurse really knew what she was doing..:)

We are watching him closely now to see if he develops a fever. He seems a little fussy.

Ryan also learned to put his hands in his mouth last friday. He likes to put the whole hand in and suck on it.:)

Here is Ryan at the doctor's office..
Video of Ryan doing his tummy time while waiting for the doctor.

Ryan snores too.... here is a short video of his snoring..:p

Two more random videos..:)

My vain boy....

Video of Ryan looking at himself in the car.. everytime he goes into the car, he will smile at the mirror for a while...:)

Here is a random video of Ryan smiling....

Daddy reading to Ryan

Ryan loves it when Gordon reads to him....

Here are two videos.....

The first one is soo funny.... watch Ryan as daddy reads... and than Ryan tries to get daddy's attention by waving his hands.... was Ryan bored?:P

Here is the second one.... Ryan smiling while daddy reads....

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Random pictures of Ryan...:)

Mummy went crazy with the camera the last few days.....

The pic below was taken after he took a bath. His hair stands up after baths.... he looks like a punk..:P

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ryan is 2 months old!

Our little boy is growing quickly. He is already 8 weeks old.

So far Ryan has been very healthy, eating well and sleeping well. He now eats every 4 hours, starting around 7am, 11am, 3pm and 6.30pm. He will sleep from 7pm to around midnight and wake up to eat and sometimes, he will sleep till 6am.... lately, he has been waking up around 4am and wants to eat again. And now, with the time change, his schedule is all messed up!

Here is a video of Ryan looking at himself in the mirror. (there is a mirror on the hanging turtle)


He is also awake more now and loves to play..:P He likes to look at himself in the mirror and can spend many minutes doing that.

At this time, he doesn't like tummy time, but since he moves around a lot, I am not worried.. he loves to move his hands and legs and continues to move in his crib at night and make loads of sounds..

He still loves his baths...

He does have a hard time taking his naps. He is still learning to comfort himself but it is hard. In the afternoons, we have to try almost all the props as he tries to sleep. We put him in the following; car seat, vibrating bouncer, left and right swing, back and forth swing, crib, bed..:P If we let him cry, he would not stop until he gets picked up.

Good news is that he is taking the bottle. We bottle-feed him twice, 10am and 2pm. I think he likes the bottle better since the flow of the milk is constant. Gordon's mom fed him one time and she said he is so "sam-kap" when he takes the bottle. This translate to him being too excited when he takes the bottle.... like he hasn't eaten for many days..:P hungry boy I guess.....:)

Here is mummy and daddy trying out the baby bjorn.

More videos..:)

Monday, March 10, 2008


After Ryan was born, I realised that playdates are a must!..... Well, it is more a must for me than for Ryan..:)

So far, we had three playdates:

1. With Yvonne and baby Claire.

Ryan and I headed over to their house armed with sandwiches and chips. Ryan slept for most of the date while mummy played with Claire and chit chatted with Yvonne. Yvonne filled mummy with lots of tips about baby care, baby foods, etc etc...

2. With the Dublin mom's play group

There were about 5 other mom's at this play group and kids ranging from 4 months to 1 year. I found this group at meetup.com and decided to check them out. It was a good idea since the group was a nice and fun one. Can't wait for the next meet up...:)

One of the moms even loaned me a swing that goes front and back. Ryan seems to like it so far.

3. With Helen, Kaylyn, Lily,Jaden and Alissa

I met up with Helen and Kaylyn for lunch at Banana Leaf restaurant... Kaylyn was pretty good sitting on her car seat for some time and later she was carried by Helen. She was very well-behaved. After lunch, we headed to Great Mall to burn some calories before meeting up with Lily at Quickly's. It was nice to see Kaylyn and Ryan play for 3 minutes in the car in between feeding and diaper changes..:) Lily, Jaden and Alissa met up with us at Quickly's and the gals chit chatted about motherhood...:) Jaden and Alissa were excited to eat the popcorn chicken. I think they ate about the same amount as me (I ate a lot of it..:P). Lily had to order us another packet of the chicken... yummm..:)

I have to say... playdates are fun! I can't wait for more playdates.. oh, and Ryan loves them tooo...:P

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A fun weekend

Last weekend, we decided we needed to get out of the house. Gordon took me to a breakfast place in Redwood City called Alana's Cafe. It was a simple breakfast with eggs and oatmeal pancake. Ryan was sleeping, so we were able to take our time and just enjoy the breakfast..:)

After eating, we checked out the Redwood City Library, headed to Best Buy, Rei and Hillsdale mall.. we did not buy much... just more of walking around since Ryan was mostly asleep...... we wanted to have dinner at Langkawi Malaysian restaurant in Foster City so we had to walk around to kill time..:P
This was our second time at Langkawi (first time was in nov)and we enjoyed the food. The rojak is really really good... and we ordered the nasi lemak and fried kuew teow.. yum.

Sunday, we headed over to Ee Ling's house to help her with some wedding stuff.... she made us some good breakfast....:)

I took a pic of the turtles.. they are still growing.:)And here is Ryan sitting up like a big boy...

mmm... my "happy" foods

Being in the US for 9 years now, there are some foods in Malaysia that I really miss...

Here are some of the foods I can get in the US that make me happy...:)

1. Durian

We get fresh durian and frozen durian in the US. We tried the fresh durian before (refer to this blog "durian galore") and decided that the frozen durians are just as good for 99 cents a pound..:) The frozen durians in the US are very creamy and sweet.I think this is such a good deal... it comes up to around 50 cents a seed.. Even Gordon has grown a liking for durian.

2. Loong-yook a.k.a dried pork

We seem to only be able to find the fresh loong-yook in New York. Our fren, Cheng Lin recommended the boxed loong-yook. We tried in a couple of times at Cheng Lin's house and finally bought our own box..:). One big box is around 12 bucks.

3. Sambal

Ahh... what would life be without sambal (refer to this to see what sambal is). I use to make sambal on my own, but my sis picked up one at Ranch 99 one time, and it was so good, that I went back and go more....:) Just add some lime and this thing is super. It says "mild" but even I think it is spicy. It is around 3.99 a bottle..

4. Julie Love Letters Chocolate Flavor

I really like these, but only if they are in the tin. The ones in the box or plastic case are not as fresh. I have a hard time finding the ones in the tin.... but they are yummy. I think they are 5 bucks a tin.

5. Mama Tom Yum instant noodle

ohh.. instant noodle... this is my favourite brand and flavor... I can eat instant noodle anytime and I even crave for instant noodle!! Whenever Gordon is travelling and there is nothing in the fridge, this is what I eat. Of course, Gordon doesn't like me eating instant noodles, so he tries to make sure there is some kind of food in the fridge when he travels..:P... these are 29 cents a packet.........................................

These are the five main things I can think of for now.... of course, I like any Malaysian food including rojak, fried kuew teow, beef rendang, assam laksa.......... and I like chocolate including Nutella.....:)