Friday, February 27, 2009

Ryan walks walks and walks

About two weeks ago, I posted about blog about Ryan's first steps....

After learning to walk, he doesn't want to crawl anymore! He walks everywhere. He is even trying to walk up the stairs instead of just climbing up. We are watching him super carefully.

I figured it is now much easier with his walking, cos I don't have to carry him as much..:)

I can take him to the park and he can walk around on his own. I can take him out of the car, and he can walk to the door of the house...hah!

Here is Ryan walking at in-laws home:

And another video of Ryan playing ball with his grandpa..

ok, this last video was take some time back... it was after Grandma left US (after Ryan's bday)


Monday, February 23, 2009

Another fun girls day out

Last Saturday, ee ling planned a girls day out for the girls! We headed over to Tyme for Tea in Fremont. It is a tea place with fine china setting and a very tea-partish look.:)

All of us went with the standard Victorian menu which consisted of choice of tea, scone, sandwiches, pastries and choc dessert. We had a great time eating and chit chatitng. The girls also got a chance to share their ideas on how to make money! Hopefully some of us will take action and follow thru with our ideas (heheheheheh). There was of course several jokes on who should be pregnant by now and when they should have the baby. We are trying to fill in the march-april months with some baby bdays and hinted these dates to ee ling..:)
My dear Ryan was at my in-laws house again.... We actually went in on Friday evening to celebrate my god-daughter's bday (Madison). She turned three. and she is as cute as ever.
Ryan was totally fascinated with Madison's cake. I think he was ready to chomp down on the cake, but of course, he got none..:P

Check Ryan out in his spiky hair below.
In other news, Gordon decided to play basketball while I hung out with the girls. Before he played, he said that this was his first time playing after not playing for the longest time and after his last heart palpitation issue. He also told me, he won't call me unless his heart hurts again and he needs to go to the emergency room....
Anyways, around 2pm, I received a call for him.....and he sounded down.... I knew something was up! So i asked if he hurt himself and he said yes, and I asked if he sprained his leg and he said no, its worst! So i said, did you break your leg? and his response was that he think he tore a muscle on his leg. Gordon went over to the urgent care at Kaiser and it turned out to be a torn ligamen. nothing tooo serious..:)
He is doing fine now. hobbling around, but able to move.
oh yah, my sis and family, my mom and my sis inlaws were chilling in bangkok last weekend. how fun!!! i am sure they ate way too much food. When I spoke to them, they were on their way out to a second breakfast! grrrrrr *jealous*

Ok, I admit – In-laws are great!

*** this post is one week late!****
Yes, they are.

We spent last weekend in San Francisco as we attended Chanh’s post wedding dinner.Since it was a 8 course Chinese dinner, we figured we were better off leaving Ryan with the in-laws so he doesn’t get tortured having to sit down for the longest time..:)

It was nice to have immediate baby-sitters (not to mention FREE) and to feel comfortable knowing that Ryan is in good hands.
We also got a chance to take a nap together before the dinner. Ryan has decided to skip his afternoon nap, so while we (Gordon and I) napped, he was in the living room playing with my FIL and MIL.

And, he totally loves his grandpa! He would give him smiles, and crawls over to be carried by grandpa. He actually chooses grandpa over mummy and daddy. Hehehehe. He would even cry when grandpa leaves the room!

Anyways, he went to sleep fine around 8pm while we were at dinner. However, he decided to wake up at 9.15pm and pointed towards the bed (hoping to see Gordon or myself) and when we were not there, he decided not to sleep anymore! My MIL tried to put him back to sleep, but to no avail..

So, when we walked in around 11.15pm, we saw my big eye baby looking at us in the living room. Ahhh! He did not have any issues going back to sleep when I put him back to bed but… I thought it was funny that he refused to sleep until he saw us.

We were able to try out some new restaurants during the weekend. I wanted to eat some Mediterranean food, so we tried out Old Jeruselam in the mission district. Gordon doesn’t like Mediterranean food, but decided to take me out since it was V-day. So, together with my in-laws and Henry, we headed to Mission district.

The food actually turned out pretty good. The free appetizer (pita bread with some dips) was great. We ordered a few set plates (one with three meat combo and one with chicken only), a sandwich, and potato and eggs (henry ordered this one and it was just like the name – potato and eggs).

Dinner was at Zen Peninsula for Chanh’s event. Loads of food and loads of just talking to people and having fun.:)
Sunday lunch, we tried out the Woodhouse Fish Company in the Castro. We ordered Fish and Chips, lobster sandwich, calamari and clam chowder. The food was so so only. I think we ordered too much fried stuff, so it was kinda hard to eat everything..:P
Oh, after the dinner with Chanh, we also went to check out Gordon's cousin dessert place on Irving St (SF). They just recently opened the place, and it has all the desserts, like mango sago, fresh sugar cane, jellos... pretty cool. We tried the pandan jello in a coconut (never seen it made like this before and it was good)
That’s it for our weekend. It was fun, and rainy… and of course, cold! 

Thursday, February 12, 2009

and Ryan walks....

1 year, 4 weeks and 2 days since Ryan came into the world, he decided that he is ready to walk..:)

He also decides to walk when Uncle Chung is visiting.(I think he was showing off....).Uncle Chung and daddy were headed to a basketball game today.

The second video, shows that Ryan doesn't accept things from just anyone... ok ok, just note how long he stands...:)



Thanks Ryan for the treat on mummy and daddy's engagement anniversary!

 ** I just realized that the last video I uploaded was on Nov 30. I need to upload some videos from Dec and Jan!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ryan's 1 year old numbers are in!

Ryan visited the doctor on Feb 4, 2009.

Weight : 23 pounds 14 ounce (62 percentile)
Height : 31.9 inches (92 percentile)
Head circumference : 19.02 inches (91 percentile)

His weight definitely dropped. hehe, Gordon kept saying we were feeding him too much, so I am glad the numbers showed that we are not..:) We dont mind giving him more milk when he yells for it. We just need to keep him away from sugar, ice cream, those stuff! At least he is still tall and has a big head... hehehhe

Doctor gave Ryan another clean bill of health. He did get a few more jabs, and he totally yelled. Good thing he calmed down quickly.
Ryan is cruising a lot more now. He likes to stand up more and tries to take some random steps. I say it is a matter of days before he starts walking on his own!

Below are some pics of Ryan with his bday presents....:)
He totally loved the boxes and the wrapping paper!

oh, he is also opening more cupboards and drawers. Such a fascination for him... such a pain for mummy especially when his fingers get caught in the drawer!

Oh, Ryan brushes his teeth every night..:D

This is what his schedule looks like nowadays:

6.20am - wake up
7.45am - breakfast
10.30am - whole milk (7oz)
10.30-11.30am - sleep
12.30pm - lunch
3.15pm - whole milk (7oz)
5.00pm - fruit
6.30pm - bath time
7.00pm - dinner
8.00pm - brush teeth, whole milk (7oz) and sleep
12.00am - wake up and wahh wahh. usually falls back asleep after seeing mummy or daddy. occassioanally, wants milk and will wahh wahh until milk arrives!
5.00am - whole milk (6-7oz)

yah, those occassional midnight feeds can be interesting. When we told our doctor about it, he said maybe we can try using the cup to feed him his milk if he really wants it at mignight.. and we were like "why" and he said "it will cut down the time he is drinking milk".... urm... we had to tell our doctor that ryan drinks his milk SO fast with the bottle........ and our doctor seemed surprised....mmmmmmm

Monday, February 09, 2009

The rest of Chinese New Year

We did get a chance to have dinner with Gordon's family as well. Food was at Y Ben Restaurant, and we had like 20 dishes! Here is a pic with the kids..:)

On Sunday, we also got a chance to meet up with Sirintorn and family and Yvonne and family at Oriental Tea House in San Leandro. The dim sum there is not bad and the wait time is nothing like Koi Garden...;)

Here is a pic of Tyler and Claire. It's fun to see them playing together.

After dimsum, we decided to check out the new Yogurt bar in Hayward, Zuckerfuss. It's great to have a yogurt bar so close by! I hope they survive so we can go whenever we feel like eating yogurt. My favourite about the yogurt bar, is that you pay for the weight of the yogurt plus toppings. So, I put less yogurt, and pile on the blackberries, blueberries, mango..:) Oh, Zuckerfuss doesn't have chocolate fudge topping...

So, 2009 CNY celebrations were great! Best of all, Ryan got his share of ang pows..:)
oh, below are some pics I just downloaded from my camera..:) It was nice to see Alexis playing with Ryan! She was the only one who played with him.... hopefully, the rest of the kids will play with him later..:)

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Gong Xi Fa Chai 2009

Happy Chinese New Year 2009!
Our Chinese new year celebrations started at Lily's house, on CNY eve (yes, we celebrated on a Sunday and all slept really late on Sunday night!)
We had pot luck style and made sure we had the usual CNY dishes (fish, chicken, buddha's delight, oyster). We had several other dishes including siew pau from Lu fun..
Ee ling brought the yee sang this time, from Malaysia. She added some fresh ingredients and it was good!
Ryan finally got a chance to wear his chines-sy costume. His ah-yee in Singapore bought it for him. He looked good in it..:)
To end the night, there was some gambling sessions! Mahjong and poker. Everyone had a great night with lots of leftover to take home..:)

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I am ONE year old

wow, it has been ONE year since I came into the world, and I am LOVING it.

The last few weeks have been great as mummy and daddy have been around me all day, and popo has been plaiyng with me, and I get to see Uncle Jin, Ah-yee and baby Sophie. When I wake up in the morning, I get too see everyone. I was soooo happpy!

I also got to sit in the car for hours as we did a car trip to las vegas. The lights were lovely. Not sure what happen on Dec 31, but I was awaken from my sleep around 11pm to go out to see the lights and some countdown - 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 and people shouting Happy New Year. too much noise..:P
I love Christmas trees and can point them out when I see them. I also saw many airplanes and helicopters in Las Vegas.

oh, the bad thing was I was sick a lot the last few weeks. When my Ah-yee arrived, I had croup and it gave me a barky cough. My Ah-yee nickname me Darth Vader due to this. I also had fever on and off while in Las vegas and caught an ear and eye infection while in South Lake Tahoe. (yuck). After my birthday party, I caught the stomach virus and threw up several times. Mummy also gave me less food when I have the stomach virus and i was very mad at her. I threw tantrums cos she gave me so little milk.
Good news is that I am feeling better!

Oh! My birthday party was FUN! There were balloons and people and cake. Mummy and daddy organized a lunch buffet at Hokkaido Seafood Restaurant in San Mateo. Everyone said the food was nice but I have no idea cos they did not let me try any. Everyone did sing me my Happy Birthday song and they clapped after that (what they did not know was that mummy and everyone at home have been singing me the song the last few days with lots of clapping so I won't get scared when the song is sang to me!!!)  Hmm, how come I did not get to try the cake???? Uncle Jin said he would give me some, I guess he forgot..:(
We also celebrated at home on the day of the bday.
For Christmas, mummy and daddy bought me the "playhouse". I love it!!! You can see it in the background of the picture above. It is one of my favorite toys. I still like my learning table, yellow wheels of the bus, my stacking cups and my "sometimes I like to curl up in a ball" book.

urm... in case you are interested, above is a picture of one of my toys area..... yes, I have several toy areas!!! mummy has no idea how to organize my toys.. i think she is ready to throw them all out!:)

till next time.... soon i hope!