Thursday, June 21, 2012


Daran stayed over one day in April or May (can't remember!)

Some pictures for memories.

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Ryan @ 4 years 5 months

Ryan is still attending Little Sunshine. Miss Amy (school teacher) says he is the most well-behaved kid in school and loves to sit by her all the time. Been thinking about moving him, but have not found another school yet..:) He is still attending Mandarin classes on Saturday and loves to do his chinese homework. He even knows to tell me which days to do chinese homework and which days to do workbooks..

We are trying to teach him all the phonics so he can read by himself. Seems kids are suppose to show interest. Ryan does like to read and likes to find words in his Spider-man books.

He is curious about food and likes to try most stuff. He is also open to rice, noodles, pastas for meals. He learned about small oranges (cutie) at school and asked us to buy him cutie for school. Supposedly, his fren Ethan has been bringing cuties to school and has been sharing with Ryan.

He is very good at negotiating with Dylan. When he wants something that Dylan has, he would find something similar, pretend to play with it to interest Dylan and then ask Dylan if he want to play with the toy and do a swap... pretty slick if you ask me. He will also discuss with Dylan on which dvd to watch. He will say we will watch this and then watch that. Sometimes when Dylan is in a good mood, he would agree, otherwise he throws a major tantrum and I will tell Ryan he needs to negotiate otherwise no one watches anything... somehow they will discuss and make some decisions..:)

Ryan is getting good at putting together his legos with the instructions.... so nice that he can build them instead of asking me. He does get frustrated when the pieces are too small and he can't put them together.

Monday, June 18, 2012


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