Monday, May 31, 2010

Dylan @ 8 months 1 week

Ahh, my Dylan is soo cute. At 8 months, he can mostly army crawl and some random normal crawls.

His two bottom teeth are finally coming out, but he has not been fussy.

Around 7.5 months, he decided that he does not want to drink milk in the day. He only wants to eat solid foods and drink milk at night... yes, this means he is not full and he drinks 7 oz milk at 8pm, 12.30am and 6am!

Yah, we don't like having to feed him at midnight, but he is seriously hungry and wakes up crying. Yes, no chance of Dylan sleeping through the night.*yucks*. He eats well with the solid foods. We tried him on a lot of food and he likes them all.

Our sleeping arrangements has changed again with the kids..... On weekdays, I sleep with Ryan and Gordon sleeps with Dylan.. On weekends, I sleep with Dylan. This way, I get enough sleep for work and on weekends, Gordon can take Ryan out to starbucks while we sleep in..:)

ahh, and we have removed the crib (my mom is going to roll her eyes on this one). We decided to give Dylan a full size bed as well but on the ground so he won't fall off. Check out the picture..:)

Last night, when I was sleeping with him, he woke up in the middle of the night and decided to play. So while I laid next to him, he was crawling all over me, and playing with my hair and face. After a while, he decided to go back to sleep. zzz

No words from Dylan yet.. occassionally we think he said mummy or koko, but nothing too prominent. He too likes going out and sitting in his car seat. And he doesn't have any schedule. I think he sleeps about 3 times a day. Usually every 3-4 hours... The reason he has no schedule.... is bcos we just need to do stuff and he just follows along.... he doesn't mind being awaken from his sleep. Just gives a smile if he is awaken.

Here is a video of him standing. He has strong legs and loves to stand for a long time. Also, a glimpse of our new bed arrangments..:)

Ryan @ 2 years 4.5 months

Ryan is growing quickly... soon he will be 2.5 years old!

Ryan new stage now is "Ryan do it". So everything is Ryan do it. He wants to wear his own shoes, take off his own shoes, wear his own pants, go pee on his own.. the list goes on.

He also loves to clean. He would take baby wipes and wipe everything and use his pretend vacuum cleaner to vacuum the carpet. He also does just like Gordon. Move things from one side of the room to the other side so he can clean every part of the carpet..:)

After his trip to asia, he has been asking to go to the airport, so he can take the airplane and go see popo. hah.

He has learned to answer "because". So if I ask "why Ryan cry" he would say "because Ryan want mummy".

If he is sees something and doesn't know what it is called, he would say "mummy, what's that?".

oh, when he has in Asia, he had an addiction to milk. He did not want to eat the food, so every other hour, he said "I want my nai-nai".  He is better back home now... but he loves his milk.. (especially when he gets to use his bottle). We are not even trying to wean him off his bottle now since he has such love for it...

His favortite toy..don't think he has any. He loves to play with bags. Putting stuff into his backpack, putting stuff into paper bags and plastic bags and tells me his bags are too heavy. He also likes to pretend with his toy cell phone. He pretends to call auntie michelle and ye-ye.

ahh, of course his love to go out. He would do anything if he gets to go out. and he loves bubble baths.

He pouts when he has to go to the babysitters. He gives us that sad face and says "Ryan dont want to go". Somehow he likes it when Dylan goes along. And he does love his baby brother. Especially when he says "good morning my little baby"... and the randon "where is di-di" when he doesn't see Dylan in the same vicinity.

I have to say.... he is a pretty good 2 year old. He does whine a lot to Gordon, but does not do it with it (cos I always tell him to talk in his nice voice). He usually listens (this may change with his little brother attacking his toys). Ohh.. he is funny... if he is crying and I say "no more crying". Sometimes he would say "Ryan is not all done crying, Ryan want to cry". So I say "ok, go ahead and cry and let me know when you are all done". It's funny....:D

Here is a video of Ryan strumming the guitar.

It has started...

So... over the week, Dylan's crawling has improved...

Dylan is loving it, and Ryan is NOT.

This means that Dylan gets to Ryan's toy faster and Ryan does not like that.

So, Gordon and I have been saying "share-share" and "together, together".

Ryan figured that if he doesn't want Dylan to play with his toys, he would swap out the toy with Dylan's toy and that is considered "sharing".

mmmm....We heard a lot of "mine, mine" this whole weekend.

And to end the long weekend, I had Ryan and Dylan in the room together for a few minutes while I went to the bathroom and when I walked into the room, I found Ryan lying on Dylan. YIKES!!! Dylan was just coo-ing as usual.....

and Ryan got a major time-out.

Yes, it has started....the two boys above are being brothers..;)

Yes, there are good moments that we will always remember..

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy late Mother's Day

 Happy mother's day.. yes.. very late.. :)

Mother's day was fun. We were back in singapore getting ready to leave to come back to USA.

It was decided that the guys would take care of the kids while my sis and I go shopping.

Our first stop with everyone was at a brunch place. Yummie panini sandwiches.

Dylan fell asleep on me while having brunch. so cute....
AFter brunch, we headed for shopping. did not buy much, but it was nice to get away from the kids and spend time with my sis.

Continued the afternoon with a pedicure paid by my mom.hehehe.

We ended our afternoon with a english tea menu. There were scones, sandwiches and cake. SO enjoyable.

The guys survived well without us. The kids don't whine when the mummies are not in..hahah.

Oh, post mother's day. we had this delicious cake. too bad we only had room in our tummies for a slice..:)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Our trip to Asia

So, I am finally blogging abt our trip to Asia... from April 9 to May 10, 2010..:)

 We landed in Singapore and surprised my mom (again!). This time, my sis told her to come to Singapore to take care of Beanie, and when my mom arrived at the condo, we hid.. My sis maid was holding Dylan and told my mom it was a fren's kid. My mom started talking to Sophie.. and Ryan was hiding.. but since there was so much talking, Ryan had to TALK too! So he started saying something and my mom saw him and figured it out..hehhehe...

 At Singapore, the cousins got a chance to hang out and play together..

 It was nice to seeing them playing together..:)

 It was also nice for Gordon and I to spend some quality time with the kids.

Singapore was fun. We ate a lot and got spoiled since my sis has a maid. Ryan was super sweaty daily but he was happy to play with Sophie's toys.

We got a chance to visit the Singapore zoo. roar!

We were planning a trip to Bangkok as well but with the political turmoil, plans were changed.

So, we made it to KL (we flew since we did not want to deal with the kids in the car for 4 hours). hehe.

Hmm.. what did we do in KL? Mostly just hang out, shopping, a massage, a hair cut...too much eating.. hanging out with Adeline and Isabel...:) Kids played with water outside since it was hot!

And, we made it to Redang island. Pretty little island. Ryan was happy to play with the sand and swimming daily. Now, when he sees a cart, he says swimming (cos the cart was taking us from our room to the swimming place).

As usual, 4 weeks passed too quickly. Before we knew it, we had to head back to Singapore to catch our flight.

Oh, the kids were fine on the plane. We took red eye flights both way and the kids got a chance to sleep. We even got complimented for having good kids on the way there (phew!) Jetlag was also ok. The first five days in Singapore, Ryan was waking at 5am and he played with his kitchen, waking up the maid. oopps.. The jetlag in US was also ok. Seems kids know how to adjust well..:)

I have been back for 2 weeks now...and I am still thinking about the fun trip and all the food we ate...
Here is pic of Ryan with Toby.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Somehow Ryan knows how to use the word "though".

Here are some conversations:

Me: "You want to drink some water"
Ryan: "Yes, it's hot though"

Me: "See Ryan, can you see the sugar?"
Ryan: I can't see the sugar though

How does he know how to add the "though" at the end of the sentence....

Some other funnies:

When my brother was driving us to the Airport in Malaysia, he was driving fast and Ryan said "Uncle, so fast..."

When my sis was driving and had to slow down as another car was nearby, Ryan said "be careful..."

When we were walking towards the car, Ryan says "mummy, must hold hand. Car coming"

Of course, he cleverly tells his brother (Dylan) not to do this and that.... "Di-di, no bitiing", "Di-di, don't put in your mouth", "No-no, di-di".

Ohh.... and.... when Dylan makes some whiny noise, Ryan says to Gordon, "Gordon, I think Di-di is not happy"

Hah. the wonders of little kids talking. Love it. :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

To vacation or not to vacation...

After getting back from a month long vacation, there seems to be a need for this posting..:P

There are pros and cons to vacationing in are a few.

Time away from work...
Get to see family and my niece..
Get to see frens and their kids..:)
Get to spend time with Ryan, Dylan and Gordon
Super nice foods
Super cheap stuff...
Nice warm weather.

Long airplane ride with the kids (tough even though we have good kids)
Getting back to the work/daily mode
Jet lag!!
A more clingy Ryan since he has hung out with me daily for 30 days, and now he can't...
Unpacking (trying to figure out where to stash all the stuff i bought)
umm.. it's cold here.brrrr

I definitely agree that the pros outway the cons...hope the kids sleep thru the night tonite (fat chance!)

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Where are we?

Yes, we have been busy and this is why there are zero updates on the blog.

We decided to take a quick trip back to Asia for a month...:) Will be back on May 10 and will find some time to update.

Great food, great weather, hanging out with friends and family.. what else could we ask for....

The kids are both doing great. Dylan started his army crawling at 7.5 months. Too cute.

Blog updates soon!